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Circulate Series by K.R. Smith
Sororate By K.R. Smith
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Claws come out in a Werewolf marriage; B Sabre is called the Last Circulator and the first female Lokoti Werewolf, whereas Declan Sabre is the last European Werewolf. These two love to fight just as... More > much as they love to make love. In between, the two also like to travel the world. This results in meeting other supernatural beings, like Asian Werewolves, North American Werewolves, European Vampires, South American Vampires, Wiccans, Voodoo and even humans psychic’d up on Yaje. However, B and Declan still butt heads over a problem some couples face… B can’t conceive. Whereas he's relieved not to create more of his kind; she's sensitive over her condition. But just as Circulators are ever-changing as the universe, is her condition permanent?< Less
SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/Animal Shape Shifters By Elisha Worthall, Dr. Xavier Bell
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What similarities does an Asian Werewolf share with a European Vampire? Or a North American Werewolf to a Human/Animal Shape Shifter? Why are European Werewolves the most dangerous breed of... More > Werewolf in the world? What do they have in common with a Lokoti Werewolf? Read about the physical appearances, history and methods of reproduction of the subjects in the reports. Discover who are man-eaters and who are not, or who is friend and who is foe.< Less
Circulate By K.R. Smith
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When troubled teen Elisha wakes up in a strange bed with a sore head and bandaged wrists she has no way of knowing just how far from home she really is. Having been transported to a strange school in... More > a distant land without her knowledge or consent, she struggles to understand this place that has become her new home. Making friends and learning lessons isn’t the difficult part however, rather it is coming to terms with the ghostly apparitions that infest the grounds that proves to be the real challenge. Could the school be haunted or is there another even stranger explanation for what is going on around them? And just how could the love of Elisha’s life turn out to be a man who died centuries before she was even born? Find out what lies on the other side of the mirror in this superb novel that mixes drama with science-fiction and ghost-stories.< Less
Scent By K.R. Smith
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‘Scent’ is a delicious tail of a fiery relationship when at first the Last Circulator can't stand the tribe's sarcastic and most dangerous Werewolf, however their feelings change to a... More > forbidden love. In a world where Shape Shifters differ culturally as well as physically; B Wisetail and Declan Sabre find not only passion but absolution in their bloodlust-fueled desires. The Lokoti call Circulators the ‘Light People’ because of their unique abilities coupled with their auras which Shape Shifters can see. Then bake in Alaska as a sanctuary after World War Three, garnish with differing species of Vampires, other breeds of Werewolves and marauding humans. Serves one.< Less