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Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors By Nickolaus Pacione et al.
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Pacione is no stranger to horror, and he brings a few writers from the current landscape as well as bring a few up from the public domain for this anthology. He revisits the anthology that brought... More > him to the library of The Edgar Allan Poe Museum so he does it again by bringing a few more up from the surface. Pacione delivers more scares with this anthology including stories from HORNS and a few others including William Cook as well as some from and This is his return to editing anthologies after just doing the magazine, so with much to say. Pacione delivers another museum within print mixing the public domain stories with the current era horror writers. The introduction is performed by Mick Mercer and it adds to the attitude within the book as it is seen in the here and now and the past.< Less
Ethereal Gazette: Issue 9 By Various Authors,
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This contains some familar faces along with some new ones. Returning in this issue we have Ken Goldman and we got some talented new blood including artist behind the website, This... More > magazine is publishuced twice a year and from here on out the GL's are inside the magazine's copyright page. There are some strong talents in this one some of them appeared on Morpheus Tales It is an issue known for a really f**ked up story by the editor called "The Room Mate." A short story he was sending around to his friends over at the expense of his ex-roommate.< Less
Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape By Nickolaus Pacione
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Macabre short stories written from Pacione's nightmares, some of them are true while others are works of fiction. A few of them were taken from his journal others from his other websites he kept... More > over the years. This is a fully illustrated version by the author, cover design is by John Welborn and Nickolaus Pacione from one of Pacione's photos he took living in Mason City, Iowa. Before you drift to sleep, be sure to bring some of his dreams into yours. The one year anniversary edition has his drawings. It was four years in the making. Inspirations: Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Rod Serling, and H.P. Lovecraft.< Less
Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors By Various Authors
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Promotional project from Lake Fossil Press and Featuring authors from both the public domain and the small press. This is a rebooted and expanded edition of the anthology.... More > Artwork by Alex Rivera, Nickolaus Pacione and Tiffany Proctor. Featuring stories by Joline Lieck, Scot Savage, James Watts, Tiffany Proctor, along with others, and stories by writers in the public domain. 14 stories by talented newcoming authors, a story by the editor first time released in the United States, and 11 authors in the public domain. Dedicated to a high school buddy who died at the age of 30 from unknown causes. The back cover now has a handwritten synopsis by the editor of the line up that he photographed from writing with a thin sharpie.        < Less
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five By Various Authors
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The long awaited fifth issue of The Ethereal Gazette. Those who thought the magazine folded after four issues -- it on a hiatus for editor having serious health issues. Now some of the writers... More > published in this one are Zahid Zaman, Keven James Hurtack (Withersin Magazine 1.1: Birth Issue,) Alex Rivera (did the painting on the covers) and a few who got their start on and      See the editorial for the full details of the magazine for the contributing authors. Some of the most scary or most creative stories in the small press. Featuring a semi-exclusive story by the editor, a true story having to spend time in and out of the emergency room for bronchitis and the complications. The story also now appears in a magazine hosted by Photography provided by the editor.< Less
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 By Lloyd Phillip Campbell et al.
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The issue is rebooted without the story by a spoiled brat who wasn't happy with what he got paid. The issue is about 190 pages of horror and contains two true stories in the issue. Originally... More > published in February of 2010 -- features quite a few talented writers in the small press, on of them was reprinted from the Read by Blood anthologies. The editor's choice story in this issue is written by Carol Sullivan and features a newcomer named Noah Savage. The story by the editor's non de plume is The Suicide Man, and features a republished story that also appears now in the collection Dirty Black Winter where the editor appears in the issue as the name they used in Withersin Birth Issue.< Less
Tabloid Purposes IV By Lake Fossil Press et al.
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This anthology is the most Gothic of the series and holds the story that is similar to Kealan Patrick Burke's quiet horror delivery written by the editor. This features Reality Check anthology mate... More > Terry Vinson and protege Casey Gordon who proves himself on an epic scale with this one. He carries the story with this one and Joseph Armstead does the chilling introduction. Tabloid Purposes IV produced a spin off anthology called Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors and that even produced a sequel.< Less
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 12 By LAKE FOSSIL PRESS et al.
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It is hard to talk about everyone who appears in this issue, but I can say I am the one who is welcoming the legendary Science Fiction writer Ray Faraday Nelson with his signature short story. The... More > other ones I will have are Terry Lloyd Vinson, Fred Wiehe, Jeff Skinner, and Monette Bebow-Reinhard to name a few. I published a few stories in the public domain, and the history behind those are in the editor's lounge. Artwork credits will be in the table of contents. In this volume one will see a set of writers who come from diverse horror backgrounds or science fiction backgrounds.< Less
Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes By Nickolaus Pacione, various authors
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This is Issue 7 and Issue 8 of The Ethereal Gazette along with More Frightening Than Fiction in one book featuring a new introduction from the editor. The stories in the book range from horror... More > fiction to nonfiction so there is something for everyone here. This is not for the faint of heart and weak of constitutions. Ray R. Wise debuted in Issue 7 and he's better known as the guitarist of the heavy metal band Grigori 3.< Less
Dirty Black Winter By Nickolaus Pacione
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33 stories collected and written by me, Nickolaus Pacione, paired with my illustrations and photography, some are old, some are previously published, some lost manuscripts and new material. 24 works... More > of horror fiction,and nine works of dark tinged creative nonfiction. This will be the Writings From The Grave experience in print form. There are a lot of stories that I picked for this that call to mind the history of my storied career that started as an online career at 20 years old, then there are a few current stories in there like "Nomad" which is the second story in the book and it's paired up with the photo from the 96.7 Will Rock appearence. "Dreams In Bupropion" is another that's similar to Among Shadows in Collectives. "Chronic Disease" was the story that eventually became the dark creative nonfiction breakaway that appeared in both Issue Five of The Ethereal Gazette and Dark Gothic Resurrected. This book is dedicated to April Rose Derleth.< Less