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Silent meditations on a Silent Night By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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Poems and short stories centered on the baby in Bethlehem's stable manger. The stories look at the angelic choir, the first Christmas tree put up by Martin Luther, and a diary by a member of the Magi... More > contingent. "The true meaning of Christmas ... is the focal point and ... presented in a very pleasant atmosphere." -- review< Less
A Primer on Ash Wednesday and Lent By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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A collection of essays about the Lenten season of the church year. These serve as devotions for the faithful and answer questions for the casual Christian or the seeker.
The Angels Did Sing... By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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This short story takes the reader "behind the curtain" and looks at how the angels may have prepared for that grand chorale on the first Christmas Eve.
Pioneers of Profit Among the Clouds By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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A decade after the Wright brother some pioneers along Tampa Bay began the first scheduled airline service. It was not successful but paved the way for future attempts. Commercialization of the... More > airways would begin in earnest after World War I. For one thing there was an abundance of war surplus flying machines available, meaning aircraft were affordable for such ventures. For another matter, manpower to power these machines, or at least "pilot" them, was also available. Barnstorming pilots would become all the rage in the 1920's, but regulations on aircraft and flying meant there was more order to the skies. This book explores that early history. About the Author John L. Hoh, Jr., grew up an avid watcher of the planes flying in and out of Appleton's Outagamie Airport. John is also a student of history and this book combines these two loves. John is married with one son and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.< Less
Places on the Underground Railroad: Ripley, Ohio (Underground Railroad People & Places) By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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What was the "Underground Railroad?" Was it a subway? Was it a real railroad? Who traveled on this railroad? This book explores Ripley, Ohio, and several of her citizens. Ripley was a... More > center of the Underground Railroad and several citizens played leading roles as "conductors" on the railroad. This book, part of the Underground Railroad Peoples and Places series, looks at the colorful history of Ripley, Ohio, in the Underground Railroad.< Less
Leaders of the Reformation By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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When discussion and study of the Reformation happens the focus often is on Rome, Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli. Rarely does anyone focus on the ancillary players and the footnote players. But often... More > these very people are key, even in small ways, to enabling the great leaders to succeed. This book looks at leaders who served Luther as well as served with Luther. The first section looks at the Electors of Saxony without whom Luther would not have lasted without their protection and providence. Their faith was put to the test in allowing Luther to teach and protecting him from papal and imperial edicts. The section section looks at the associates of Luther who guided Luther and aided him in the fledgling movement.< Less
Carol Lines to Hymn By John L. Hoh
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Christmas is a special time of the year. The carols especially bring people together. Every professional singer releases a Christmas album and stand-bys are featured in most albums. This book looks... More > at carols old and new and meditates on the words of each carol. The emphasis is on the baby in Bethlehem's manger, the baby who came to redeem us from our sin. It also includes the four songs of Christmas--Mary's Song, Zechariah's Song, the Song of the Angels, and the Song of Simeon. These carols and meditations are part of the "To Hymn" series.< Less
Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child? By John L. Hoh
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Who or what is Santa Claus? What is his relationship to Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and other Christmas-time gift bearers? What is the message of Santa? This book traces the lineage of the... More > "child's saint" back to the alleged historical bishop of Myra up to the jolly saint in red garb that graces our modern Christmases. The book paints a stark contrast to the Gospel message of forgiveness freely given. "This book gives a very interesting history of how the myth of St. Nicholas/Santa Clause compares with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I was amazed at the similarities but truly wonder if the two confuses children or one is to overshadow the other in this commercial world." Doris Costagliola for< Less
Extra! Extra! The Jerusalem Times During Holy Week By John L. Hoh, Jr.
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This book takes a look at Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ as it may have been reported by the "Jerusalem Times." An added bonus is the unique birth reported by the... More > "Bethlehem Star-Herald".< Less
Scriptural Handbook to "What's Going On Among the Lutherans?" By John L. Hoh
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This Bible study was developed as a companion study to the book, "What's Going on Among the Lutherans?," written by Patsy Leppien and J. Kincaid Smith. While the originally book... More > demonstrated the differences among Lutheran camps, it did not give Biblical reference for the positions. This Bible study seeks to address that need and help Christians understand the basics of the fundamental Christian faith.< Less