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TOTAL OVERLOAD - cyberpunk horror
THE GRID By J.A. Padget
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This is it! The full compilation of all 20 chapters in a stunning 123 page hardcover. An elite squad is sent to find a lost scientist. The desert holds a secret though. A long forgotten VR experiment... More > goes wrong! It lives! Not quite a novel but eventually I'll have a sequel, and 200 pages is the shortest novel. All in due time. I got 3 more stories to write first! So this story is more like a sleek novella, but a cool one at that. You wanna read some really insane cyberpunk fantasy/horror, then check this out!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 20 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
FINAL CHAPTER! Renegade is possessed by Vasteel and almost kills his lover, but not before she sneaks up behind him and stabs him. He falls, the armor releasing Renegade. But to their horror Thanatos... More > dons the berzerker armor. Dungeon sewer beasts are let loose to spread havoc. Armies surround them. A sewer beast slays Vasteel only to leave Thanatos weak. They finish him, thus killing Xereto in the real world. The Fear Bringers tear Arkane apart. It's time to leave THE GRID! They end up jumping into an unknown fate. Will they be alive in the real world? 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Find out what happens to them!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 19 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
The armies have made it to the castle and start to the top floor. Thanatos kneels before his dark lord Arkane Faustus to be fearful of his leader. Arkane, a mad cyber god, wanted to take over the... More > real world by taking over THE GRID first. Meanwhile a new virus was spreading over the city, a black mess of living tendrils, coming from Nightshade's tower, where Vasteel has risen. He has his own plans! Bursting through the ceiling of the steel castle, he decides to make a certain fate fall down upon Thanatos, a long awaited one at that! All must fear him. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Can anyone stop a berzerker?< Less
THE GRID - chapter 17 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
The suits had made them agile. They knew what they had to do. The two lovers kill each other to become electronic ghosts in order to control the digital dead. Renegade takes an army by land to the... More > 9th castle while Nightshade takes an army via the sewers full of death traps. Mechs are running rampant on the city but Renegade's forces have won. The 6 armies have banded together with Renegade as their leader. With a plan to destroy THE GRID from the inside out they head to annihilate Thanatos. The punks have captured the military and cops, forcing them to join. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. The punks now own Thom!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 16 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Their journey takes Drake & Evonly to the outer edges of a lone city surrounded by jungles. The city was a virus infecting the planet with strange origins. The seemingly dying city is in fact... More > growing! They get captured by Thanatos and get locked up in a tower of one of the 9 castles. He tells them they have a view of the apocalypse that's about to befall them. Their only hope is escape before he can take over Thom and the entirety of THE GRID. The riddle of the fountain of youth has been made clear now. It's the center castle! They meet the Fear Bringers for the first time in this twisted, hellish madman's vision of being a god. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. There's only one way out of this!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 18 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
The armies march to the 9th castle and Renegade enters the lookout tower only to be trapped on the bridge by a huge mech powered by the mech lords, cyborg neuromancers in hoods. This beast mech... More > destroys his forces and traps him. The reaper takes flight to take out the mech sacrificing his own craft. Then Thanatos shows up to finish him in a sword fight on the bridge only to have another reaper come for him. How many times can Thanatos die? The Fear Bringers take Renegade to the recopied 1st tower to find The Gauntlet! Vasteel takes over and wants to rule the world of THE GRID! 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Vasteel will destroy all in his path!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 13 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Drake finds himself pitted against the dragon-man and his pet, that huge thing you were wondering about earlier swimming in the water! It turns out to be a giant cyborg serpent with sharp teeth. It... More > manages to swallow him twice. "The Gauntlet" was inside of it! After making his escape he ends up above ground. The cops bury him alive in a metal coffin. He manages to establish a psychic connection to Evonly and finds a twin tower base. So he dons The Gauntlet and becomes Vasteel to save Evonly from Thanatos' tower of doom. Inside the underground dungeon maze she waits. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Vasteel is born!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 12 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Auto, the head punk elder, explains to Drake how he has been chosen for a mission to save this world by finding "The Gauntlet". Elders were giant, muscular cave dwellers with white beards.... More > The creator turns zombies on him before death. Zombies are simply holographic copies of people in evil form, but they can hurt you! After fighting them off he heads for the train station to find Divida, a forgotten city. But not before a mech blasts him through the pavement. It seems from all angles Drake was chosen to save this world against his wishes, and he has no choice if he wants to survive and save the girl! Underneath the city rest the mutants, as well as a dragon-man deformed by the very artifact he seeks! 5 pages, 10 pages in all. The mutants will rise!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 11 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
An epic showdown with Renegade & Nightshade Vs. Thanatos takes place in the riot filled streets as Thanatos tries to eradicate the rebel army. It turns out Nightshade had inadvertently led them... More > to their base. But she swears she wasn't working for them knowingly. The Hellion beast has been released on the tower to destroy it. It blasts Renegade hundreds of feet away beneath the street. Ancient punks tell him of a legend he must fullfill. It turns out she was bait for Xereto to manipulate the VR world from the real world. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Behold the Gauntlet!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 14 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
The Gauntlet has had some adverse effect on Drake. It's too dangerous to use. The wearer becomes Vasteel, a mad berzerker. He has no memory of wearing it. The punks have started riots and fires... More > city-wide! Big brother society has been exposed. What was once paradise was turned into Hell by Xereto. THE GRID was funded by him. And he's his own project "The Puppeteer". Now Drake & Evonly must fight off rioters. The real world is starting to overlap with Terraxis. THE GRID is spreading! They look for shelter to hide amongst the mutants of Divida. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. It's spreading!< Less