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Paul Glover: organizer
Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $17.00
The founder of Ithaca HOURS explains step-by-step how to start and maintain community currency. Millions of dollars of Ithaca HOURS have been traded since 1991. From philosophy to management, this... More > book is an essential resource for enriching your community by printing local money.< Less
Los Angeles: A History of the Future By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is the first attempt to systematically describe how an existing metropolis could become ecologically stable. Los Angeles is rebuilt during several decades so that its current number of... More > inhabitants grow most of their own food and capture most of their water within the region; so that fossil fuel use is cut to a fraction; so that cars are replaced by trollies and bicycle paths. While most utopias float beyond reach, this one provides a ladder to the future. Extensively illustrated, and with paintings by Thomas Slagle.< Less
Deep Green Jobs By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $4.25
Americans can create 40 million new jobs without waiting for Wall Street or Washington, by pooling labor, skills and tools. These jobs lower the costs of living while cleaning the environment. This... More > book describes how to begin locally and build nationally. Based on proven examples of practical programs.< Less
Health Democracy: Liberating Americans from Medical Insurance By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $17.00
Healthy rebellion is needed, to create local and regional nonprofit health plans. Thousands of these plans weave networks of mutual aid which will enable Medicare for All which is affordable,... More > democratic, and humane. Based on the author's successful model.< Less
How to Take Power By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $3.00
POWER: You need it. Power decides who lives well and who struggles. Power decides what is legal and what's a crime. And ultimately, power decides who lives longer and who dies sooner. What is... More > power? Who has it? How did they get it? How do you get it from them? Can you share it? How do you use it? This book describes how to confront abusive power successfully. But protesting greed and injustice is just a start. We explore the creative actions anyone can take to make American communities strong again, to set good examples for this nation and its states.< Less
Green Jobs Philly By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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America's neighborhoods can employ themselves to reduce living costs, while rebuilding toward balance with nature-- without waiting for either government or Wall Street. By doing so they take power... More > over food, fuel, housing, health care, planning, and finance. They build a solid future for the next generations.< Less