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Elusive Dreams By Jud Sage
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John Freeman manages a successful hardware store to support his family, but he dreams of doing something more with his life, something important. He hopes to buy the store someday, but will that be... More > enough? John's wife Hannah dreams only of raising a family of decent, well-behaved children, but demons from her past haunt her, and her family crumbles. John and Hannah's son Aaron hopes for a pro basketball career. When he wins a basketball scholarship to a top tier school, he is on his way, but he faces long odds: Is he good enough for the pros? Aaron's sister Sally hopes one day to become a pediatrician, but Hannah, the one person who should provide her primary support, thwarts her dream and drives her from home into an uncertain future. The fractured family turns outward for support, finding it in unexpected places when fate intervenes. Dreams are elusive, and they sometimes die, but others often arise to take their place. In the end, all it takes is a little love from those closest to you.< Less
Home From the Sea By H.J. Sage
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Navy Lieutenant Casey Coughlin, a cyber-security specialist, searches for a mole in the Pentagon. Under orders from the Naval Intelligence office he assembles a team of math whizzes and hackers... More > stashed in a secret location, whose job is to identify the mole and connect him to a clandestine group in Paris. Led by the mysterious Andre, the Paris group offers to trade intelligence with the United States. But are they friends, or are they merely selling information to the highest bidder? As Casey's team works to find the source of the leak, he begins to suspect that the mole may be a high-ranking naval officer. When he discovers that the admiral he works for knows Andre, he is sure he is onto something. His whiz kids hack into some emails and collect other data that Casey can use as a bargaining chip with the Paris group. Will they buy it? Will he be able to uncover the source of the leak? As Casey's team closes in, the NCIS and FBI help, searching for the suspected mole, who tries to flee. Where will it end?< Less
Under Wyoming Skies By H.J. Sage
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Kelly McKinnon, divorced mother of two and manager of a chain of hardware stores in Pennsylvania, is tired. Having worked successfully at the same job for twenty years, she is frustrated by a series... More > of troubling events and ready for change. She takes her children to a cattle ranch in Wyoming owned by her cousin and his wife. Her children, not sure they want to spend a month chasing cows, are skeptical about her plans. After time, however, they begin to warm to the idea as they learn to ride horses and participate in the life of a busy, hard-working ranch with over nine hundred head of cattle. Outfitted for Western life, they become good riders, accustomed to the life of cowboys and cowgirls. A Cheyenne Indian family who live and work on the ranch begin to introduce Kelly and her children to the culture of the Cheyenne Nation, and Kimi, a young Indian girl, charms both of the kids. At last they think about moving to Wyoming. Suddenly events crop up that may stymie their path to a new and richer life.< Less
Frank Hoctor's New York By Harriet Hoctor Groeschel
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This is an original collection of pencil drawing and watercolors by artist Frank Hoctor. As a young artist in New York City in the 1920's he practiced his art by sketching people and places he... More > observed, from the streets of New York to Central Park, Grand Central Station to the theater district. The book includes a brief glimpse of the life of the artist. The drawings were collected and edited by his daughter, artist and art historian Harriet Hoctor Groeschel.< Less
The Sound of Loneliness By Jud Sage
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Stan Pearson, a successful, wealthy stock broker, recently divorced from an unfaithful wife, suddenly leaves his position with a top national firm to engage in a period of introspection. His three... More > adult children, a son and two daughters, one of whom is expecting his first grandchild, stay close as their father searches for answers to life's problems and challenges. His former college roommate, the dean of students at an elite Virginia University, offers him a position teaching business to students in their MBA program. He accepts the challenge. A lovely young graduate student and fellow faculty member, who taught high school for several years and is working on her doctorate, offers Stan advice, and the two become friends and eventually lovers. When the company he left offers him a top position, he struggles to decide whether to accept it, wondering whether the young woman he loves will join him at the head of a large company in the center of New York's financial district. Their love is tested to the limits.< Less
Ashes in the Snow By H.J. Sage
