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The Cone of Perception By Parker Emmerson
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The Cone of Perception includes many graphs and solutions to the equations of perceiving a circle to be one size and then perceiving a circle of a different size. It also places an inventive twist... More > and connection between relativistic physics and perceptual space, elucidating the meaning of the ambient optic array. The book relates the system of a circle transforming through a cone to the perceptual theories of Gibson, Koffka, Husserl, and Sense Data theory. It also delves into the mathematics of perceiving a difference in circumferences and presents a computational solution to the velocity variable within the Lorentz transformation. This solution is found only when using the exact speed of light in scientific notation.< Less
The Cone of Perception By Parker Emmerson
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The Cone of Perception is a work that confronts the perceptually evident purely geometric truth. The difference in circumferences of two circles equals an arc length, and this can be applied to the... More > Pythagorean theorem and the realm of relativistic physics. Over 500 pages of mathematical formulas and graphs at your fingertips. This is the research of several years piecing together potential visualizations of the perceptual cone phenomenon. Extensive, in depth description of perceptual forms. However, with all these equations, finding a new solution is not difficult. Great for anyone who needs to come up with a mathematical thesis in algebra, geometry, topology, or philosophy.< Less