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Alien Incursions By Mike Scantlebury
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It's a hundred years in the future and everything has changed. The media companies of the whole Solar System are controlled by a handful of people. Peter Colwhon is a vid reporter. He is sent from... More > Mars base to the Asteroid Belt to interview the youngest and most objectionable of all the heirs to trading company fortunes. Peter finds chaos, rebellion and terror. Someone is organising the spacers in revolt against the Five Families. Soon, his own life is in danger. Can he survive the mission, escape with his life and still file his story?< Less
The Beat of the Wolf's Dying Heart By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: $17.27
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A short time in the future, but all has changed. The production of all goods has been automated, and most people live a dull and unproductive life, enlivened only by the need to avoid the wild and... More > dangerous animals stalking the city streets. So why have things suddenly got worse? The narrator moves stealthily amongst the disintegrating culture, looking for answers.< Less
MERRIN By Mike Scantlebury
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It's the future, and the Third World War has come and gone. The lucky ones have escaped into space, making new lives amongst the planets and asteroids of our Solar System. The few people left on... More > Earth are living well, with enough food and power for all. They can do whatever they want; the only restriction is that there can only be one President. And, strangely, there's a murderous fight for that top job.< Less
Heartless Running By Mickey Scantlebury
Paperback: $17.95
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Ordered to protect the egregious Editor of the most sordid newspaper in England, Melia finds herself trapped in a car, fleeing bombers and sharp shooters, dodging round the country lanes and byeways,... More > with the Editor and a tantalisingly attractive hitchhiker. Can she do her job - without falling in love?< Less
The Kidnapped Bride By Mickey Scantlebury
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Young Marlie is about to be married. But, getting ready in the exclusive hotel her fiancee has hired for the day, she is horrified to see him assaulted and taken away by thugs. What is happening? Why... More > have they picked on him? Calling her family and relatives to help, she seeks him out and confronts the kidnappers, desperate to finish the day as she intended - married.< Less
Filling In By Mike Scantlebury
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People in Britain and America have fillings in their teeth, it's natural, surely? Well, no, the metal is mostly mercury, and that's a poison. If dentists put poison into people's mouths, that would... More > be damaging, right? Mickey wants to know, but isn't able to make head or tail of the competing arguments. Then people start getting kidnapped and it all gets personal. Mickey swings into action. After all, he's only doing his job.< Less
Secret Garden 2013 By Mike Scantlebury
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Melia is suffering from the fact that her boyfriend Mickey is out of town, sent away on a secret mission, according to her boss. She's on her own, left to pick up the pieces of a favour he promised... More > to a friend, to meet with her ex-husband and see if their marriage can't be saved. It's a mundane matter, far removed from Melia's day job as a Secret Agent. Just her bad luck, then, that she is on hand to witness a murder, taking place at that most unlikely setting, an arts centre on the renovated banks of the River Irwell in Salford. What lofty heights such a setting promises, and what depths of depravity it delivers. Melia is shocked to find evidence of corruption and double-dealing, forgery and fraud. She is swept along by a tide of wickedness, and then another attempted murder forces her to re-consider again; is she out of her depth? Are the murky waters of the river merely concealing worse things than she ever thought possible? Is it time to leave? If only she could: it isn't easy, once you've been kidnapped.< Less
New, clear vision By Mike Scantlebury
Paperback: List Price: $20.16 $17.14 | You Save: 15%
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Who wants alternative power? Not the British government. They want to rebuild nuclear power stations. Some residents are out to stop them. Poor secret agent Mickey finds himself caught in the middle,... More > determined to try and catch whoever killed his colleague, and thinking little about politics. This time it's personal.< Less
The Golden Chip By Mike Scantlebury
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Gold is on everyone's mind, the millions in value represented by a haul of gold bars, that disappeared from Salford's docks in 1966. It seems a lifetime ago, but people are remembering former times,... More > inspired by a local project run by the BBC, called 'All Our Stories'. They're asking people to remember the things in their lives that are most important to them, but perhaps they never realised that once Jan Branch gets her audio recorder out and lays it on the table, mysteries and anecdotes are going to come out that aren't all happy memories. They were tough times, back in 1966, and people did anything to try and make a living. Jimmy was good at it, moving in the business of takeaway food, and making a success of it. But he came from a criminal family: his Dad died, after years in prison, and his brother fled overseas. So why has Ben come back? Why now? What does he want? Melia starts to investigate and has to ask what everyone was thinking: what happened to the gold? Why did it never emerge after 1966?< Less
Lucky Ignatius By Mike Scantlebury
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It's only an old church, isn't it? Well, no, the Church of England has abandoned the old building and taken it out of commission. Even though it was designed by one of the foremost Victorian... More > architects, they'd be happy to see it rot, or, perhaps, turned into designer flats by a local property developer. Until that happens, it's a perfect Safe House, a bolt hole for the man Mickey has promised to protect - a man called Lucky. So 'lucky' that he's the target of three local gangs and numerous villains. How lucky is that?< Less