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The Last Ruler Alive By James Bryce
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Someone’s killing off the Cabinet, one by one. Can it be stopped before they’re all gone? The Foreign Secretary is at a state banquet. The company is powerful, the food exquisite, the... More > furnishings luxurious and antique. Yet then she retches, chokes and dies. The Justice Secretary is hanged in a court. The Defence Secretary dies after visiting an army base. The Cabinet list becomes the media’s death watch, as one by one the murders come. A statement claiming responsibility doesn’t name the murderer, but makes clear the killings will continue – right down to the last ruler alive. Soon even the most ruthless politicians on the up don’t want a Cabinet job. Can the law authorities find out who’s doing this, or will the race run to the grisly end - to the last ruler alive?< Less
Hot Straight In By James Bryce
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No-one told John the business was organised crime. But when the kingpins start killing everyone, his only hope is to work the truth out fast. A search for drugs being smuggled on a container ship... More > climaxes as it approaches London. The agent is murdered when he finds them. The smuggling is fronted up by a small-time businessman. The authorities target his accountant, John Lush, as the way to investigate. There’s organised crime in multiple countries. The pressure on John rises as both the authorities and the crime kingpins come to appreciate all he knows, and its value to the drugs trade. When the businessman is murdered, John becomes the sole focus of both law enforcement and organised crime. He can only trust a few close friends. Will that be enough to keep him alive and free? The hunt develops and it’s time to run.< Less
World First By James Bryce
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Jo Perry’s research will benefit humankind. Industries it’ll bankrupt will kill to survive. Can she survive and finish, before the thieves and hunters come? Jo is on the verge of... More > discovering a new energy source. It’ll give all humankind better lives. She’s had to be both brilliant and determined to take the work this far. She’s well beyond the point where previous pioneers failed and died. At first she was the only one who believed. Then she began to attract attention, first from her professors. Then came big business, then spies. When they start to believe too, that’s where Jo’s troubles begin. The multinationals will do whatever it takes, to stop being bankrupted. The spies will do whatever it takes, to protect the strength of the realm. Jo keeps working on to prove her discoveries. But the enemies who’ll bamboozle, burgle, even kill, are all now closing in. You’re only growing brilliant as long as you’re alive. Will the winners be humankind, the multinationals or the spies?< Less