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The Dark Magician Girl

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The Dark Magician Girl
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The world surrounding me fades away into darkness. My father's voice slowly disappears. His touch is no longer there. I hear nothing. I feel nothing. I see nothing. I feel my mind descending into darkness and my mind slowly being consumed. It feels as though it is an eternity. I start to feel less and less, then my emotion is completely gone. I remember nothing. Star's father banishes her to another world, similar to her own but with minor differences. Star begins her journey to find a way back to her world. Will she find what she seeks? Star is a stubborn child. All of her life, Star has been used to compressing her emotions to keep her magic under control. During her journey, Star learns how complex emotions really can be. Most importantly, love. Will she learn to control her emotions? Or will she be lost in the alternate realm forever?
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