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CON-FUSION By Mike Scantlebury
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Melia has always had problems with the Deputy Director of her Unit. Still, she thought that, at least, there was only one of him - she was wrong. Mr Caulfield has a brother, one at least, maybe more.... More > When they appear, all at once, she is overwhelmed. No matter that they are all engaged in the most exciting mission - to save the world and deliver a new, unbeatable method of generating endless energy for humanity as it progresses. For Melia, at the centre of the action, her job is to carry the briefcase that contains all the secrets. She has to protect it at all costs, from all the people, friend and foe, that are trying to take it away from her. If only she could know who to trust, but the place is crowded, not only by those there but also the ghosts of her past. Melia has never forgotten her woeful teenage years, and there, right in front of her, is the sister of an old friend. What dreadful revelations are going to come her way? Now, of all times.< Less
SENCTIONED By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: $10.70
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"Not another Election!" The Prime Minister of Britain has called yet another General Election in the middle of 2017, less than two years since the last one. Mickey is summoned into action... More > to defend candidates and preserve democracy, but where is his usual team? Where are his trusted colleagues? Why has Melia disappeared? Caulfield been transferred? Why is Liv been sent to a Mental Hospital? And who is 'Gulf', and why is he plotting against the Corsch Corporation? All that, all of it, can't have anything to do with votes, surely! After all, Mickey's boss, Captain Gibson, doesn't seem to be worried about any of those mundane, everyday things. He feels more threatened by the British Army and their plans for an immediate coup to replace whatever government there is, elected or not – without a popular vote! Britain today. Who had any idea that things had got so bad, or that they are just about to get worse. For everyone.< Less
The Bone Key Curse By Mike Scantlebury
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Mickey and the team are called in to another adventure, but this time it's weird. There's a ship that's been wrecked in the Bristol Channel, but it's two thousand years old and the jars it was... More > carrying hold secrets, vital secrets that could threaten the future of the Christian Church. Is that why people are willing to spy, shoot and kidnap in order to suppress the words that are listed in the containers? In a desperate race to decode the scrolls and save them from attackers, Mickey organises an escape around the leafy lanes of England, trying to stay one step ahead of the terrorists and two steps ahead of other interested parties - a selfish billionaire, an outraged Archbishop, one or two mad monks and the Heir to the English Crown. Who needs that sort of attention? If only Mickey could rely on his team, but the rag-tag bag of people who want to 'help' him include a policeman, some scientists and a person who could be a spy. That's his job! Mickey needs all his resources, his skill, his tenacity.< Less
Kidnapping Cameron By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: List Price: $11.29 $9.60 | You Save: 15%
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Amelia Hartliss is having a pretty bad day, dropping in at Salford University to help a friend and finding herself in the middle of a visit by the Prime Minister of Britain. After all, she's... More > complaining: Why wasn't I told? As a foremost operative in the country's most important Security unit, she should have been assigned to protect the man, from dangers, such as attacks and attempted kidnaps. It can't be a coincidence then, that that's exactly what happens, and Melia is the only agent on the inside when it does, while all the other possible helpers are locked out. She tries to keep a low profile, but can't prevent herself being dragged in, putting her body between the leader of the country and those that mean him harm. Perhaps they can come to some accommodation, after all, the PM is willing to listen, but there is a weakness that plagues him - his brother. If Melia can only prevail on him and her Unit bosses to stop escalating the situation, maybe she can cope with the baddies and ensure nobody gets killed.< Less
Fatal Election By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: List Price: $14.55 $13.10 | You Save: 10%
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The General Election of 2015 is tearing the country apart, dividing friends and family, colleagues and workers. Up north, in Salford, the rivalry is even worse, aided and abetted by a series of... More > terrorist outrages that has everyone on their toes. What is going on? Why are they being targeted? Only Mickey and Melia seem to have the ability to answer the questions, even though they aren't even close at the moment. They each have their own assignments. Mickey is on a canal barge, heavily disguised, working his way close to local politicians. Melia meanwhile, has been delegated to work with the Canadian Navy, temporarily berthed in Salford Docks with an enormous submarine. Why are they there? They have brought a present for the British government, they say, but seem surprisingly reluctant to hand it over. Melia wants to ditch the responsibility, and might have done, but for a rather attractive Lieutenant, who is taking up all her attention. Maybe, after all, Mickey will lose his place in her affections. Disaster!< Less
