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Somnis Revolucionaris: De Xile a Gal·les By José Hernan Cifuentes & Roser Giménez
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En José Hernán Cifuentes estudiava a la universitat l’any 1970 quan Salvador Allende es va convertir en president, al davant del primer govern socialista del món a ser... More > escollit democràticament. En José i la seva parella eren activistes i ajudaven la gent pobra a millorar les seves vides. Però l’11 de setembre de 1973 un cop militar va aixafar la seva esperança. La dictadura brutal va perseguir qualsevol mena d’oposició. Milers de persones van ser detingudes sense procés judicial, humiliades i torturades. Moltes van ser assassinades o fetes desaparèixer sense deixar rastre. En José va ser empresonat i torturat, abans de passar anys com a fugitiu. La María Cristina i ell van treballar per organismes que documentaven violacions de drets humans i ajudaven les famílies de les víctimes. El 1977 van tenir la sort de trobar refugi a Gal·les. Aquesta és la història d’en José, en les seves pròpies paraules. ISBN 9780995496613< Less
Y Sidydd / The Zodiac By Rhys Trimble et al.
Paperback: $12.41
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Yma cawn 12 cerdd gan y bardd chwyldroadol Euros Bowen ar Y Sidydd a gyhoeddwyd 1961 wedi ei ail-gyhoeddi yn y gyfrol hon gyda chyfieithiad arbrofol, trydanol gan Rhys Trimble. ***** Revolutionary... More > poet Euros Bowen's 12 poems on the Zodiac, published in Welsh in 1961, are reprinted here with electric, experimental English translations by Rhys Trimble. In her afterword, Elan Grug Muse writes: "The two versions of The Zodiac, one in the rich Welsh of Euros Bowen, and the other in electric English by Rhys Trimble, are refreshing: conversational, or perhaps co-dancing as they are..." - All proceeds to charity: Swansea Asylum Seekers Support. ISBN 9780995496699 ***** Yn ei sylwadaeth mae Elan Grug Muse yn mynegi: "Ymgomio’n braf y mae’r ddwy fersiwn o’r Sidydd a geir yma, y naill yng Nghymraeg cyfoethog Euros Bowen, a’r llall yn Saesneg trydanol Rhys Trimble. Sgwrsio, neu efallai gyd-ddawnsio y maent..." - Mae'r enillion i gyd yn mynd i Elusen: Cynorthwyo Ffoaduriaid Abertawe. ISBN 9780995496699< Less
Personal Things and the Rest By Edin Suljic
Paperback: $11.15
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This is the first poetry collection by London-based writer, translator, performer, photographer and filmmaker Edin Suljic. Written over 26 years (1992-2018) the poems trace his rages and loves,... More > explorations and reflections, as "an itinerant of history, a pilgrim through the landscapes of collective memory" (Abol Froushan). Edin grew up in what once was Yugoslavia and was abroad when it exploded in civil war in 1991. He went back in 2015, as new refugees were trekking through from Syria. How can we live together? This question animates his writing. Some poems came out of collaborative projects: Exiled Writers Ink, Bards Without Borders, Who Are We. His work has appeared in Index on Censorship, Poetry Connections, Soul Immigrants, TheSHOp, and the FLO Literary Festival website (Kosova). He translated Cry of Bosnia: A Personal Diary of the Bosnian War by Elvira Simic, won the Italian Premio Andersen for children's stories, is currently developing scripts for theatre.< Less
Teint: for the Bièvre / pour la Bièvre By Zoë Skoulding & Jean Portante
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Zoë Skoulding's poems in this volume celebrate and mourn the 'lost', buried Parisian river La Bièvre. Once an important tributary of the Seine, running through the centre of the city, for... More > 100 years La Bièvre has disappeared from view. "Not drowning but buried / the lost body always / hers always innocent / already filthy her / live arm absent from dead / arm lifting hydraulic / weight to feed the mills / diverted into sewers" Translations into French are by the Parisian poet Jean Portante, whose work has been translated into English by Zoë Skoulding: 'In Reality', Seren, 2013. "Pas se noyant mais ensevelie / le corps perdu toujours / le sien toujours innocent / déjà crasseux son / bras de vie absent du bras / mort soulevant le poids / hydraulique pour nourrir les moulins / détournés dans les égouts"< Less
Paperback: $16.14
