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Contact! Encounters with Extra Terrestrial Entities? By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) The real SETI may already have established the there is alien life –and it has been visiting Earth for at least 70 years. Once the mass of... More > reports of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and entity encounters are sifted there remains a strong core of cases that defy logical explanation and suggest that these encounters have resulted in physiological effects and post traumatic stress. Terry Hooper-Scarf of the CE3K/AE Project has led research into these reports for over 40 years and in this work takes a look at rare or obscure reports as well as cataloguing encounters from Germany and Portugal and focuses in on correlations in the reports and how the Dandenong (Kelly Cahill) encounter could be the best case ever reported. Have the serious investigators and researchers looking into UFOs been unearthing better evidence of extra terrestrial life and contact with humans than established SETI ?< Less
AOP JOURNAL 1 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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Technical and scientific based journal looking at what has become known as "UFOs" -including natural phenomena some not yet scientifically understood. This is NOT a sensationalist... More > publication but will contain fully referenced articles and reports to help promote further serious study.< Less
Strange & Mysterious Beasts By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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Humans have always been fascinated by reports of strange and mysterious beasts prowling the Earth. But are they fact or fantasy? What were the mystery beasts that killed people in France during... More > thec 17th and 18th centuries? Are there Bigfoot-like creatures in the UK? What about the reports of werewolves? Are humanoid bat-like creatures flying around the United States and UK? Others included in this book are the Vampire of Niali, the Devil's foot-prints of Gatagon; The Supernatural Invasion: Slender-man and Black Eyed Kids Mystery Creature of the Bay of Flamanville,Things Caught on Camera –Fact and Fiction,The Bat Creatures, The Owl-man The British Pig-man and Snake-man, The Pictish Beast Shunka Warak'in –A Hyena Too Far? and many others.< Less
HIGH STRANGENESS By Terry Hooper~Scharf
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Since 1947 it has been claimed that UFOs/flying saucers are evidence of aliens visiting the Earth. Since the 1950s claims of encounters with landed craft and alien beings were talked about but not... More > taken seriously. In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers. But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted? 2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology. Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.< Less
Unidentified -Identified By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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The follow up to the comprehensive book "UFO Contact?" The Author spent 1974 to 2018 specializing in the investigation and research of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3K) and alien... More > entity cases; the former involving an Unidentified Flying Object and the latter, apparently, involving none. Previously unreported cases as well as 'lost' cases are looked at as well as the possibility that some percients suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after their encounters A must read for those with a serious interest in UFOs< Less
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Following the events on Neo Olympus and the Boarman invasion of Earth, many heroes and crime-fighters have withdrawn from activity. Some are trying to recover from injuries while others are fighting... More > the mental scars left by the events. As heroes from other parallels who helped during the events return home, members of the Special Globe Guard are shocked at the sudden appearance of Zom of the Zodiac. Very soon, a group of heroes find a quick rescue mission turn sour as they become lost between parallel Earths anf threats. Sometimes one Earth just is not enough. The complete story published in issues 7-10 of Black Tower Adventure now handy dandy book!< Less
Pursuing The Strange & Weird:A Naturalists Viewpoint By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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2013 UP DATE -From Dead Aquatic (Humanoid) Creatures, the giant squid and yet undiscovered sea creatures; submarine and ships crews encountering true leviathans. This is a fully expanded section... More > which also refers to the so-called ‘Ningen’ sightings and video footage. Extinct animals at sea that have been re-discovered. The subject of Sasquatch and other mystery Hominids around the world is dealt with including a look at the “Sasquatch-killer”, Justin Smeja. Dr. Bryan Sykes and his DNA test results for TVs The Bigfoot Files as well as the controversial Erickson Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Even more controversial Sasquatch DNA test results. Also included are two early French UFO entity cases that still baffle. Ghosts, strange creatures and the Star-Child hoax. All dealt with by the naturalist and pursuer of the strange and weird< Less
The Truth About Spring-Heeled Jack By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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The terror and mystery created by “Jack The Ripper” has been the subject of countless books, magazine articles as well as movies and TV documentaries. Ask anyone if they have ever heard... More > of Jack The Ripper and it is doubtful anyone would respond with a “no idea.” By that same token, ask people who “Spring-heeled Jack” was and you would be lucky to find anyone who had ever heard of him. Spring-heeled Jack was the subject (loosely) of a film The Curse of the Wraydons (1946) and Dominic Keating also appeared as Spring Heeled Jack in the 2010 film Sherlock Holmes by The Asylum film company. The character has also featured in both American and British comic books and a number of books, for both children and adults. But the fact that the Springald held the country –not just London– in a grip of terror much longer that the Ripper did is all but forgotten except for some half-truths and fanciful theories. Now be prepared to read the full story of Spring Heeled Jack< Less
Some Things Strange & Sinister By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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After more than 30 years as an investigator and more than forty as a naturalist,the author has opened some of the many files he has accumulated dealing with such things as.. The Terrifying EventsAt... More > The Lamb Inn,The Ghosts Of All Saints Church,Dead Aquatic Creatures of Canvey Island,captured bigfoot like creatures in India -all exclusively presented for the first time and with new added research previously unseen. PLUS a vastly expanded section on Spring-heeled Jack! Photographs,maps,line drawings and up-dated to make 358 pages looking at Things truly Strange and Sinister. Cryptozoologist,Ghost Hunter,Ufologist or Fortean:this book has something for everyone -including the just plain inquisitive!< Less
Some More Things Strange & Sinister By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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Follow-up to the hugely successful Some Things Strange & Sinister. For those interested in Ufology,cryptozoology,hominology,unusual natural history,ghosts and mysteries in general. The secret... More > history of gorillas -before they were 'discovered'. Wild men of Europe, the UK and US. Hominology. Giant snakes. Amazons. The Giant serpent of Carthage. Girt Dog of Ennerdale. The Beast of Gevaudan. Crocodiles in the UK. Silent City of Alaska. And much more. Updated with extra pages and photographs.< Less