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Thirty Tributes to Calvino By Rhys Hughes
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A collection of thirty stories inspired by the genius of the writer Italo Calvino... Paradoxical and philosophical fables; impossible cartographies and labyrinths of the mind and heart; towers that... More > stretch across the universe; men who set sail on domestic oceans; the opinions and hopes of the sun; sentient geometries; games with gravity and planets; metafiction and wordplay; recursion and exploration; the perplexities of logic and desire. These thirty tribute stories demonstrate the whimsical inventiveness and originality of an author who has won considerable acclaim for his speculative fiction.< Less
Bottled Love Story By Rhys Hughes
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Love can't be bottled but it might arrive in a bottle... Love is a game like chess but with smiles, winks, laughs and kisses for pieces... Love is a problem. Is there a solution? Cult author Rhys... More > Hughes answers this question and resolves all the paradoxes in his new novelette. Join the woman who has no need for romance and the sailor from another age as they simultaneously attempt to accept and avoid the designs of destiny.< Less
Twisthorn Bellow By Rhys Hughes
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It may come as no surprise that France wants to take over the world again. But this time they plan to go much further and gain control of the spiritual dimensions too, making French the official... More > language of the Afterlife! Twisthorn Bellow is a freshly baked golem who has fallen into a vat of nitro-glycerine, turning him into a living stick of dynamite. As well as battling against monsters and rock musicians, he’s the only thing that can preserve and protect the glorious British Empire and prevent the Frenchification of the entire cosmos. But considering the French have all the best ideas and tunes, he doesn’t stand a soufflé in Hell’s chance!< Less
Journeys Beyond Advice By Rhys Hughes
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A collection of weird tales, monstrous fantasies and ghostly novelettes, some of them inspired by H. P. Lovecraft but cross-pollinated with Jorge Luis Borges and William Hope Hodgson. Nearly all the... More > stories are about doomed souls who set out on journeys for which they will find reasons to regret. Includes the acclaimed novella 'The World Beyond the Stairwell'. "'The World Beyond the Stairwell' may well be the finest tribute (with love) to Hodgson ever written." - JOHN CLUTE< Less
Rhysop's Fables By Rhys Hughes
Paperback: $13.62
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Tired of being given good advice in fables and parables by wise men, sages and gurus? Why not try Rhysop's Fables instead, a set of 207 unhelpful and irresponsible fables? There are no messages here... More > telling you how best to live your life. That kind of thing is entirely up to you! The philosophy of Rhysop's Fables is that there are no answers to life because life is not a question... Join a cast of crows, clouds, aardvarks, snails, robots, foxes, dinosaurs, ghosts, pickle jars and many other beings and things in the great quest to fail to unravel the mysteries of existence! You won't regret it; and even if you do, you won't regret your regret!< Less
The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers By Rhys Hughes
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Zwicky Fingers is a giant fruit bat detective who lives in the past, present and future simultaneously. He is often consulted by the police force when there are paradoxical, lateral or impossible... More > crimes to be solved. His sticky situations are ten tricky cases, one for each finger of two hands; but hands belonging to whom? That's just one of the mysteries you may or may not encounter when you join Zwicky on this decathlon of Calvinoesque whimsies!< Less
Flash in the Pantheon By Rhys Hughes
Paperback: $13.53
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A collection of 123 flash fictions by a writer who has made his reputation as a devoted champion of the short story form. None of the stories in this book are longer than 999 words; most are under... More > 500 words; some are less than 100. The very short story is a noble literary tradition and includes such renowned names as Kafka, Chekhov, O Henry, Frederic Brown, Daniil Kharms and Brian Aldiss among its greatest practitioners. Ranging the spectrum of the imagination and encompassing a diverse range of styles and moods including fantasy, science fiction, humour, irony, whimsy and satire, this collection is perfect for the contemporary reader in our modern busy world.< Less
The Gloomy Seahorse By Rhys Hughes
Paperback: $6.97
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A book of poetry by cult author Rhys Hughes with more than seventy poems selected from the past twenty years of his writing career and divided into four approximate categories: absurdism, mystical,... More > science fiction and lovey-dovey, followed by an afterword.< Less
More Than a Feline By Rhys Hughes
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An illustrated volume of cat stories and poems by cult author Rhys Hughes written over the past two decades and collected together for the very first time. Do you want to know what happened when... More > Pushkin came to Shovekin; or how the sausage dog Bangers the Mash helped every cat in the world; or which grey cat drank fifty cups of tea one after the other? If so, you need to read More Than a Feline...< Less