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Adventures in Kinship with All Life By J. Allen Boone
eBook (PDF): $4.95
With warm humor and well-seasoned experience, J. Allen Boone reenters the wonderful world of unspoken communication between humans and animals. The author was an explorer into the realm of the... More > unexpected. He felt that most people underestimate the mental and spiritual qualities possessed by animals, and thereby miss seeing the oneness and wholeness of life. THE LANGUAGE OF SILENCE salutes the Divinity within all living creatures. In his encounter with “Just Joe,” his monkey-companion, Boone struggles to become the pupil, with “Just Joe” the teacher-- a teacher whose wisdom is not measured in words, but in his ability to vibrate with life’s unity. These thoughtful tales demonstrate how the author spoke silently with all forms of life and how he grew to understand their silent replies. Boone never looked down on animals as “lesser creatures;” rather, he looked across at them as companions in the grand adventure of life. Everything that lives has something of value to share with us.< Less
Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order By Jeffrey Grupp
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(3 Ratings)
Corporatism is the merger of big business with big government. It is a political and economic system where labor bosses and bankers are the government. Under corporatism, corporations control the... More > economy. Through it, they control the social and psychological structure of a nation. Corporatism is a system where government is obsessed with corporate profit, in any way needed, regardless of human cost.< Less
11-S Falso Terrorismo, Made in USA By Webster Tarpley
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(2 Ratings)
Un libro trascendental en revelar como la versión oficial del 11-S es un mito para llevar a cabo la agenda neoconservador. Brillantemente escrito, demuestra como funciona el terrorismo... More > auspiciado por el estado a traves de una red de topos, chivos expiatorios, paramilitares profesionales, un gobierno oculto, y los medios de comunicación corruptos. Es la única explicación coherente d el 11-S. Analiza en profundidad la historia, la geopolítica y a la oligarquía gobernante. Los lectores expresaron: Un libro "que pertenece a las grandes ligas - va mucho más allá - el más poderoso de los +770 libros que he criticado - el más definitivo - fabuloso - fantástico - escrito con gran precisión y la elegancia - de lejos el mejor – ¡excepcional! - rico en sabiduría - El libro más importante sobre el 11-S - ¡HAY QUE LEER ESTE LIBRO!" Webster Tarpley es el experto en descubrir el falso terrorismo. Su primer libro expuso a las "Brigadas Rojas" como secuaces de la logia P2 y la OTAN.< Less
Obama - The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate By Webster Griffin Tarpley
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(6 Ratings)
The Making of a Manchurian Candidate… Barack Obama is a troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by intelligence agencies using fake polls, mobs of adolescents,... More > super-rich backers, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power. Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won an election in a real contest. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission co-founder and mad Russia-hater. Zbig wants a showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the US than the Bush-Cheney Iraq quagmire. Obama’s economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street financiers who own him. Obama’s lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise a spectre of postmodern fascism in America. No voter can afford to ignore the lessons contained in this book.< Less
1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the USA By George Seldes
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
1000 AMERICANS is loaded with explosive revelations of plans by that master-group of financiers and politicians often referred to cynically as 'the boys in the back room.' The author takes us boldly... More > into all the nation's significant back rooms, the seamiest and the most sumptuous, and shows us where the real controls are concealed. We see not only how they are manipulated but also by whom…. This daring account would seem a fantastic nightmare were it not so fully documented from unimpeachable sources. "George Seldes was the father of the alternative press." – I . F. Stone. Topics: JP Morgan and other Big Enemies of America. The Big Media. Treason of Big Business. Big Money.< Less
Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle against the 9/11 Big Lie By Kevin Barrett
eBook (PDF): $3.49
(1 Ratings)
The first humorous book on 9/11, and outrageously so. Barrett sends critics like Sean Hannity, politicians and the Secret Service packing. Topics: 9/11, academic freedom, Islam, autobiography, humor,... More > why people can't see 9/11 was an inside job, bigotry, media bias, return to American ideals.< Less
Freedom from Arthritis Through Nutrition: The Complete Guide, with Delicious Recipes By Dr. Philip Welsh, DDS
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Many arthritis sufferers have found relief in a few weeks or months by following this nutritional guide. Clear and easy to understand. Avoid the "three bad whites:" sugar, salt and white... More > flour. Consume less meat and starch, more fruits and vegetables. Dr. Philip Welsh tested different foods for over fifty years to arrive at these sound findings. Nature's way to restore health and longevity, and improve conditions of cholesterol, constipation, and obesity, for healthy joints and bodies.< Less
Skulk By Marc Estrin
eBook (PDF): $3.95
(2 Ratings)
Marc Estrin's Skulk is the sixth of his critically-acclaimed novels for lovers of intelligent fiction. Radical prof Richard Gronsky is swept off his feet by T.L. Skulkington, a sassy, right-wing... More > superstar, during one of her liberal-bashing talks. Their romance struggles with political polarity until a run-in with Homeland Security brings Miss Skulkington's libertarian impulses to the fore, and "Skulk" is won over to Gronsky's causes -- secession of the Free State of Kansas, and 9/11 Truth. So begins the twosome's mad escapade, to stage an Event to awaken the Sunflower State to The Issues of the Day. Joining forces with a mysterious Santa, they take flying lessons, and steal a Cessna to crash into Santa’s department store. The reader is treated to a sophisticated parody of American political reality, a wild ride full of ironic twists and a stunning ending. In the Afterword, Estrin discusses his strategy in Skulk: to use comic fiction to probe dangerous real-world fictions parading as truth.< Less
La France Conquise: Edouard VII et Clemenceau - Quatre Témoignages By Emile Flourens
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
Oeuvre prophétique d’un ancien ministre français des affaires étrangères, corroboré par trois autres écrivains de l'histoire. Quatre témoignages... More > du fait que c’est l’Angleterre qui a cherché la guerre de 1914. Son but: préserver sa position dominante contre la rivalité ascendante de l’union souhaitée par les pouvoirs continentaux: la France, l’Allemagne, la Russie, le Chine et le Japon. Le livre de Flourens et un essai de Cheminade en français; plus a long article by Webster Tarpley in English; und eine "Fluchschrift" von Reinhold Wagner auf Deutsch. Un avant-propos de l’éditeur explique la signification pour nos temps: il faut absolument se méfier des intrigues du genre diviser-pour-conquérir fomenté par les pouvoirs anglophones, soit contre les Musulmanes, Russes, Chinois ou Africains.< Less
Synthetic Terror 5th edition New Chap 9 Booklet By Webster Tarpley
eBook (PDF): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
Preview booklet of 5th edition with the 46 Drills of 9/11. Groundbreaking, brilliantly written, reveals the workings of state-sponsored terrorism. The expert on false flag ops - his first book... More > exposed the "Red Brigades" as stooges of the P2 lodge and NATO stay-behind network -- Tarpley again demolishes the government's conspiracy theory. His working model of a network of moles, patsies, paramilitary pros and corrupt media is the only coherent explanation for 9/11. Not just another 9/11 book: deep analysis of history, geopolitics and the ruling oligarchy, too. Amazon readers rave: "Step up to the big leagues - goes way beyond all other 9/11 books - strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed - most definitive - fabulous - fantastic - tour de force - great precision and elegance - by far the best - a wealth of wisdom - must read for all - Top read - treats 9/11 as just one in a myriad of false flag operations going back centuries - The most important book in the English language - READ THIS BOOK!"< Less