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Booboo's PreSchool & Kindergarten Worksheets
Pre School Coloring Sheets - Book I (Lines, Curves, Basic Coloring, Fruits, Vegetables & Common Things) By Booboo
eBook (PDF): $1.75
This is the first book of a set of 3 volumes of pre-school coloring sheets. This book provides practice for pre-writing skills with place to practise drawing lines & curves. It has outlines of... More > shapes for children to practise coloring inside. These are large at first and then become progressively smaller, to let children develop dexterity in coloring within an outline. Then there are outlines of common fruits and vegetables and also common everyday objects (like ball, cap, jug, mug, etc.) to introduce children to these things and practise coloring them. There are a total of 60 pages; you can download and print them out and give them to your child to color.< Less
Pre School Coloring Sheets (Book 2) - The Alphabet By Booboo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Pre-school coloring sheets - Book II (The Alphabet) is the 2nd book in a set of 3 volumes of pre-school coloring sheets. This book has the outlines of the letters A to Z of the English alphabet to... More > color in and also pictures for an example (of a word starting with the letter) for each letter. There are 3 pages for each letter, with the size of the letter to be colored in starting with a big size and progressively becoming smaller; so that children are able to gradually improve their control over their hands to color more precisely. This would be a good practise before they actually start to write. (Note: Writing is not covered in this set of sheets). This set has 78 pages that you can download as a PDF and print out on your printer. So you must have a printer (or access) to one to use this product.< Less
Kindergarten Worksheets - Mathematics, G.K & Colouring By Mediaware Systems
eBook (PDF): $3.00
This book contains a set of 108 worksheets for kindergarten children covering mathematics, general knowledge and colouring sheets. The worksheets are illustrated, fun to do and interesting. These... More > worksheets help re-inforce basic kindergarten concepts in an interesting way. You can print out the sheets you wish any number of times for your child. These worksheets cover the following content: - Mathematics: Identification of numbers (1-20), Missing numbers (1-20), Counting(1 - 20), Identification of numbers (21 - 100), Missing numbers (21-100), Counting (21-100), Numbers and number names, Before-after-between, More & less, Comparison of numbers & Identification of common shapes - General Knowledge: Animals, Birds, Fruits & Vegetables, Parts of the body, Vehicles, Things we eat, Days of the week, People at work & Things we do - Colouring: Colouring pages< Less