Author Spotlight
by Patrick Moore, Developer of Melting Muscles
Breathing Naturally 4th Edition By Patrick Moore LMT
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This short eBook (42 pages printed) explains what you won't learn from other textbooks about how to breathe well. Exhaling is emphasized, especially exhaling by using the belly muscle transversus... More > abdominis. Each chapter begins with a simple physiology lesson followed by a breathing practice. Covers diaphragm inhaling, transversus abdominis exhaling, and a never-before published explanation of how ribs are twisted up and down by the intercostal muscles. There is a chapter on breathing spiritually and explanations of breathing practices while sitting, walking and jogging. The book may be used for students of health professions or for anyone who wishes to breathe more naturally. This is the 4th Edition. Patrick Moore is a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994 and CE Continuing Education provider since 2001.< Less
Stretching the Brain - Muscle Lengthening Without Force By Patrick Moore
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This is the 2nd Edition (2013) of "Stretching the Brain" (published in 2012 as "Better Than Stretching"). Stretching the Brain has four parts. Part one is a critique of... More > stretching muscles, including risks of stretching and the idea that stretching is an illusion. The attempt has been made to be nonjudgmental yet firm in this critique. Part two explains how muscles contract, including the fact that muscles can only contract when the brain sends a signal to contract. Part three makes the case that muscles prefer to be short. Part four provides alternatives to stretching. The book is written for people of general reading ability. It is aimed both toward professionals who stretch others, and toward athletes and any person who thinks she is supposed to stretch her muscles. The perspective stretches from rational, logical and scientific to holistic, humanistic and spiritual. You will learn to befriend muscles, to be of greater service to humanity and to yourself. 17,000 words -- approximately 47 pages.< Less