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Radiofun232 links to You Tube video's 2010-2018 By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $2.35
This booklet (15 pages) contains 470 links (+ references & descriptions) to the approximately 700 video's that I have published on You tube in the period 2010-2018. It gives brief descriptions of... More > the video content + the link. So you can easily "click through" from this document directly to the video and the electronic schematic or subject that you want/need. In almost all my video's the schematic is published during the video. All electronic schematics are tested. The textboxes of the You Tube video's give more information/sometimes small corrections. Content: 1) Audio end amplifiers and - filters (tone correction) 2) Multivibrators and other LF generators 3) Electronics basics 4) Radio sine wave oscillators 5) Radio receiver(s)and more 6) Ultrasound generators 7) Measuring and test devices 8) Power supplies 9) exp. VHF Oscillator 10) Radio history and old technology 24 september 2018< Less
5-8 Watt audio amplifier with unique tone control By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $3.86
In this booklet (24 pages) a simple audio amplfier is published with easy to find electronic components. The amplifier has a unique tone and volume control, made with 3 potentiometers. With these 3... More > controls you can set the sound character and volume for different situations: e.g. lounge, guitar,pop music or african music, new age music, etc in certain (living) rooms. The control unit is also suitable to play music on very low audio levels with presence and quality in living rooms, restaurants, etc.< Less
5-8 Watt audio amplifier with unique tone control By Ko Tilman
Paperback: $6.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
Description (24 pages) from a 5-8 Watt stero amplifier with a unique tone control. Sound character and volume can be realized with 3 potentiometers. The description holds: pictures, detailed layouts... More > from the electronic circuits, alignment information, etc. This amplifier is very well suitable to reproduce sound on very low audio levels (like in restaurants) with a good quality. Also especially suitable for lounge, popular,guitar,fado and new age music.< Less
Schematics 1 (revised) By Ko Tilman
Paperback: $6.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
A beginners book in electronics, ment for my You Tube viewers and everyone interested in electronics. Informative and useful to make a first start in electronics. Also useful for more experienced... More > people. With many schematics and illustrations (the content is extensively described in the preview on the Lulu website).This book is a revised version from a book under the same title, issued in 2008. Copyrighted content.< Less
two transistor sine wave oscillator 20 Hz - 19,2 KHz By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $1.65
Schematic, layout and pictures from a two transistor (Wien bridge) sine wave oscillator (prototype) that works between 20 Hertz (15 Hertz) and 19,2 KHz. Easy to make, a real beginners project.... More > Including a schematic from the power supply and two schematics from 1 transistor amplifiers/buffers to which the generator can be connected. The circuit works on 12 Volt. Copyrighted content.< Less
3-7 Watt audio amplifier (TDA 1519 A or 2N3055 transistors) with tone control By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $2.66
This document (20 pages, PDF file) describes a stereo amplifier, made with the TDA 1519 A Chip or with 2N3055 transistors (conventional amplifier with an output capacitor). Also the schematics from... More > two tone control units (a presence/loudness filter and a parallel T filter) are published. With these filters you can create the type of sound that you like in your audio system. The document refers to a series of video's on my Youtube channel (called: "developing a 6 (4) Watt stereo amplifier"), the circuit in this video is published here. The tone control/parallel T filter only works with 1 switch, so there is no separate control potentiometer for "low" and "high" frequencies. The amplifiers need a good quality loudspeaker box (with some bass boost) to show their good properties. The document does not supply a schematic for a power supply with which the amplifier can be connected to the grid (110-230 V - 50/60 Hz). Copyrighted content.< Less
2-10 MHz Shortwave receiver and 1 transistor VFO's By Ko Tilman
Paperback: $7.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Text: English. A schematic from a simple 5 transistor Shortwave receiver, usable for receiving broadcasting stations on frequencies between 2 and 10 MHz. Also 2 VFO schematics are given to make this... More > radio function properly. Though not designed for this purpose, tips are given to receive SSB and radio amateur stations with the help of a BFO (beat frequency oscillator). Please make the following textual adaptations to the text: A) page 25 the VFO signal is injected into the emitter B) page 35 remove the sentence "like the 2N2219" and C) page 43: NPN=PNP (BD 140).The schematics are all correct. Copyrighted content.< Less
Schematics 3 : Transistor Switches, Generators and Cathode Ray Tube Circuits By Ko Tilman
eBook (ePub): $3.73
The third book in the series (electronic) "Schematics". The focus is on the 741 Opamp, comparator circuits, electronic switches sensitive (e.g.) for light or temperature, squarewave... More > generators, the 555 (timer) chip, the Schmitt trigger, High Voltage generators, an elementary oscilloscope circuit, analog timers, relay circuits, The book is written in English. (107 pages, 25 pictures, 65 schematics). Copyrighted content.< Less
Schematics 2 : Audio Amplifiers and Loudspeaker Boxes By Ko Tilman
eBook (ePub): $9.30
A book (English language) about audio circuits: pre amplifiers, active and passive audio filters, a mixing circuit, power amplifiers, Chip amplifiers, loudspeaker boxes, cross over circuits. Much... More > attention is payed to good practice (and pitfalls) in home brewing audio amplifiers. Like proper ground wiring, shielding, earth faults, ground loops, hum, properties of a power supply, etc. Ment for people who want to make their own audio system from scratch and don't want to have problems in engineering. Approx. 44 schematics and 45 illustrations.Copyrighted content.< Less
2-10 MHz Shortwave receiver and 1 transistor VFO's By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $4.28
Text: English. A book in which a schematic for a simple 5 transistor radio (excluded the audio amplifier) for Shortwave is published. Also a few VFO's are published to make this radio operational on... More > Shortwave. Please make the following corrections/adaptations to the text: a) page 17: the VFO signal is injected in the emitter from TS 2 b) page 25: the sentence "like the 2N2219" must be removed c) page 27: "medium power NPN transistor must be "medium power PNP transistor". On page 68 and 69: the BC 557 is a PNP (!) transistor, the arrow at the emitter is drawn in the wrong position (sorry, situation 10okt2015). All schematics are correct.Copyrighted content. Video is on You Tube, channel from Radiofun232< Less