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Past Whispers ~ gravestone art appreciation
Old Gravestones of Massachusetts: The First Burial Ground at North Andover By John Glassford
Paperback: $35.00
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The First Burial Ground at North Andover ~ Old Gravestones of Massachusetts [high quality paperback]. This photo-book is a partial inventory of select interesting gravestones of the early settlers of... More > the Andovers. Each page jumps out at you with vibrant high-quality photographs of not only gravestones but of details of symbols and epitaphs and landscapes. In-depth narratives accompany each set of photos and most are focused on the symbols found on each gravestone. Included in this book is a list of names of the individuals resting under each featured gravestone with a glossary of gravestone symbols rounding out the pages of this book.< Less
The Second Burial Ground at North Andover: A Study of a Nineteenth Century Massachusetts Burying Ground By John Glassford
Paperback: $31.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Second Burial Ground at North Andover: A Study of a Nineteenth Century Massachusetts Burying Ground [high quality paperback/photo book]. Laid out in 1817, the Second Burying Ground was a... More > necessary addition to the town as the old burying ground was filling up and a new location was needed. Second Burying Ground is located but a few steps from the common at North Andover in the old town center just around the bend from the Historical Society and up the hill from the church. It is a quiet place, seemingly forgotten about due to its placid position perched high up on Academy Road. Although some of the gravestones bear the scars of time, the majestic beauty of the landscape in stark white winters, colorful autumns, green hazy summer days and springtime blooms make a visit all worthwhile. This book is an in-depth study of a selection of extant gravestones and the individuals that now rest eternal in this tranquil historical place.< Less
Sawyer Hill Burying Ground ~ photo journal of an old New England graveyard By John Glassford
Paperback: $47.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sawyer Hill Burying Ground ~ a photo-journal of an old New England graveyard (high quality paperback). This old graveyard tucked away in the back of Newburyport, Massachusetts quietly stationed along... More > a hard-to-find trail in a heavily wooded area solemnly stands as a testament to our past. It is a place where our forefathers slumber in solace under a canopy of lofty towering pines. Most of the graves are from the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century. On the pages of this book we tour a number of the gravestones still standing here and we review the symbols on the stones as the emotions of our ancestors are brought into focus as we step from stone to stone. These pages contain envelope research data (names, dates, maiden names), detailed descriptions of symbolism found on the face of each stone, transcriptions of inscriptions and epitaphs, and interesting gravestone oddities. I trust there is a little something in this book for everyone. Take my hand and let’s start the adventure!< Less
Brookside Cemetery, West Boxford, Massachusetts By John Glassford
Paperback: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Photo book journal: Brookside Cemetery, West Boxford, Massachusetts. Researching old burying grounds can bring to light new information, hints-and-clues and family connections which cannot always be... More > found in historical documents, town records, church records or in old family bibles. This book was specifically published for the genealogist, the descendant with ancestry at Boxford, and for the individual enchanted with the area of Boxford in general and its rich history and beauty. If your ancestry is connected to this burying ground, I encourage you to use this book as a tool and a notebook journal with which to begin your journey into "digging up your roots".< Less
Old Gravestones of Massachusetts: A Study In Gravestone Detail By John Glassford
Paperback: $51.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Gravestone Study in Puritan Era Massachusetts, the Colonial Era in the history of the United States. Inside of this extremely detailed photo book is a glossary of gravestone symbols which were used... More > on the gravestones of Colonial New Englanders. The glossary will assist in your understanding of the gravestones featured within this book which are all detailed in vibrant photographs that dissect and discuss each gravestone. Note the stark mood of each of the gravestones such as this: "HERE LIES YE BODY OF MR. THOMAS LEE JUN'R., LAMENTED BY HIS WIDOW, PARENTS & AQUAINTANCE. WAS BORN MARCH 17TH 1731. HE DEPARTED THIS LIFE DECE'R YE 19TH 1760. BY DEATH THE KING OF TERROR." After you have absorbed the content of this book, you will surely have a better understanding of Colonial New England by the study of her gravestones.< Less
Past Whispers ~ Old Gravestones of Massachusetts By John Glassford
Hardcover: $72.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Gravestone Study in Puritan Era Massachusetts. Deluxe Edition, photo book. The study of Puritan Era gravestones in New England is key to understanding the soul of the culture that existed here in... More > Colonial Times. This deluxe hardcover book with hundreds and hundreds of quality color photos will give you a better understanding of Colonial gravestone art by taking you on a journey symbol-by-symbol with frame after frame of gravestone photos to aid in your understanding. You will also visit some of Massachusetts' oldest and burying grounds along with the breathtaking landscapes found in these grounds. While visiting old burying grounds in Rockport and Marblehead, you will encounter astonishing views of the sea and her crystal blue waters. Smaller family burying grounds will be visited, well-kept village grounds, forgotten wooded burial grounds as well as the regal burying grounds of Boston in which a city has since grown up around. Enjoy your adventure!< Less