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The Machine Inside The Woman By Kandayia Ali
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I vowed to myself that once I learned how to love myself, that I was going to express it to others with hopes of helping them to look at themselves as being stronger and better than any obstacle.... More > This book isn't just about being an abused spouse- it's about being a survivor PERIOD. I ask that you take your time, read the quotes, poetry and other literature I chose to share in this mini book. I want you to feel yourself gaining strength of your own as you turn each and every page. I open up my heart to you- hoping that those who read this understand that in life- there are no mistakes- there are tests and trials- and just as our body has to be conditioned to handle certain tasks in life, so does the spirit. Here is my moment of reflection, recovery and release...< Less
Pillow Soft Secrets By Kandayia Ali
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Pillow Soft Secrets is a 100+ page series of my ramblings, short stories, conundrums, run-ons and attempts to rebel against life, only to end up accepting myself- in all my maladroitness; it depicts... More > my being and thought process; not just the current but throughout my entire life. A lot of the titles were written a long time ago- I just felt the need to place them in this particular book. This book wasn’t made to be perfect- and is extremely grammatically ‘incorrect’ in a lot of ways. This was done on purpose. My only reason for writing the book this way was to emphasize earth born err in a world where perfection is overrated. This is my diary, my words, my thoughts, my emotions, my life, my love, my heart-- written my way- in all it’s imperfections. This book covers many aspects of life and was written for an mature audience.< Less