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PULP WINDS By Wm. Michael Mott
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With introductions by Walter Bosley, Brad Steiger, and Gerald W. Page, these tales will take you from the antediluvian world to lost cities beneath the earth, onward to other planets around distant... More > stars, and even to the Dark Ages, the Old West and the High Seas. New twists on mythos and madness are inter-meshed and presented in these yarns of terror and adventure! Profusely illustrated, and reminiscent of pulp fiction and verse of a bygone era, PULP WINDS is a literary adventure of a type scarcely seen today!< Less
This Tragic Earth By Richard S. Shaver & Wm Michael Mott, Ed.
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Illustrated with B&W images from the works of the curious Richard S. Shaver, this volume is a compilation of classic reprints in which the legendary artist provides insight to his unique... More > perspective on the lost history of our world. William Michael Mott has put together an excellent collection for any enthusiast of outsider art, fortean research, and alternative ancient history. This Tragic Earth makes a perfect companion to Shaver's 'I Remember Lemuria'.< Less
The Pulsifer Saga By Wm. Michael Mott
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This exciting double-novel volume features Mott's lovable rogue in adventures through a future land of ice and snow. One of the best pulp writers in the game offered in this special LCL edition,... More > illustrated by the author.< Less
The Esoteric Napoleon By Walter Bosley
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In this fourth installment of his Secret Missions series, the author presents his hypotheses involving the legendary historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte: What was he searching for in Egypt? What... More > happened to him inside the Great Pyramid? What was the secret of Napoleon's ancestry and why was the European Oligarchy so concerned? What was Napoleon's association with the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau? These questions and many more are posed in this first volume of Walter Bosley's unique examination of one of the greatest and purposely mischaracterized men who ever lived.< Less
Caverns, Cauldrons & Concealed Creatures By Wm. Michael Mott
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Wm. Michael Mott's respected scholarly examination of the folklore and mythology of the subterranean underworld that has fascinated and terrified humankind through all the ages. Are there real... More > creatures and civilizations at the heart of these tales and legends? A must-have for crypto-creature fans and enthusiasts!< Less
Empire of the Wheel: An Investigation of Occult Espionage and Murder By WALTER BOSLEY & RICHARD SPENCE
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Seven questionable and long forgotten deaths in historical San Bernardino, California, offer clues to a shocking possibility that occult serial murder went undetected for nearly a century. Through an... More > esoteric based analysis of odd facts and unanswered questions, suspecting a pattern in the mind of a killer, there is revealed an unexpected yet specific connection between all the known attacks by the legendary Zodiac Killer a half century later-- presented for the first time here. With figures like Aleister Crowley and Harry Houdini moving about the periphery of the mystery, nothing may have been what it seems, and someone appears to have wanted it that way...< Less
Empire of the Wheel III: The Nameless Ones By WALTER BOSLEY
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The investigation into esoteric curiosities related to strange events in 20th Century San Bernardino Valley leads to more unexpected territory. In this volume, the author explores the connections... More > between the Inland Empire of Southern California and H.P.Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, The Zodiac Killer, the mysterious NYMZA, lost civilizations, voodoo, and the suspected murder of Harry Houdini. The hidden occult elements of Riverside, California, are identified on a grid linked to possible Hekate veneration, expanding the stage of high strangeness discovered in the first volume. New associations are revealed as the shadowy path leads from past to the present.< Less
Empire of the Wheel II: Friends From Sonora By Walter Bosley
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Author and investigator Walter Bosley takes the reader deeper into the strange events surrounding the suspected San Bernardino Working murders of 1915. In this volume, the identities of two of the... More > victims are revealed amid an unexpected backdrop of the Great Airship Mystery and the Old West.< Less
Paperback: List Price: $4.99 $4.49 | You Save: 10%
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After a career in national security operations, Dennis Nickels finds himself the target of an old nemesis and he's forced to return to the agency. His assignment: Take out an enemy courier... More > transporting deadly bio-toxic material through the treacherous Hindu Kush. A simple job -- until Nickels sees who the courier is and finds himself facing a mysterious cabal set on world domination...with a little personal revenge thrown in. A thrilling new action yarn from a master of modern pulp!< Less
Secret Missions 3: Destination Carcosa By Walter Bosley
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In this third volume of the Secret Missions series, the author presents his investigation into the life and disappearance of Ambrose Bierce. Was Bierce an intelligence agent? Might he have been... More > involved with a classified technology program dating back to the US Civil War? Was Bierce involved with the capture of the notorious Crystal Skull? Did he actually survive Mexico? Was Bierce the author of a classic 20th Century novel credited to an enigmatic author who today remains a mystery? What did Bierce know about the strange events that happened in San Bernardino just two years after he disappeared? All these questions are explored -- and possibly answered in this bridge between two fascinating series by Walter Bosley.< Less