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Vade Mecum: Essays of David Vestal By JACK LEISSRING
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David Vestal, photographer, artist, teacher (1924-2013), educated at the Art Insitute of Chicago was a regular contributor to the now defunct magazine: Photo Techniques. His regular essay was a... More > source of important advice about photography, specifically, but, more, such guidance, I found, was applicable to artistic endeavors of all kinds, thus a guide for photographers, artists and musicians. The editors of Photo Techniques declined to produce a book luike this, and receiving no protests to doing the task myself, I did. At first, I gave these books to individuals whom I believed would benefit. I now make this available to anyone.< Less
Piet Mondrian: A Brief Examination of an artist's Life By JACK LEISSRING
Paperback: $16.00
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The is book is a short precis of the life and work of the artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). The book focuses upon the artist's emergence as a major influence upon modern design. Readers may be... More > surprised by some of his earlier work, since most understand him through his later, rectilinear and minimalist studies.< Less
Nurturing American Art: Brenner, Coady and The Soil By JACK LEISSRING
Hardcover: $40.00
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In the years 1916-17, a flurry of "small magazines" appeared. Among these was "The Soil," which had a wide-ranging influence upon art in America. The co-publishers of the... More > Magazine, Robert J. Coady (editor) and Michael Brenner (sculptor and source of artwork and writing from his Paris associates: Gertrude stein, Picassso, Rousseau, Juan Gris, and others, exerted a long-lasting influence on the direction taken by American art. The magazine lasted only five editions. After its demise, it was hoped that a complete set of the editions would be made available. That did not happen until now: all five editions of this important magazine are combined in this single volume. The introduction is written by the author of this book.< Less
A question of Mirrors By JACK LEISSRING
Paperback: $25.00
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This is a print interpretation of a special episode presented by BBC Television in 1975 as a memorial to the polymath artist/sculptor/writer Michael Ayrton (1921-1975) who wrote a series for BBC TV... More > titled: A Question of Mirrors, planned as a 14 episode series of 15 minute episodes that concerned the concept of mirror images and their speculative meanings. The publication was initially produced under noms de plume and is now released under one of the author's aegis.< Less
Jacques Villon--Jacques Villon in the Collection of Jack Leissring By JACK LEISSRING
Hardcover: $225.00
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The text describes the art of Jacques Villon (1875-1963) in the collection of Jack Leissring. It includes 350 works on paper, 77 of which are either unique or artist's proofs. The work was gathered... More > over a period of forty-one years from world-wide sources. This collection may be the most significant collection of the print-work of Jacques Villon. The book is extensively referenced and includes translated citings of the standard French text on Villon by Jacqueline Auberty and Charles Pérussaux. There is an image of each work in color. In addition to an essay about Villon's significance to him, the author discusses poets and poetry which importantly influenced Villon's work. The book will prove to be an important reference source for those interested in the etchings and lithographs of Villon. ISBN: 978-0-9908931-4-1< Less
Jacques Villon-Cubist Work on Paper By JACK LEISSRING
Paperback: $25.00
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Jacques Villon is one of the 20th Century's most significant artists Stanley Hayter and others have called Villon "the father of modern print-making." Jacques Villon, actually named Gaston... More > Duchamp, was probably the most sig­nificant peintre-graveur of the twentieth century in France. This book explores a segment of his painting and print-making skills, one commonly known as Cubism. Villon, and his brothers were a part of a group of infuential intellectual painters, poets and essayists who met regularly in villon's studio. His work is intimately connected with ideas that originated there. The author, in 2011, completed a definitive catalog of the entire collection of villon's work gathered over a forty year period--350 graphic and painting works on paper. The present study focuses specifically on 53 Cubist-related images from that collection, and discusses the influence of the "Section d'Or" on the artist's working method. The work is extensively referenced.ISBN:978-0-9908931-5-8< Less
John Cother Webb, Master of Mezzotint By JACK LEISSRING
Hardcover: $90.00
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John Cother Webb (1855-1927) was known in London as the "Doyen" of British engravers. He was born in Torquay, studied under Thomas Landseer in London, perfected the art of producing color... More > mezzotint prints in one pass through the etching press and was largely responsible for the increase in interest in and value of reproductive mezzotints during his lifetime. Webb was an early and regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. His work is found in collections of the Royal Academy, the Victoria and Albert Museum and extensively in the print collection of the British Museum. This is a full color book incorporating photographic images of the 260 prints by Webb in the collection of the author. ISBN 978-0-9908931-3-4< Less
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Dean Meeker (1920-2002) was a leader among the progrssive printmakers who emerged after WWII. And while his fame as a print maker may be his finest attribute, his ingenuity and unmatched skills as an... More > inventor of processes, methods, and machinery and his supportive influence upon the scores of students who studied with him at the University of Wisconsin, Madison are his significant legacy. He was a leader in non-toxic methods for the production of intaglio prints; he started the first academic course in serigraphy in the nation and his importance as an artist is reflected in the large number of awards and prizes bestowed on him. He wanted to be a painter/sculptor but his middle years were obligated by family demands which printmaking satisfied. His last years saw him return to sculpture and painting. ISBN: 978-0-9908931-1-0< Less
Maria de los Angeles, A Chronicle of Work, 2010-2013 By JACK LEISSRING
Paperback: $27.00
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The is a record of an emerging artist's work during the period 2010 through early 2013. Ms De los Angeles is a gifted painter, draftswoman and graphic artist. The purpose of the book is to record... More > recent work and to provide a means for her to continue her education leading to a degree of Master of Fine Arts as Yale University< Less
Morning Doodles, To quiet the noise. By JACK LEISSRING
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It has been the author's experience that art preconceived is almost always, for him, disappointing. He has also learned that it is not necessary to adopt unusual postures nor special environments to... More > achieve the meditative state of mind. Finally, in a reaction to the unrelenting noise of present-day society, its cellular phones, laptops, pads, television, news-papers, background sound, the noises of technology, undisciplined animals, he finds it essential to shut-out this rabble, this babble, this injurious noise and does so with a combination of drawing, meditation and loose integration into the social aspects of a particular coffee house. He has made drawings using graphite pencil, permanent ink, crayons and colored pencils. This book is a display of about 300 of these, taken in order without censoring. The accompanying essay reflects the states of thought that come and go during this process and the quotes represent thought-producing tidbits. Volume One. ISBN: 978-0-9908931-2-7< Less