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KINGDOM WORK By Herbert Melville Munson Jr.
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A verse by verse commentary on Daniel ... the Bible's amazing apocalyptic book of the Old Testament. Within its pages, nations, events and even individual people were foretold ... often, decades or... More > even hundreds of years before they actually stepped out upon the scene of human history. Daniel is the apocalyptic book of the Old Testament as Revelation is the apocalyptic book of the New Testament. The word, "apocalyptic" comes from the word "apocalypse", referring to disasters or doom or ... as is the case in these two books of the Bible ... the end of the world. Daniel and Revelation predict many of the same events and personalities that will occur on earth. Hence, they go hand in glove together and are both essential for the study of end times (eschatology).< Less
First Work By Herbert Melville Munson Jr
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Commentary on Genesis. Literal and expository. Foundational to the Bible. Presents young Earth. Dates creation. Addresses fossils and dinosaurs. Addresses Evolution. Addresses science. Addresses... More > political correctness.< Less
Strange Work By Rev Herbert Melville Munson Jr
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Strange Work is a verse by verse commentary on the Bible book of Revelation. Nearly three millennia ago, the prophet Isaiah predicted that the Lord God of hosts would one day rise up and do a strange... More > work on the Earth. He said it would come as a destruction upon the whole earth (Isaiah 28:21-22). The last thing that modern man expects is that the true and living God will one day actually intervene upon the Earth. Yet, with one voice, the prophets of the Bible predict that is exactly what He will do. The book of Revelation is the most detailed of the Bible's prophecies of that fast approaching supernatural intervention on planet Earth. Someone has dubbed the book of Revelation, "The prophetic Grand Central Station of the Bible." That is a very good way to describe it. All the great eschatological (end time) themes in the Bible run to the book of Revelation like train-tracks to a central hub.< Less
A Dinosaur's Tale By Herbert Melville Munson Jr
eBook (ePub): $7.50
A book that explores the desire to fly, to be recognized, to be a hero, to be loved, to be independent and to experience great adventures. Billy Jo, is a farm boy in Virginia who is changed into a... More > dinosaur bird when, on a dare, he jumps from the roof of the tree-house that he and his friend built high up in a mysterious Sassafras tree. His adventures include: flying, being shot; an escape from a Vet hospital; riding the rails where he meets Hank who becomes his mentor and friend; being captured by White House security resulting in spending the night in the White House and meeting the President; a shipwreck; jungle island searches for Hank; a scrape with savages; abduction by thugs in Belize; the President’s help to bring him home from Cuba; his parents stealing him out of Washington to take him home to die; near death, his Pa throwing him off the top of the tree house causing him to become a boy again; plus, a surprise ending that sets the stage for the second book, A Tiger’s Tale.< Less