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Many of the best and brightest writing talents from two countries - Wales and Cameroon - are brought together in this unique book. The editor, Eric Ngalle Charles, is a Cameroon-born, Wales-based... More > poet, playwright, and performer. This anthology is part of his Creative Wales project (funded by Arts Council Wales) on Memory, Migration and Trauma. He became a writer in Wales, and only recently made return visits to Cameroon to develop collaborations with writers there. In all, 36 writers from the two countries are represented in this collection. Most of their poems and stories appear here for the first time. Eric's introduction knits together his childhood memories, his life as a migrant, and what the various writers in this collection mean to him.< Less
Smile By Ishmail Kamara
Paperback: $12.84
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Poems by Ishmail Kamara. He is a writer and performing poet, based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He was born in Mambolo Chiefdom, in northern Sierra Leone. "Smile" is his first... More > collection. It is published by Hafan Books ( on behalf of Swansea Asylum Seekers Support. ISBN 9780995496651. "Sometimes / in the twenty-first century / while I was weak and thirsty / I couldn’t speak my own language // I could see but I was blind / roaming the streets / of a green desert city / seeking God’s face / but hard to find // Some other day / in the twenty-first century / I met an angel ...." (The Rich Man’s Empty Closet)< Less
Police Officers are Friends – Not Strangers! By Maxson S. Kpakio
Paperback: $6.75
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This picture book is for school children, especially in Liberia, giving advice on road safety and protection from stranger danger. It is for children, parents and teachers (with comprehension... More > exercises at the back of the book).< Less
My Heart Loves in My Language By Tom Cheesman et al.
Paperback: $12.79
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Stories and poems from Swansea all about language: translating, interpreting, learning, losing, sharing and re-inventing language. Includes: poems by members of the Swansea Women's Asylum and Refugee... More > Group (most created in workshops led by Jeni Williams), and stories about personal experiences, recorded by Filiz Celik and Tom Cheesman as part of a project on language and interpreting among asylum-seekers and refugees. Plus contributions by many others. The research project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, through the Cross-Language Dynamics consortium of the Open World Research Initiative, and based in Swansea University's Department of Modern Languages.< Less
¡Como el mar es mi testigo! As the sea is my witness! Two Afro-Colombian Poets By Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez-Jones et al.
Paperback: $9.30
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Juan Zapata Olivella (1922–2008) and Edelma Zapata Pérez (1954–2010) celebrated Afro-Colombian history and culture in many ways: not least through their poetry, which is by turns... More > political and intensely personal, at times angry, often mournful, yet resolutely hopeful. The translator, Dr Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez-Jones, is Senior Lecturer and Director of Interpreting Studies in the Department of Languages, Translation & Interpreting at Swansea University (Wales, UK).< Less
Sueños Revolucionarios By José Hernán Cifuentes
Paperback: $14.64
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José Hernán/Tolo Cifuentes iniciaba sus veinte años cuando en Chile comenzaba a levantarse una esperanza revolucionaria por una sociedad más justa. En 1970, Salvador... More > Allende fue elegido Presidente y lideraba el gobierno de la Unidad Popular. Tolo y su compañera María Cristina se entregaron para apoyar a los pobres para mejorar sus condiciones de vida a través de su lucha por un techo, pán y justicia social. Sin embargo, el 11 de Septiembre de 1973, un Golpe militar puso fín a sus esperanzas y sueños. Tolo y María Cristina fueron unos de los primeros trabajadores del Comité Pro Paz y de la Vicaría de la Solidaridad, las únicas organizaciones en donde era posible en aquel entonces denunciar violaciones a los derechos humanos. Finalmente, el peligro se hizo mayor. Junto a su hija recién nacida Rocío del Trigal fueron unos de los pocos que tuvieron la suerte de encontrar asilo en el extranjero - en 1977 llegaron al país de Gales en el Reino Unido. Esta es la historia de Tolo, en sus propias palabras.< Less