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Hellish 2050 By Hugo Jenks
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HELLISH 2050 We in Britain may only have until the year 2030 to 2040 to the point of no return. Beyond that date, the demographic trajectory indicates that Islamisation of Britain becomes... More > irreversible. If Britain becomes Islamised while retaining nuclear weapons, we become a serious menace to other nations. There is a binary choice to be made: Either we must avoid Islamisation. Or else remove all military capability. There is no third option.< Less
Islam & Christianity: essential debate for the 21st century By Gentle Knight
Paperback: $4.58
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Islam & Christianity This collection of short essays explores the sensitive topic of Islam, and its relation to Christianity. Through discussion of areas such as the life and claims of Mohammed,... More > the history of Islam, through to modern-day conflicts with human rights, it aims to lift the lid on this very emotive subject and stimulate debate in the Church and the wider world on what is clearly one of the most pressing issues of the day.< Less
Abrogated Koran By Hugo Jenks
Paperback: $22.66
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The Koran must be read with an understanding of Abrogation. The chronologically more recent verses supercede the older verses, wherever the numerous contradictions exist. The chapters within this... More > Koran have been arranged in reverse chronological order, so that the most relevant ones are read first. Abrogated verses are crossed out. Those verses promoting Jihad and religious hatred are highlighted. The free PDF of this book can be downloaded from< Less
The Flying Inn By G. K. Chesterton
Paperback: $8.64
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A prophetic vision of a future Islamised England, with enforced prohibition of alcohol, except for those with the means to take it for “medicinal purposes”. Such deprivation of... More > traditional beverages becomes intolerable, the situation is reversed in style by a larger than life character. G.K. Chesterton has written a visionary account of betrayal of an entire nation to Islam. He knew, and described eloquently, that this betrayal would come from those at the top of society. Download this book as a free PDF, or order a printed copy via:< Less
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goodbye to thEU machine By Hugo Jenks
Paperback: $6.28
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I do have a strong sense that our ancestors are calling out to us from across the millennia, not to abandon the birthright which we have inherited from them, and for which they have made extreme... More > sacrifices. We must pass on to our heirs, our children and our grandchildren the freedoms which we shall regain. It is our duty to do so.< Less
Stonehenge Alignments By H Jenks
Paperback: $8.48
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Stonehenge has hidden its secrets in plain view. Form follows function. We can now see that it functioned as a precision scientific instrument, to measure the angles of sunrise, sunset, moonrise,... More > moonset, and to measure angles outside of these ranges, implying that the entire visible sky was mapped. The astronomers of Stonehenge divided the circle into 36 segments, and were more than 1000 years in advance of the Babylonian astronomers in this regard.< Less
The Art of Harmonies By Hugo Jenks
Paperback: $19.61
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The wisdom of the ages calls upon us to seek and to embrace harmony. The artwork created here has made good use of a moving weight, paint, and colour, to synthesize a unique vision of harmony. Each... More > page links a selected image with an uplifting and inspiring quote relating to the harmony that we seek. It is printed in full colour.< Less
Cancer: Light Enhanced Chemotherapy By Hugo Jenks
Paperback: $6.42
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For those who have an advanced stage of cancer, the prognosis is unfortunately all too often a bleak one. Once the cancer has spread from its original site, in medical terms it has metastased, the... More > position is perilous for the patient. In statistical terms, some 90% of cancer related deaths are a consequence of metastatic disease. This booklet presents several new concepts, which it is sincerely hoped will bring about an improvement in the outcome of many cases. In particular to tackle specifically blood-bourne metastatic disease, which accounts for the majority of metastasis cases. The approach towards treatment described here makes use of the blood circulation system in order to enhance chemotherapy uptake. It may be that even cancers with a resistance to current chemotherapy treatment could be tackled. The treatment described here should not be confused with the existing technique called photodynamic therapy.< Less
Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory By Hugo Jenks
Paperback: $16.62
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New alignments found at Stonehenge showing that it was a sophisticated astronomical observatory. An entirely new theory is described in the book "Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory",... More > which shows numerous alignments that have previously not been recognised. This demonstrates that Stonehenge was conceived and built for purposes beyond the sacred or ceremonial reasons. We can now see that it was also used as a scientific instrument, for accurately measuring the rising and setting positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars. Our considerable respect that we already have for those who built it can only be deepened by this new understanding. The accompanying website gives further details, including an introductory video, and various other items of interest. Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory< Less