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Excerpts from Exodus By John H. Hill
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Excerpts from Exodus is a collection of short, devotionals based upon the teachings from the book of Exodus. It includes thoughts on worship and our approach to God. Thought-provoking and poignant,... More > these essays will inspire you and encourage you to dig deeper into God's Word.< Less
Encounters in the Word By John Hill
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Most devotional books offer a verse of Scripture with a cute story or quick anecdote. While these writings give a quick uplift and encouraging words, they fall short of challenging the reader to dig... More > deeper. The author of “Encounters in the Word” approaches the concept of Bible devotions as an opportunity to get into the Word and enrich the reader’s understanding of short passages. While the concepts are not unique, often the author uses unique approaches to the biblical concepts. Reaching beyond commonly held opinion and religious diatribe, these devotionals offer in-depth analyses along with poignant applications which apply to everyday Christian living. Having been written and collected over a period of nearly five years, these short studies cover a variety of subjects. It is the author’s desire that they will be a blessing to the reader.< Less
Angels: True Encounters By John Hill
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The thought of angels brings about a variety of images. From imaginative cute little flying things that shoot arrows of love into the hearts of the forlorned romantic to the reality of mighty... More > warriors protecting God’s glory and holiness, angels have been discussed, described, illustrated and mostly misunderstood. In this volume, the author offers short devotionals which are true to God’s Word and descriptive of these mostly unseen attendants. While it is not an exhaustive study, it does cover many of the more frequently asked questions. It is my desire to give biblical evidence for the reality of angels, of their work, and of their true nature.< Less
The Witnesses By John Hill
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God has always offered to the world His witnesses. He does not allow anyone to leave this world without due warning of the consequences of rejecting His offer of salvation. To the heathen, there has... More > always been a definitive declaration of God’s glory in the heavens and also miraculous testimony to the preaching of His gospel to true seekers. (Acts 8.26) During the most trying times the world will ever see, God sends His witnesses. John records that there will be 144,000 special, sealed witnesses (preachers of the gospel) who will go into all the world with Pentecostal power—preaching to all the ends of the world. Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, two witnesses stand in the city for three and one half years preaching the truth to an unbelieving world. Who are these witnesses? What is their message? What makes them special? Take a look inside—you may be surprised.< Less
Devotions from Daniel By John Hill
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When we think of devotional readings, our minds often consider attaching a verse, or part of a verse, to a nice story that ends with a thought for the day. We seldom think of readings that would... More > stretch our minds and hearts spiritually—of offering to us something meaty that needs good teeth and a grownup taste. These devotional readings offer meat—a bit more than a “feel-good” bedtime story. Here are some unconventional thoughts for your consideration. “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. “ Daniel 1.8< Less
Meditations in the Minor Prophets By John Hill
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Meditations on the Minor Prophets is a compendium of short devotionals taken from selected verses from each chapter. Pointed and direct, each will take the reader into a biblical perspective of... More > various attitudes that will help lead each one on toward a better understanding of Christ.< Less
Uncommon Praise, vol. 4 By John Hill
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This is volume four of a five volume set offering devotions from selected verses from the Psalms. Volume four includes devotional material from Psalm 91 through Psalm 120. These psalms offer praise,... More > prayer, and adulation for personal and corporate worship. In these, the reader will find help for everyday trials and suggestions for walking on the upward path.< Less
Uncommon Praises from Common Psalms, vol. 1 By John Hill
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is the first in a series of devotional books based upon uncommonly used verses in the Psalms. They range from light to heavy and express thoughts and wisdom gleaned from the author's varied... More > life-time experiences as pastor, husband, father, educator, sportman, and sports official. The author shows through personal experiences that God is always in control and is seeking to bless His children in every sphere of activity< Less
Uncommon Praises - vol. 3 By John Hill
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This is the third in a five volume set of devotional essays from the book of Psalms. It is more than a group of sugar-coated devotionals - these essays are packed with life-changing truth, which... More > calls the reader to think deeper about life and God's Word. These short studies will challenge the reader to make the Word of God a part of his/her life.< Less
New Life Workbook By John Hill
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New Life! is a Bible basics book for new believers who want a foundation for their beliefs. It is also a tool more mature believers might use when discipling new believers New Life! may be used as a... More > personal study help or in group discussions. The study material is laid out in a workbook format so the student may record thoughts within the booklet. Before you begin, have your Bible and pencil in hand. Be prepared to experince your New Life!< Less