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Fiction & Nonfiction by John O'Loughlin
An Interview Reviewed By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.81
When an experienced magazine correspondent suddenly becomes ill before he can carry out his assignment, a young and comparatively inexperienced colleague is deputized to interview world-famous... More > composer Howard Tonks in his stead, and things don't work out as planned for either of them! In fact they go from bad to worse in ways which put not only the assignment, but the reputation of the magazine in serious jeopardy, threatening the livelihoods of both correspondents. Can a resolution to the dilemma in which the magazine subsequently finds itself be found, or will it be obliged to compensate the aggrieved party in some financially or socially compromising way? The answer lies within in this far from implausible sequence to 'Cross-Purposes' (1979). Incidentally, the two attaché cases on the cover are particularly appropriate for a novel in which such cases are part of the interview requirement, bearing recording equipment, notebooks, and so on.< Less
Cross-Purposes By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.75
'Cross-Purposes', to cite its main title, is a philosophic-cum-romantic novel in which a young writer becomes amorously involved with the wife of an influential publisher and ends-up paying the... More > price, as does a certain philosopher friend of his, whose subsequent double-dealing in connection with their mutual girlfriend proves more difficult to manage than he had at first suspected, putting him at cross-purposes with them both, to their mutual disadvantage! Despite its tragic outcome, 'Cross-Purposes' is far from bleak but at times immensely funny and even intellectually precocious. There are even a number or erotic overtones in this exotic novel, which also takes the reader to Paris and to the seedy underside of the Boulevard de Clichy. A radical departure from the social constraints of his previous novel 'Fixed Limits' (1976).< Less
Secret Exchanges By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.81
A young artist who has belatedly renewed relations with an old female acquaintance gradually finds himself becoming disillusioned with her and drawn towards one of her friends instead, though not... More > without first having to deal with the mother of his original girlfriend, whose amorous advances toward him are in consequence of marital incompatibilities which this novel takes a sympathetic interest in, despite its paradoxical outcome and the unenthusiastic attitude of its principal male protagonist. For those who can read between the lines.< Less
Logan's Influence By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.72
Logan is a radical - I mean RADICAL - writer whose influence on an art critic who happens to be an acquaintance of his - one Martin Thurber - is more than one might expect for two such different... More > characters, and the consequences of it are certainly not to the tastes of Thurber's publishers! But it has a peculiar and ultimately salutary effect on his personal relations with a certain Greta Ryan, who also figures prominently in this most comic of John O'Loughlin's trilogy of novels revolving around the theme of modern - and particularly abstract - art, 'modern art' for Logan being virtually synonymous with 'abstract', or the triumph of psyche over soma, rather than with any degenerate representational art. The cover, we trust, is appropriately abstract.< Less
Sublimated Relations By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.75
A young writer of radically religious tendency is invited to spend the first weekend of the New Year at a country house in the company of other creative or talented individuals who have been... More > earmarked, unbeknownst to themselves, for participation in a unique experiment in connection with a certain revolutionary museum, whose contents are even more sublimated than the relationships that artificially develop between guests and patrons both before and after their enlightenment. A deeply philosophical novel by John O'Loughlin, which creates and sustains an atmosphere at times bordering upon the otherworldly in its Platonic implications. The cover, we trust, is suitably sublimated.< Less
Post-Atomic Integrities By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $3.10
A lonely writer of radically philosophic tendency is visited by an old acquaintance one evening and becomes, to his considerable surprise, amorously involved with her and, subsequently, willing to... More > take-on responsibility, outside of marriage, for her teenage daughter, whom he tutors, once she has come of age, in the ways of what he calls post-atomic integrities - a term doubtless deriving from his philosophical bent! Originally dating from 1982, the year of 'False Pretences', this little novella comes at a time when the author was in the process of abandoning fiction for philosophy, and is therefore likely to provide ample food for moral or social thought.< Less
False Pretences By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.83
Recovering in Norfolk from years of depression in London, an ex-writer turned painter by name of Jason Crilly becomes professionally involved with the depiction of a revolutionary sexual machine... More > invented by one of his neighbours, a certain Edmond Shead, and later discovers that his wife, whom he had thought faithful, has been having an affair with the local doctor whilst he was away in London - ostensibly on business but actually conducting an affair of his own! Subsequently they agree to a divorce on grounds of incompatibility, but not before his own personal contribution to the sexual machine leads to her becoming pregnant at the expense of Dr Richardson, her unsuspecting new husband. Truly a comic novel of gargantuan proportions! The cover features an 'indirect', or reflected, self-portrait of the author taken with his mobile camera in a Galway guest house in 2010.< Less
Thwarted Ambitions By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.74
This is more a novel about modern art and artists than writers, even though a writer figures prominently in thwarting a certain influential art critic in his designs upon an unsuspecting artist whose... More > girlfriend's suspicions are not without foundation, in what is the first of three such art-related novels written by John O'Loughlin back in 1980, in the wake of his 'conversion' to transcendentalism with the volume of philosophical dialogues entitled 'The Transcendental Future', which left both dualism and Spenglerian historicism, which still figured in his previous novel 'An Interview Reviewed', in their progressive wake, as the author sailed ever further into the realms of modernism, with particular emphasis upon abstract art and its ideological ramifications, for better or worse. Ambitions are indeed thwarted in this accomplished novel, though not without serious consequences!< Less
Deceptive Motives By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.83
When a drop-out and rejected writer of Irish descent happens by chance upon an 'old flame' in the basement of a London restaurant one day, a week or so before Christmas, he precipitates a series of... More > events that neither of them could have foreseen, leaving two women dead and one seriously ill, the latter of whom was with his 'old flame' on the day in question. But what was the motive for this outcome? And how was it deceptive? That is something you will have to find out for yourself if you choose to read this outstanding novel by the author of 'Cross-Purposes' and 'False Pretences'. The cover, we hope, is appropriately deceptive.< Less
Millennial Projections By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.76
A substantial collection of short stores (prose) which begins with 'Millennial Projections', a three-chapter 'novella' of futuristic science fiction, in which we explore otherworldly possibilities... More > from within a post-human millennium, and concludes, logically enough, with another three-chapter 'novella' called 'Two-Way Switch', which is quite paradoxical in its bifocal treatment of a variety of interesting or pretentious characters. In between, there are some fourteen stories of different length and substance, not to mention stylistic treatment, some of which are first-person narratives and others, like 'Concerning a Tree', conversational pieces with intellectual or ideological overtones. The 'tree' in question, incidentally, happens to be a Christmas tree, the true or perhaps potential meaning of which is examined from a standpoint closer to the author's heart and duly expounded by the story's principal character - one of a number of thinly-disguised autobiographical features.< Less