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Police Officers are Friends – Not Strangers! By Maxson Sahr Kpakio
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This book is for school children in Liberia, giving advice on road safety and protection from stranger danger
¡Como el mar es mi testigo! As the sea is my witness! Two Afro-Colombian Poets By Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez-Jones, Juan Zapata Olivella, Edelma Zapata Pérez
Paperback: $9.30
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Juan Zapata Olivella (1922–2008) and Edelma Zapata Pérez (1954–2010) celebrated Afro-Colombian history and culture in many ways: not least through their poetry, which is by turns... More > political and intensely personal, at times angry, often mournful, yet resolutely hopeful. The translator, Dr Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez-Jones, is Senior Lecturer and Director of Interpreting Studies in the Department of Languages, Translation & Interpreting at Swansea University (Wales, UK).< Less
Revolutionary Dreams - From Chile to Wales By José Cifuentes
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José Cifuentes was a student in Chile in 1970 when Salvador Allende became President, leading the world's first democratically elected socialist government. José and his partner, as... More > student activists, worked to help poor people improve their lives. But a military coup on 11 September 1973, supported by the USA, put an end to ordinary Chileans' hopes for a fairer society. The brutal dictatorship of General Pinochet hunted down all opposition. Thousands were detained with no legal process, abused and tortured, in many cases killed or disappeared without trace. José was imprisoned and tortured, then spent years on the run. He and María Cristina worked for the Committee for Peace and the Vicarage of Solidarity, organisations which documented human rights abuses and supported victims' families. When the danger grew too great, in 1977 they and their baby daughter Rocío were lucky to find sanctuary abroad ... in Wales. This is José's story, in his own words.< Less
Sueños Revolucionarios By José Hernán Cifuentes
Paperback: $14.64
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José Hernán/Tolo Cifuentes iniciaba sus veinte años cuando en Chile comenzaba a levantarse una esperanza revolucionaria por una sociedad más justa. En 1970, Salvador... More > Allende fue elegido Presidente y lideraba el gobierno de la Unidad Popular. Tolo y su compañera María Cristina se entregaron para apoyar a los pobres para mejorar sus condiciones de vida a través de su lucha por un techo, pán y justicia social. Sin embargo, el 11 de Septiembre de 1973, un Golpe militar puso fín a sus esperanzas y sueños. Tolo y María Cristina fueron unos de los primeros trabajadores del Comité Pro Paz y de la Vicaría de la Solidaridad, las únicas organizaciones en donde era posible en aquel entonces denunciar violaciones a los derechos humanos. Finalmente, el peligro se hizo mayor. Junto a su hija recién nacida Rocío del Trigal fueron unos de los pocos que tuvieron la suerte de encontrar asilo en el extranjero - en 1977 llegaron al país de Gales en el Reino Unido. Esta es la historia de Tolo, en sus propias palabras.< Less
Asylum By Eric Ngalle Charles
Paperback: $10.62
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ASYLUM is a documentary drama based on the stories of asylum seekers in Wales. We have seen the boat images, the dead mothers and fathers, the children dying face down in the water. But what... More > happens when someone makes it to the UK? Many asylum seekers suffer from severe mental health problems. Many have contemplated suicide, many live a ghostlike existence. Many are destitute. Those who have the misfortune of not having their story believed by the Home Office, which is more often than not, rely on miniscule help from charities, and the kindness of strangers. ERIC NGALLE CHARLES fled Cameroon and spent years as an illegal immigrant in Russia before making it to the UK where he claimed asylum. He is a poet, dramatist and novelist and runs Black Entertainment Wales.< Less
Zola's Story By Zola Gidi
Paperback: $9.71
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Zola Gidi came to the UK from South Africa with her boyfriend in 1991. By 1997, she was settled in Swansea, Wales, with a job, a flat and the medical care she needed. Suddenly the Home Office... More > threatened her with deportation. Zola's many friends in Swansea rallied round. The local paper, the South Wales Evening Post campaigned for her right to stay. Charities including Swansea Bay Asylum Seekers Support Group, the Immigration Advisory Service, and Asylum Justice, made sure she got the expert legal advice she needed to fight the Home Office decision. Zola was finally allowed to stay, though only after difficult years of uncertainty, insecurity and fear. In this book she tells her story in her own words. She tells how eventually she was able to take British Citizenship, at a moving ceremony, and then was able to travel to see her family in South Africa, for the first time in many years, no longer fearful that she would not be let back into the UK. Zola's story: sometimes, kindness and friendship do win!< Less
Teint: for the Bièvre / pour la Bièvre By Zoë Skoulding, Jean Portante
Paperback: $12.05
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Zoë Skoulding's poems in this volume celebrate and mourn the 'lost', buried Parisian river La Bièvre. Once an important tributary of the Seine, running through the centre of the city, for... More > 100 years La Bièvre has disappeared from view. "Not drowning but buried / the lost body always / hers always innocent / already filthy her / live arm absent from dead / arm lifting hydraulic / weight to feed the mills / diverted into sewers" Translations into French are by the Parisian poet Jean Portante, whose work has been translated into English by Zoë Skoulding: 'In Reality', Seren, 2013. "Pas se noyant mais ensevelie / le corps perdu toujours / le sien toujours innocent / déjà crasseux son / bras de vie absent du bras / mort soulevant le poids / hydraulique pour nourrir les moulins / détournés dans les égouts"< Less
Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız or Long Words By Nia Davies
Paperback: $12.06
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"an important young poet whose work manages to be avant-garde and mainstream at the same time. Her poems, though often experimental, have a sparky, direct and democratic quality" (from the... More > Afterword by Mark Waldron). .... These poems respond to long words such as kuulilennuteetunneliluuk & וכשלהתמרמרויותינו & nejneznesrozumitelňovávatelnějšímu & megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért & nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaudavusiems & გაკონტრრევოლუციონერებულებისნაირებისათვისაც & kumarreksituteskenteleentuvaisehkollaismaisekkuudellisennesk & enteluttelemattomammuuksissansakaankopah & najneprekryštalizovávateľnejšievajúcimi & legeslegtöredezettségmentesíthetetlenebbeskedéseitekért & فسيكفيكهم .... "Bemused, amused, angry, frustrated, erudite, discursive, and always fresh, she comes at them from every angle. She uses them to explore bullying (and words as bullies), sex, death, murder, rape, sexual politics, politics, drinking and lies." (Mark Waldron)< Less
You and Me Two By Alhaji Sheku Kamara
Paperback: $7.88
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For all the lovers in the world - love poems by Alhaji Sheku Kamara
STARS By Childe Roland
Paperback: $7.23
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A rant again st stars. ISBN 9780992656447. Boiled String Poetry Chapbook Series, 9. More Hafan Books at: