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Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
Two Years on the English Gulag By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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It's 1979 and Val is ready for a new challenge. Answering an ad in The Caterer, she gets the job of Head Chef at Brownsea Castle in Poole Harbour. Once there she has to cope with a staff of six... More > unruly lads, all but one pushing six foot. She bonds over a curry with her boss, a blustering, red-faced ex-colonial who thinks he runs the Castle while his level-headed wife strives to keep his feet on the ground and his nose to the grindstone. Read about Tony, the gangling teenager from Liverpool who makes blue cakes for tea, Briggs the recalcitrant Scotsman with his catchphrase 'If it's burrnt they cannae say it's not kewked' and the delectable Jimmy who poses in his football shorts outside her room on hot afternoons. Coming back for the return match in 1980 Val's heart is gladdened by the arrival of a team of divers. She finds a passionate lover in the boat's engineer, whom she dubs the Red-Bearded Dwarf. A laugh, a delight from start to finish, you will enjoy the escapism of this island where anything goes.< Less
Poems we love to read aloud By The Salisbury Family
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These are the poems I read to my children Diana and Graham in the 60s and 70s with some additions I came to love later. The purpose of creating the book is a desire to pass these on to Diana and... More > Graham's children and grandchildren, to the children of my friends and to children everywhere. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.< Less
The Retro Cookbook By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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As a housewife in the early sixties I lived in a back-to-back one-up-one-down house. We had a cooker with four burners and an oven - no one had a grill. There were no fridges, no microwaves, no... More > take-aways apart from fish and chips. When you went shopping you got what you were given no picking your own. You went home with a bag of raw ingredients and you cooked. Women's magazines stepped into the breach, full of helpful hints and know-how. I cut recipes from them and from newspapers, copied some from books, friends gave others. Later I took up catering as a profession. These recipes are from my home recipe file collected in the sixties and seventies. They could make a comeback today when we seem to be going backwards into a New Age of Austerity. You will find lots of inventive and innovative ways to feed yourself and family. Sad it has to be black and white, colour costs too much. Enjoy!< Less
Tales from the Cold Northern Hills By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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After a chaotic career in catering, the irrepressible Sally Jackson hangs up her apron and takes to the Northern hills in a quest to find out how normal people spend their time. But normal people... More > take cover when they see her coming and she meets only sexual deviants, ufo enthusiasts and the certifiably insane. Falling over witches on a daily basis, she decides to join them. After a naked ritual at the hands of an unemployed Father of Nine, she surprises him by taking the whole thing seriously, embarking on a magical career which she expects him to share. This wouldn't be a book about Sally without her usual sexual peccadilloes - Gustav Prendergast the Performance Poet, Gareth Jones the sexbomb sports instructor, Horst the Hairy Hun among others. The Star Turn of this book is undoubtedly the Father of Nine whose fund of stories rivals the Arabian Nights. An uproarious romp, a tantalising mixture of witchcraft, sex and humour in the cold Northern hills. Just the thing for a wet weekend in Wigan.< Less
Poems of Geraldine Murfin-Shaw 2017 edition By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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This volume is the same as the Collected Poems of Val Kirkham (my performance name) pub. 2008 except that it has been brought up to date with the addition of poems written since that date. It is a... More > collection of poetry written out of life experience. My career has spanned many areas - secretarial, catering, gardening, tarot, astrology and witchcraft and you will find all those flavours in here. I am honest, forthright and outspoken. My poetry is not for the fainthearted or those of a nervous disposition.< Less
A Bit on the Blind Side By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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Downing tools in the allotment where they have toiled for the last six years, Valerie and her husband Wolfram decide to cycle to Germany to visit his mother. Before they leave, Val’s guide the... More > Aztec Priest appears among the bean rows and tells her this will be a Vision Quest – and so it turns out to be, not least due to their involvement in Channel 4’s ‘Real Holiday Show’. In spite of the dangers they encounter on this trip they develop an appetite for foreign parts and embark on many subsequent cycling adventures, all of which turn out more or less disastrously. Travel with them as they ride through France, Italy and their beloved Black Forest – the stoic Val shouting instructions from behind as the hapless blind Wolf does his best to avoid hitting anything. Share their horrors and delights at the larger-than-life characters they meet abroad and the comradeship of their Asian neighbours on the allotments. A heartwarming and spiritual tale of two lives inextricably intertwined – until Fate intervened.< Less
The Country House Chef's Book By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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The author has had a lifelong interest in food which she pursued professionally beginning in 1974. She has worked in a variety of establishments and prefers country house cooking to a la carte. This... More > is a compilation of her personal recipe file which she built up during her time in the industry. Although the recipes are intended for volume catering she has included scaled-down versions for the family table. For a full understanding of her repertoire and expertise read 'The Curious Cook's Book' by the same author, available from Lulu and Amazon.< Less
The Man Who'll See the Poet By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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This book takes up the story where 'At Least She Never Drank Much' - the first volume of Geraldine's autobiography - left off. Her erratic journey through life continues to intrigue as she walks out... More > of her job and into an enchanted world of witches, weirdos and wannabe poets. Two offbeat characters she meets at an Earth Mysteries Group kick off the changes that Fate has in store for her, and a charismatic stranger she meets on a train takes her on a magical mystery tour through Cumbria’s Lakeland, opening up her latent spirituality and leaving her hearing the Voice of God in her head. Like the Cat that Walks by Himself, Geraldine threads her own path through witches’ sabbats, predatory preachers, performance poets and passionate romances, coming out at the end of it with The Man Who’ll See the Poet - the only man who ever saw her as she was, instead of what he wanted her to be. There is magic and mayhem in this charming book, which has Ms Murfin-Shaw's uniquely individualistic touch.< Less
The Poems of Geraldine Murfin-Shaw By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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Geraldine is a Yorkshire poet who has lived in Lancashire since 1982. She is a mother and grandmother who had a varied career as librarian, secretary and Head Chef. She has written ten books so far,... More > including two cookbooks. Writing and poetry come naturally to her, but she is also interested in gardening, cooking, astrology, dreams, tarot, shamanic spirituality, African drumming and her current dog, Lola. She was a performance poet around Manchester in the '80s; famous for fifteen minutes in 1985 for reading naked poetry in a jacuzzi. She also appeared as a standup comic and karaoke singer. Her poetry has a raw, earthy quality. She does not mince her words. She has moved audiences to tears and laughter in equal measure. She is not for the faint-hearted, the squeamish or those of a ladylike disposition.< Less
The Retro Cookbook By Geraldine Murfin-Shaw
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These recipes are from a collection I started in 1960 as a young married woman, and continued up to the mid-70s when I went to train as a chef. They were cut from magazines, newspapers, product... More > wrappings or copied from books or friends. I am publishing them now because we are moving back into those hard times - people have less money and some are living without what we consider necessities. Most of these recipes can be cooked on the most basic equipment as all we had back then was a cooker with four burners and an oven. No grill, no microwave, no toasters or fridges or freezers. No takeaways if you discount the Great British Fish and Chips, no supermarkets, no cheap food. We used raw ingredients and made them go a long way. Welcome to my New Austerity cookbook!< Less