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Memorandum & Articles of Association - Limited Company (Under Guarantee) - Model By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.24
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The model Memorandum & Articles of Association for a Limited Company (under Guarantee) serves for a voluntary organisation registering both under the Charities Act and Companies Acts. The author... More > prior to the current legislation originally wrote this model but modified. It is recommended that any voluntary organisation considering this process should view this template in terms of the specialist clauses, (particularly in the Articles of Association), that are also contained within, (used by the author for both a international youth hostel exchange project and adapted successfully for a eco-regeneration group), and take guidance from with a umbrella body geared to provide such specialist support or alternatively a company such as Jordans Limited who have decades of experience is helping voluntary organisations in this regard.< Less
CashBook - Excel Design Monthly Reconciliation Records By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $7.56
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This eBook is designed to provide an important reminder for all organisations (although focused on new small, and emerging groups), to maintain good financial bookkeep as part of its overall... More > organisational operation. This eBook edition purely provides screen shots of each of the five main spreadsheet headings that need to be kept and maintained on a monthly basis recorded all income and expenditure. This instruction guide on use accompanies the Excel template. It serves as a timely reminder to keep a record of all transactions made on a month-by-month basis within a financial/fiscal year. Whilst copyright is reserved to the publisher's, a hyperlink is contained within to enable those who buy this eBook the ability to download the actual Excel Spreadsheet (with formulas) to carry out a Transactional Cash Book and Bank Reconciliations and may be used by the purchasing organisation only by permission.< Less
iGO eBooks Website By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.52
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Welcome to iGO eBooks Website pages by Gordon Owen purely designed to provide an offline overview of what is available. Our Fundraising Training & Voluntary Sector GovernanceMaterial Series of... More > publications are available in.pdf, eBook, iBooks, and Hardcopy. Other supporting material inPowerPoint Presentations are also available on request for interactive training please e-mail us for more information. The fundraising training material series provides a guide and reference to techniques, things to consider, and contacts with url links for new, small, and emerging groups/organisations in the charity sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the statutory, corporate, and charitable trusts/foundations sectors. An additional separate VS governance material seriesalso exists to support organisations, (particularly, new, small, and emerging groups), with their polices, procedures to develop 'best practice’ in striving to deliver effective services.< Less
Social Audit @ Messrs G Owen & Co By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.53
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Messrs G Owen & Co’s understanding of, and openness in presenting information on the social and ethical dimensions of its activities is to be commended. The social accounts provide a true... More > and fair view of key aspects of the social performance Messrs G Owen & Co in relation to its own aims and the aims of those stakeholders considered for the period in question - 2004-07.< Less
Specimen Constitution for Organsation having a Membership – (Seeking Charitable Status) By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.21
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A Constitution should be as simple and flexible as possible to permit the organisation to operate efficiently without the necessity for constant alterations. This specimen may therefore be adapted... More > to suit individual circumstances. However, whilst not all its provisions will be appropriate in all cases, its basic structure should be followed.< Less
ABC for Committees | Practice & Procedures | Officers | Elections By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.14
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A voluntary Management Committee can be of various sizes. It needs to have enough members to be representative and perform the necessary tasks but not so large that it becomes unwieldy. The number of... More > members of the Management Committee partly depends on the size of the organisation but generally to work effectively it should be no more than about 12-15. This eBook serves as a fundamental guidance on establishing and operational work of a voluntary sector committee not withstanding its legal status.< Less
Charities and Political Policy/Campaigning By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.50
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There are a number of ways in which a charity may be at risk of becoming embroiled in party politics, albeit unintentionally. These are set out under five headings, along with best practice advice... More > covered in this eBook. This eBook does not serve to advocate not developing a policy that embraces lobbying and certainly not of campaigning but merely airs caution to consideration that have to be considered in the process of adopting any policy and practice which involve this. It is a basic simple neutral guide and does not cover what is a complexed comprehensive matter, not includes a list of lobbyists. Professional advice should be sought and guidance is available from the Charity Commission – a link to their relevant webpage is given in this eBook.< Less
Confidentiality Policy | Example By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.51
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Why We Have A Policy? It will seem obvious that we should not breach confidences so why have a policy when the principles are obvious? The answer is that we have developed the guidelines that form... More > our policy to:- (A) Protect staff and volunteers
. (2) members and Service Users
. (3) Ensure consistent good practice. Confidentiality is important in order to build trust with persons using the [Insert name of Organisation], however it is not about keeping secrets, in your discussion with all stakeholders this should be made clear.< Less
Code of Ethical OnLine Philanthropic Practices By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $3.01
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The Internet can provide generous donors with a wide range of opportunities to help others  quickly and easily. To help ensure that your gift does not go to the wrong organisation and to... More > help ensure that your gift goes directly to the organisation you want to support, here are 10 tips for online giving that will help ensure your online giving is safe and secure.< Less
Quality | Kite-Bench Mark for Voluntary Organisations'/Groups' + Links By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $3.05
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Why does quality matter? Voluntary and community organisations/groups want to provide the best services possible for their service users and for other stakeholders that is, those who have an... More > interest in what they do. As voluntary organisations/groups work more and more with public and private sector organisations/groups, there is also external pressure to show that they provide quality services and manage their organisations/groups efficiently and effectively.< Less