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Karen Rosario Ingerslev
How Katie Moonlight got her name By Karen Rosario Ingerslev
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When Kate finds the name of a princess abandoned by a river, she promptly throws her own name away and assumes a new identity as the carefree Chiti Lita. But far from being treated as a princess,... More > Chiti Lita is kidnapped by a miserable bear and taken to the Garden of Black and White, a mysterious place where the grass is grey and the flowers are painted by a band of talking goats. For as long as anyone in the Garden can remember, a deadly war has been waging between the wonderful Darlin De Vurthoope and the elusive Man in the Moon. A tower reaching to the moon is under construction and Darlin vows that as soon as the war is won they will all live as kings and queens. Captivated by Darlin’s promises, Chiti Lita renounces her old life in favour of a new one in the Garden. She is initiated into the brotherhood of goats and quickly becomes friends with the merry Lucky, simple Lonan and melancholy Noble who is pretty sure he hasn’t always been a goat...< Less
Isabel By Karen Rosario Ingerslev
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This is a story for dreamers; for those who would like to study hard but find themselves consumed with thoughts of flying. The Isle of Somnus is governed by Scholars and Scientists proud of their... More > commitment to ‘completely proven fact’. When Isabel sees a unicorn she finds herself doubting everything she has ever believed. After running away from school she becomes fixated with a mysterious Island across the ocean. If only she had a spoon she would dig a hole, pour the sea into it, and run away. Then she meets Michael who is neither a Scholar nor a Scientist. He agrees to help Isabel find a spoon. In actual fact, Michael is a lost schoolboy who arrived unwittingly on the Isle of Somnus after falling into a coma. Although his pledge to help Isabel is noble, his life becomes increasingly at stake the longer he stays on Somnus. Isabel has no idea Michael is only dreaming her, and falling in love only adds to their danger.< Less