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The World of PC TOONS
Candi's Rules By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $14.95
REMASTERED WITH CLEARER TEXT AND FULL-SCREEN FORMAT! CANDI McGEE loved to box! She wasn't that GOOD at it, but she never let that STOP her! She'd fight ANY girl, ANY time, ANY place... but there was... More > ONE condition! They had to fight by... CANDI'S RULES! BOBBY picked Candi's opponents. His apartment was the site for the fights. Bobby was referee, and chose the winner of each round. After the round he acted as second to the winner of the round. And the winner of the fight gets BOBBY! 48 panels by PC TOONS presented in screen resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Good Girls # 1 By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $10.95
A trio of foxy gals find themselves stranded in Mexico since their plan to win hot-body contests was thwarted by the fact there was a TALENT competition. But their salvation comes in the form of a... More > foxy boxing club, which, according to their accounting, should keep them swimming in pesos throughout the summer! First to enter the ring is the choco-licious IMANI FOXX, an intimidating figure for sure! BUT... she has to face an UBERBABE in the ferocious form of MALIBU TUSH! 34 images in screen resolution PDF file. Part 1 of 2 Written and illustrated by PC Toons. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Good Girls # 2 By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Part one explained the plight of three sexy gals vacationing in Mexico, and ending with the beating of IMANI FOXX at the gloves of MALIBU TUSH. Now her two other friends will taste the Amazon's... More > savage leather to earn vengance... or at least SURVIVE! JUANITA BONITA and CRYSTAL CLAIR face MALIBU in separate bouts, all by the master of massive mammaries and mayhem... PC TOONS! 35 images in screen-resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Teena Dream By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $12.95
A long time ago in a cyberspace far, far, away, a brilliant man had a vision of a future where busty babes of all shapes, colors, sizes and national origins would live to box, putting their... More > reputations and magnificent chests on the line for Foxy Boxing Fame and Fortune! That man was PC TOONS, and here is the very FIRST eComic rendered by this visionary. Herein you'll see the brave little schoolgirl TEENA DREAM, current title holder, facing the first mega-mounded mamazon DOMINO. Revised art by PC and homage art by other artists make this a must-have for the foxy boxing fans. 32 images plus 5 panels recreated by other artists. Presented in screen resolution PDF file. Bear in mind that like all PC Toons sold here at Lulu, the images have borders added to create PDFs acceptable to Lulu's PDF format standard. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Slamazons: Bubbles Vs. Pepper By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $9.95
It's BUBBLES BURSTE vs PEPPER MILLES for the SLAMAZONS Foxy Boxing Championship, and when her boxing skills fall by the wayside, Pepper has to consider alternative methods to get Bubbles to go... More > down... figuratively speaking! This is a classic REMIX of another PC Toons favorite, "BREAST OF FRIENDS," (also offered at our Lulu store, search for item 18763297). One of the fighter's hair color changed, and in THIS version the girls aren't topless. Otherwise it's the same action and basic script. Even for the subtle differences, the absolute PC Toons fan MUST have it! 24 Images in screen resolution PDF file. Created by PC Toons< Less
Hell In the Ring By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $14.95
With over three dozen works by PC Toons, two of those will always stand out. Teena Dream (the Brave Little School Girl) and Hell In The Ring. Due to formatting restrictions, bringing the PC Toons... More > stories to our LULU store has had its challenges. Oddly enough, the one we feared the most, HITR, was actually one of the easiest to format. The overall panels were created at 1024 x 768 pixels, and almost every one of the original PC Toons images fits within that area. We did have to slightly downsize 2 or 3, but the rest only needed the narration, which often appeared at the top or bottom, to be recreated to the side (and the better text resolution actually does enhance the comic). So here you go - four dozen images presented in screen resolution PDF format. Big brunette Sue Ellen settles ownership of her stud Sam against the little blonde cheerleader Tina. A one-sided brawl... for it all! NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Deadline Foxy Boxing By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $14.95
When buxom blonde reporter SHEILA LASCHE does an exposé on Foxy Boxing WITHOUT actually doing any research, the three foxy fighters named in her story come forward to make Sheila PUT UP or... More > SHUT UP! Faced with a lawsuit, Sheila agrees to step into the ring with all THREE girls, under the condition that if she wins all three matches, the lawsuit is DROPPED! 46 panels with nearly 3 dozen action scenes Written and Illustrated by PC TOONS NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Silk and Satin Slammers By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Our long-time friend PCTOONS is best known for his more (*ahem*) "risque" comics, but here we managed to convince him to give the girls a little wardrobe... and a "little"... More > wardrobe he DID! Here's the action between flame-haired grappler MAGGIE OLSON and Afro-Amazon TAMARA GRIER, as they go at each other for an amazing cash prize (and long-term braggin' rights). Some holds you'll recognize and some you won't, as the action is part grappling, part brawling, and 100% exciting! This is a "remix" special of the PC Toons classic "Thursday Night Throwdown," featuring the same action, but different girls. 33 Images in screen resolution PDF file.< Less
Hell In the Ring 2 By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $14.95
ANOTHER great lost battle from PC TOONS! Remember Hell In The Ring? SURE you do! Sue Ellen is a big-bad fighter that loves taking apart her opponents for the love an ongoing attention of Sam. Well... More > THIS time Sue Ellen isn't taking on a little farm girl, but REGINA ROYALE, a rumble-tough beauty that just MAY be more than Sue Ellen could ever have bargained for. It's definitely for "all the marbles" as these big breasted beauties slug it up, down, and OUT for the fame, the fortune, and of course... for SAM! A heavily "remixed" tale (images from other comics altered, hair, clothing, dialogue) by the MASTER of virtual fem-fight comics... PC TOONS! 40 images in screen resolution PDF file. Intended for ADULTS ONLY< Less
Flygirl Throwdown By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Showgirl Honey Foxx upgraded from exotic dancer to champion foxy wrestler. She's easy on the eyes, but hard on her opponents! Eboni Starr is the 18 year-old newcomer, wanting to take down Honey and... More > establish herself as the new queen of the foxy ring! The girls go down and the tops come off in a brutal, breast bashing, body bending smackdown of a brawl! 36 illustrations presented in screen-resolution PDF file. By the one and only, original PC TOONS. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less