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> AN ESOTERIC MEDIEVAL MYSTERY < Mariana in Spain and Avignon. Mariana's first mystery, which begins while she is still a slave in Granada. In this case the mystery is not a death or even a... More > disappearance but a mysterious child, a girl called Alazais, whom Mariana is charged with restoring to her home and family. But why did the authorities want Alazais dead, and why had the thugs despatched to murder her been so reluctant to do so? Out of sentiment? Surely not. They would have cut any child's throat for a few francs. Then out of fear? Of awe? And what is Mariana to do with her when she finally finds out where Alazais is from, and learns that her family were slaughtered along with the rest of the village at the time when she herself was so strangely spirited away by the killers?< Less
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>AN ESOTERIC MEDIEVAL MYSTERY< MARIANA 2 - MARIANA IN PARIS - Lady Marian MacElpin is now an unofficial student at the university in Paris: to be admitted to lectures, she has to pretend to be... More > a man. But it is to her that the other students turn when one is charged with the murder of his rich uncle, a miser and reputed alchemist. She quickly discovers that the murder (and a second related murder) had their roots far away on the island of Ibiza eighteen years before, and involve not only alchemy and the tarot and (of course, with Mariana there) witchcraft (one of the witches, known as La Fille d'Or, turns out to have been for years the secret mistress of Charles VI, King of France), but also a one-armed Albanian "king" of the Paris underworld, and such well-known historical figures as Christine de Pisan (then a girl of thirteen), and Nicolas Flamel, the alchemist.< Less
James Munro: Selected Poems By James Munro
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The poet's own choice from more than thirty years of work, including early poems from "Reluctant Rebel" 1975, the dream-like nightmarish semi-autobiographical "Sweeney Jim" 1983,... More > the complete poem-sequence "Better Than Sleep" 1985, the much-praised Jesus Bhakti Poems 1997 and the award-winning "Fin de Millennium" 1999, and latest collection "Drinking-Up Time", with the long poems "Us and Them" and "Naked on Dartmoor".< Less
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A one-act verse-play depicting the home-coming of Agamemnon at the end of the Trojan War with all the looted treasure he has managed to pack into his ship, and his special prize, the captive princess... More > Cassandra of Troy. His wife Clytemnestra, the sister of Helen, has a surprise in store for him. Only it is no surprise to Cassandra, for she is Apollo's Woman, the seeress, the famous soothsayer whom no one believes. She knows what is about to happen to Agamemnon, just as she knows what is about to happen to her - and what will eventually happen to Clytemnestra. A dramatic scene out of the distant past as extraordinary people come face to face with death.< Less
Two Christmas Plays for Children By James Munro
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LET'S TURN BACK TIME (for 9-10 year-olds) is set in Father Christmas's toy factory, where the elves who make the toys are jealous of the "horrible human children" who get all the toys they... More > make. They want some presents themselves! BACK TO YEAR ZERO (for 10-11 year-olds) tells the story of two children who, finding themselves at a loose end one Christmas Eve, go into their inventor father's workshop looking for something exciting to do and start playing with his latest invention, a time-machine. They set the dial to zero, and get plenty of excitement when they are whisked back to Year Zero in Bethlehem, where they quickly become involved in the lives of Mary and Joseph and all the other people there that very special night.< Less
The Poems of Margaret Challis By Margaret Challis
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Edited by James Munro: the poems of his sister, Margaret Anne Challis (1942-1967).