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K.G. Bethlehem, welcome and good day to all!
Certain Moments of Time By K.G. Bethlehem
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A collection of short stories from the creative, yet odd mind of KG Bethlehem. Various themes that connect with different times and different thought process that corresponds with each setting. Allow... More > your mind to go beyond a welcoming to the world of odds and ends that looks past your own comfort.< Less
Astronomical By K.G. Bethlehem
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The year is 2025; Colonel Harrison is given a simple mission to discover potential allies to aid against a potential war from the Nexus Jor and to find the missing vessel of Captain Delcid that was... More > sent out years ago on the exact same mission. But what Colonel Harrison does not know is that this mission will encounter life forms and technologies that are well beyond his comprehension. The entire world is section off into two major provinces; the first being the United States of Western Lands (USW). Consequently, as Colonel Harrison is dealing with the impending war in outer space and an underground resistance movement on Earth is taking place led by a former X-Policeman named Mury Te. As his plight was shown by a mission too guided by gaining allies in different cities across the mainland, his mission for the TRUTH will have an eerie similar fate like Colonel Harrison with unknown results.< Less
The Forever Spring By K.G. Bethlehem
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In the dystopian world of Shadow Kill comes a remarkable story of a friend from a background that no one would have ever expected. Sarah Renee Johnson, the daughter of SCAF Intelligence High Agent... More > William Johnson detailed life in the Georgia territory of North Atlantic Front. Agent Johnson entrusted Sarah with secrets that would ultimately change her life forever. Sarah's dealings with her friends, classmates, and other adults helped her establish stable relationships throughout her life. Her involvement in progressive activities and resistance sects dubbed her an insurgent from behind the scenes. The Forever Spring will force you to look at causalities of an oppressive government that showcases itself as a balance and fairness for all of humanity. Sarah’s previous ties with the Lost Tribe and Yosul (aka ShadowKill from the novel Shadow Within A City) will show another side of her. One composed of darkness, light, and fallen grace of a stranger in her own country.< Less
Juvenile Restraint By Joseph Jones III
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New Age, raunchy adult humor comic book series with a bit of a twist. Come and follow the hilarious life and struggles of juveniles in detention dealing with the day to day egotistical laziness and... More > downright stupidity of their adult handlers< Less
ShadowKill By K.G. Bethlehem & Joel Charles
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In the graphic novel Shadowkill, Joel “Yoel” Charles, K.G. Bethlehem (Shadow Within A City, Astronomical), F. Kenneth Taylor (Shadow Within A City, Aftermath A Saga Begins), & Lenord... More > Taylor III describe a globalist tyranny, where only a chosen few–led by the enigmatic Shadowkill, fight for the last hope of justice. In the very near future, by way of Haiti, he hails from Midwest City, formerly St. Louis, MO. Yosul’s story begins with his life in Haiti, during his enlistment as a military soldier of the HDF, Haitian Defense Force. One day, Yosul involuntarily becomes the Guinea-pig of a top-secret, genetic experiment that gives him the ability to transform from a “human state of being”, into a “shadow” being. That’s right…this guy changes into a deadly, villain-killing, shadow! Well more correctly solid-shadow of Dark Energy. As Yosul becomes more in-tune with ‘ShadowKill‘, Dr. Payne begins to educate him of the high level of political unrest, conspiracy, and corruption sweeping over Midwest City.< Less
Avenging Knights "Rebirth of Lost Honor" By K.G. Bethlehem
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A new evil has arisen in 4th Lebos. It’s become known as the Doomonster, and its destructive force dwells in another dimension. In exchange for all of the gold in 4th Lebos, the Doomonster... More > captures and imprisons Mela, a sorceress whose powers are deep in the golden world. But when Mela doesn’t return from her patrol duties, her group of rebel warriors, led by the knight Sharpstar, fear she is in grave danger. They strike out from their camp to not only rescue Mela, but also to discover the truth about her abduction and the plans of the rulers of 4th Lebos. Peril lurks around every corner in this mythical land of dangerous territories and secret lands. Sharpstar and his group of warriors face challenges on many fronts, but they bravely accept their mission and confront the evil entity in Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor Edition 2.< Less