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The Academic Works of Brendan Bombaci
Amanita muscaria: The Holy Sacrament of the Order of Melchizedek, Symbol of The Resurrection, and Cause for Christian Redemption By Brendan Bombaci
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This exegetical treatise explores the actually rich, though shrouded, historical accounts of the priesthood behind Jesus Christ's holiness. Delving into passages in both the Biblical canon and the... More > Dead Sea Scrolls, it becomes evident that the "immortality" and "resurrection" of Jesus and of the priesthood (the Order of Melchizedek) are metaphorical for the longevity of their organization and for the entheogenic experience conferred by their true divine sacrament: Amanita muscaria. The implications of this reach into the hidden message of Original Sin (culture destroys us), how the Trinity Doctrine is based on misinterpretation, and why asking only God (El'Elyon) for forgiveness is the true path to redemption for the faithful.< Less
Ananias, the Triple Agent with Intent to Martyr the Apostle Paul and Undermine Messianic Judaism By Brendan Bombaci
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“Paul the Apostle,” whose name before Christian conversion was Saul of Tarsus, has been considered one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age.  He was a high council... More > Pharisee Jew who fatally persecuted Christians before a day that he himself had a vision of Jesus that made him blind for days and led him to preach Christianity after being commanded by a man in Damascus.  That man may well have been a triple agent for the Pharisees and the already-standing apostles, and, ultimately, for the conquering Roman empire. There is some evidence to this in the Bible itself.< Less
The Others Within: What the Judgmental Entities in Westerners’ Experiences of Psychosis Inform Us About Cultural Programming and the Collective Unconscious By Brendan Bombaci
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This brief theory article reveals a correlation between the particular auditory hallucinations experienced by Western sufferers of psychosis (generally negative as they are), and the consequences of... More > associatively particular millennia-enduring cultural programming of religious idolatry and moral persecution as well as surveillance society; and it also brings to light the fact that such programming affects psychiatrically normal people in the same fashion, but subconsciously and terminably - a notion whose widespread dissemination could help to dramatically reduce the stigma of mental health problems.< Less
Empathy as the Basis of Delusion, and Yage as a Potential Treatment By Brendan Bombaci
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This brief theory paper is suggestive of a plant-based medicinal method to help bipolar and schizophrenic sufferers of untreatable psychoses. The argument is founded on scientific research in... More > psychology, psychopharmacology, origins of religion.< Less
Defending Perceptual Diversity in America: Entheogens as Legitimate Contributors to Learning, Health, and Empathy By Umbra Carmine Dobbin
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This eBook is my undergraduate senior seminar paper in anthropology, with which I was awarded my Bachelor's Degree. Its presentation was well received at the 2011 Annual Conference for the Society... More > for the Anthropology of Consciousness, and it is now available in the "Free Literature" section of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies website. The study regards the way in which (1) entheogens (or psychointegrators) have been used by countless cultures of the world, even stemming millennia into humanity's collective prehistory, for learning, health, empathy, and ideological advances, and (2) beyond the necessary re-scheduling of entheogens, and into their positive sanctioning for clinical and religious administration, backed by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all ethnic groups which comprise modern Americans should be able to utilize entheogens as they have been through time past (and in some cases just prior to modern immigration). In this, anthropologist play a large part.< Less
Of Jesus the "Messiah" (Anointed One), and "Melchizedek" (Prince of Righteousness) By Brendan Bombaci
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This short but thoroughly exegetic argument details how Jesus Christ may have actually been in the bloodline of David and Aaron both, and inducted into the priesthood called the Order of Melchizedek,... More > to whom both bloodlines owed worshipful allegiance. It also alludes to mythic astrology written into the Bible and standardized by the calendar system instituted by the Roman Catholic Church, seemingly hidden in cryptic verse, that may reveal how Jesus' widely purported immortality is actually a folkloric metaphor for the generationally enduring power of the Order of Melchizedek.< Less
A Horological and Mathematical Defense of Philosophical Pitch By Brendan Bombaci
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This is a short article written to copyright a pioneering idea in the realm of music theory. The problem with the concert pitch debate is that most every proposition has been subjectively reasoned,... More > with no logical justification as to why any pitch makes more sense than any other. I note the origins of the second-hand in timekeeping and how they most sensibly relate to pitch frequencies in music based on the sexagesimal system to give us a further breakdown of time and measurement in tonality, which music is intended to do at its most fundamental. In this argument is a bit about why Five Limit Tuning is better than Equal Temperament, when it used with the Philosophical Pitch standard of C256 to make a new set of stacking thirds pitches in the chromatic scale so as to make their lowest octaves the very numerators and denominators by which every note in the chromatic scale is derived to begin with. Altogether a tight and cogent argument.< Less
Bipolar Disorder: Biopsychosocial Etiology and Treatments, and Its Place On a Cognitive Spectrum By Brendan Bombaci
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This succinct and resourceful research paper is a synthesis and analysis of the conclusions of myriad academic and journalistic research projects seeking to (1) elucidate the factors that manifest,... More > exacerbate, and relieve Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), and (2) determine where it exists in relation to the cognitive spectrum of scientific/technical artistry and the revelations of the deeply religious. It concludes with a caring set of suggestions from the author, who is a remediated sufferer himself.< Less
The Sothic Cycle, Corrected By Brendan Bombaci
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“Sothic Cycle” is the name given to the astrophysical discrepancy between the 365-day ancient Egyptian solar year and the heliacal rising of Sirius. An estimated duration of the cycle... More > (1,461 years) has been used to more accurately date events in ancient Egyptian historical records, but fails to account for (1) the 400-year leap cycles which subtract extra leap days that accumulate as an artifact of leap years being useful only for a solar year of 365.25 days rather than the actual 365.2422 days, as well as (2) the precession of equinoxes, a cycle so-called because it desynchronizes any given constellation on the ecliptic from the spring equinox sunrise by one degree every 72 years (coming full circle in nearly 26,000 years). In this brief article I describe these complications and the mathematics that must be used to correct for the multi-decade error in the Sothic Cycle caused thereby.< Less
Sonic Empathy: The Role of Vocal Tone In Transcultural Psychiatry By Brendan Bombaci
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This academic article, written at Colorado State University in the fall of 2013 for an Ethnopsychiatry course, reveals how vocal tone - "prosody" - is affected by acculturation to... More > particular musical scales, and how a lack of exposure to or affinity for foreign music can crucially affect intercultural interaction and even psychiatric health of immigrants and international students. It concludes with suggestions for psychiatric practitioners, regarding treatment of multinational or multilingual people, that they perform host-country prosody recognition tests (using the dominant regional language) before diagnosing patients with Adjustment Disorder, let alone Major Depression or Anxiety Disorder.< Less