Salford Trenches 2014 By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: $10.51
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Melia is asked to work undercover. It's uncomfortable. For one thing, she has to live in a tent, in the middle of the windswept and desolate Barton Moss, an area of countryside unexpectedly found in... More > the middle of the City of Salford. Gratifyingly for her, her on-off boyfriend Mickey has been ordered into the same operation - but, unfortunately for both of them, he is on the opposite side, with the Police! Their relationship becomes as tense as the stand-off between the demonstrators and the drilling operation that faces them, each one unwilling to give an inch in their battle either for or against the new source of gas and oil in Britain - made available through 'fracking'. It's a controversial move, but the UK government is determined to catch up with their US counterparts, and they are happy to support the new technology. Meanwhile, Melia is distraught, losing all faith in her new bosses at the Unit; struggling to support her failing cousin; and determined to hold on to Mickey, one way or the other.< Less
FRESH HEIR By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: $12.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
Amelia Hartliss is used to seeing the worst of human nature, but even she is shocked to see that unscrupulous criminals have made it their business to rip off the most generous charity in Salford.... More > The Booth Foundation has a history of helping people, some of the poorest and most deprived in the city. Surely no one could be so mean minded as to take the bread out of hungry mouths? Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening. The seemingly trustworthy workers are all now under suspicion, and their links to local gangsters are being explored. Melia needs to grit her teeth and hold her nose as she delves deeper into the excesses she is uncovering. Luckily, she has the help of other colleagues in the Unit, such as computer expert Terry. Even Melia's cousin Stan lends a hand. Unfortunately, Melia's most reliable ally, her boyfriend Mickey, is more of a problem. Where the heck is the man? Why can't he be found when he is really needed?< Less
Terror Beach By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: List Price: $11.19 $10.07 | You Save: 10%
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Amelia Hartliss is employed by British Security Services to defend the nation against attacks. She is used to that, but in the normal run of things, the assaults are coming from abroad, from... More > extremists not born and raised in this country. It is therefore a nasty surprise to find terrorists on her own doorstep, right in her home town. It's a new challenge, and a bigger fight than anything she's ever seen. If only she had help - but her time and attention are being distracted by her cousin Liv, who is asking Melia for help in clearing the name of a mutual friend who has been sent to prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. It's a nasty business, made worse by the fact that the 'crime' is something that polite people don't like to talk about. Her absence only makes things worse at Regional Office, where the Deputy Director finds himself with a new job - clearing out the stable. He has an idea: Melia could be the first to go.< Less
Poison Doctor By Mike Scantlebury
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Amelia Hartliss is called 'Heartless' by her friends and foes alike, and with good reason. But at least she has always had the assurance, up to now, that she was doing wrong for the right reason. Now... More > she isn't so sure: she has been forced by her boss to infiltrate a conspiracy at the top level of local government, development organisations and health bodies in the North of England, and the depths of depravity sicken her, despite her many years of experience and a feeling she had that she had 'seen everything'. Not quite; human beings have an unlimited capacity to disappoint, as one victim puts it, and Melia has to use all her determination and ingenuity to foil a dastardly terrorist plot to poison the water supply of a major city. But worse, the conspirators are poisoning the minds of the local population too, and turning them against the weakest members of society. It's truly sickening.< Less
Salford World War By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: List Price: $9.41 $8.00 | You Save: 15%
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People all over Britain are thinking about the First World War, the peril and the sacrifice, and how it started in 1914. The story was all about how a very important person from a very important... More > country came to visit a small, unimportant place and got themselves killed. His homeland wanted revenge against the assassins that did the crime, and called on their friends to back them up. Other countries came running to the aid of the little place, and soon there were two sides, lined up against each other, and spoiling for a fight. Some people say the world now looks a lot like 1914, with our present treaty obligations, allies and foes, arms races and deals, shortages and economic recessions, unequal prosperity and huge riches for some. So what would it take for all that mayhem to happen again? Could history repeat itself? Luckily, we're talking about Salford, and this city has Amelia Hartliss to defend it. She might not know all that's going on, but she won't let anything bad happen.< Less