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Hiking in the Montana mountains, Veronica and a friend are caught in a rock slide. Her companion is badly injured, she has a broken arm, and after two days, short on food and water, they are... More > desperate. A former pro football player named John hears rifle shots fired by Veronica and comes to their rescue. He carries her friend on his back and gets him to a hospital. as Veronica's arm is broken, John drives her home to Chicago. After two days in John's home in Montana and two more days on the road, she begins to fall in love with the handsome athlete. Still hurting from the pain of his wife’s death, John is ready for romance. Veronica welcomes his advances, and their love affair blossoms, and John and Veronica find themselves on a path to happiness. Veronica extricates herself from an unhappy relationship with her hiking companion as she and John grow closer. A specter from John's past threatens to undermine their relationship. They struggle to sort out their feelings as the Montana mountains await their return.< Less
All That Joy Can Give By H.J. Sage
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Jack McMahon, a commissioned officer in the United States Army and aide to a general, falls in love with Captain Jessica Caldwell, a beautiful young officer who stood at the top of her class at West... More > Point. She hopes to become the Army's first female general officer. She and Jack share their hopes and dreams, but Jack’s dream is to become a writer and professor. When Jessica is unable or unwilling to give up her career, their paths begin to diverge, even though they love each other and live together. When she is transferred to New Jersey, their romance becomes strained, but their love is deep enough that they carry on even as Jack leaves the Army and goes to graduate school. When she is transferred overseas, their long friendship is tested to the limit. When she gets orders to a combat zone, Jack prays for her safety and quick return. The two star-crossed lovers are tested to the breaking point, and Jack wonders if they can survive, resting his hopes on the fact that he has pledged his over to Jessica forever.< Less
New York Girls By H.J. Sage
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Abigail Westerhaus has everything she needs and nothing she wants. Having left a disastrous marriage for a wonderful new one, she sees her dreams die in a storm on the Atlantic Ocean. Back in her... More > native New York after years traveling the globe and months of reckless living, the beautiful former model finds joy in unexpected places. Tired of reckless living, she vows to change. A writing professor friend helps her find new ways to express her native creativity. A young policewoman provides her an example of drive and determination. A handsome police captain begins to heal her broken heart. As she struggles to repair her shattered life, she takes courage from both new and old friends. When a new tragedy strikes, she searches for a path to salvation. Will she ever come to know the restorative power of love, and the joy that comes from giving? How will she discover a way to find fulfillment and rebuild her once empty life amidst the skyscrapers of the city she always loved? She finds her way with courage.< Less
Suma By H.J. Sage
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The beautiful singer Suma Rainey leaves her home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the musical big time in San Francisco. She leaves behind two men who have fought for her affections, one she remembers, the... More > other she wants to forget. In the big city she finds what she’s looking for--a place where she can play the music she writes that is rooted in her mother’s Shoshone tradition. Her musical success grows with the band she joins until they find themselves in demand, not only in their city, but all over the country. The man she loved and lost finds her again, and their happiness is overshadowed only by dark memories from a distant past. Firmly established in the musical tradition of the West Coast, she searches for new paths on which to express her creative talents. The man she loves, guided by Shoshone gods, she is sure, travels by her side as they search for a new future together. Guided by spirits from the Wind River Mountains, her ancestral home, with her lover beside her, she finds her way at last to fulfillment.< Less
Rainey Days Cheyenne Nights By H.J. Sage
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When a man who insulted Eddie Rainey’s daughter Suma is shot and killed, people begin thinking that Eddie must have done it, especially since he was heard arguing with the man shortly before he... More > died. Although the police and his friends know better, Eddie finds the talk disturbing. Meanwhile, his daughter’s best friend Corey builds an artistic career centered around the beautiful Wind River Range in her native Wyoming and the horses she loves to ride. Corey’s lover and friend Carl is a police officer who tries hard to clear Eddie’s name. Corey does what she can to help the investigation. Eddie and his friends become amateur sleuths and part-time builders as they set out to construct an art studio for their friend Corey while trying at the same time to track down the killer. Along the way Eddie and his friends discover ladies of the night, disgruntled cowboys, horse lovers, and rich patrons of the arts. Under it all, the players in this little drama discover that in the end, love will have its way.< Less