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Metaethics Explored By Paul Davis
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The book begins with an overview of metaethics and a rejection of the metaethics/normative ethics distinction, and discusses the strengths and limitations of the popular idea that morality is a set... More > of rules for how we treat one another. It then explains subjectivist, intersubjectivist, and objectivist accounts of the truth conditions of moral statements,. It considers Divine Command Theory and Kant's categorical imperatives, in his Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, along with David Hume’s arguments in A Treatise of Human Nature and Enquiry Concerning the Principals of Morals, and A. J. Ayer's ‘emotivism’. The Final chapter sketches a naturalist objectivism and suggests that the obstacles to its acceptance are typically grounded on spurious asymmetries between ethics and other disciplines. The author is tutor in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.< Less
Reading Shakespeare's Hamlet By John Lennard
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This book approaches Shakespeare as utterly a man of the theatre, a professional actor before he was a playwright and a resident dramatist who knew intimately the actors for whom he wrote. It... More > continues by ‘Approaching Hamlet’ in that light, and as a revenge tragedy deliberately overloaded with complications. The middle chapters look in detail at the ‘Actors and Players’ of the drama, starting with the Ghost and ending with ‘the best actors in the world’, and at Shakespeare’s favourite ‘Acts and Devices’ as deployed within it. A final chapter considers Hamlet and Twelfth Night, written and premiered in close succession, as an unexpectedly resonant pair, a surprisingly funny revenge tragedy and a surprisingly bleak revenge comedy that for the first audiences would have complemented one another. The annotated Bibliography includes the current major editions of Hamlet, the major film-adaptations, and a selection of both the best criticism and the most useful websites.< Less
Of Sex and Faerie: further essays on Genre Fiction By John Lennard
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Taking up where Of Modern Dragons (2007) left off, these essays continue Lennard’s investigation of the praxis of serial reading and the best genre fiction of recent decades, including work by... More > Bill James, Walter Mosley, Lois Mcmaster Bujold, and Ursula K. Le Guin. There are groundbreaking studies of contemporary paranormal romance, and of Hornblower’s transition to space, while the final essay deals with the phenomenon and explosive growth of fanfiction, and with the increasingly empowered status of the reader in a digital world. There is an extensive bibliography of genre and critical work, with eight illustrations. John Lennard is Director of Studies at Hughes Hall, Cambridge and has also taught for the Universities of London, Notre Dame, and for the Open University, and was Professor of British & American Literature at the University of the West Indies—Mona, 2004–09. Of Modern Dragons and other essays on genre fiction (2007), is also available from Lulu.< Less
Of Modern Dragons; and other essays on Genre Fiction: By John Lennard
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This volume of essays explores some of the best crime fiction, science fiction and writing for children, in the last 40 years, including work by Reginald Hill, Thomas Harris, Dorothy L. Sayers, Nora... More > Roberts, J. D. Robb, J. R. R. Tolkien, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, Ian McDonald, Octavia E. Butler, and Tamora Pierce. A companion volume entitled Of Sex and Faerie; Further Essays on Genre Fiction is also available from Lulu. John Lennard took his B.A. and D.Phil. at Oxford University, and his M.A. at Washington University in St Louis. He has taught for the Universities of London, Cambridge, and Notre Dame, and for the Open University, and was Professor of British & American Literature at the University of the West Indies—Mona, 2004–09. His publications include But I Digress: The Exploitation of Parentheses in English Printed Verse (Clarendon Press, 1991), The Poetry Handbook (1996; 2/e, OUP, 2005), and with Mary Luckhurst The Drama Handbook (OUP, 2002).< Less
The Philosophy of Humour By Paul McDonald
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Comic novelist and critic Paul McDonald explores the philosophy of humour in a book that will appeal to philosophers and creative writers alike. One aim of this book is to assess theories of humour... More > and laughter. It concentrates mainly on philosophical approaches to humour— including those of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Descartes, Hobbes, Bergson, Kant, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Freud and Bakhtin, but also explores such fields as cultural studies, literary theory, religion, psychoanalysis, and psychology; this broad focus makes for a richer account of humour, its relationship with philosophical thought, and its bearing on the human condition. Readers are invited to engage in creative writing exercises designed to exploit this crucial facet of humour, and to help them explore relevant issues imaginatively. In this way they will deepen their understanding of those issues, whilst at the same time cultivating their own creative skills.< Less
Grasmere 2009 By Richard Gravil
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A selection of keynote lectures and conference papers from the 2009 Wordsworth Summer Conference, including Gillian Beer's remarkable address on Darwin and Romanticism, Richard Cronin on Wordsworth... More > and the Press, Paul H Fry on Wordsworth and Coleridge, Claire Lamont on the Romantic Cottage, and Nicholas Roe's illustrated talk on Keats and the Elgin marbles. Other essays address 'Tintern Abbey', the 'Intimations Ode', 'Peter Bell', Wordsworth on human suffering, matters of patronage, the editing of her father's 'Biographia' by Sara Coleridge and an 1850 journal by Wordsworth's niece, Sarah Hutchinson the younger.< Less
Francis Jeffrey's Highland and Continental Tours By Pamela Perkins
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Newly transcribed from manuscript, Francis Jeffrey's Highland Tour of 1800 and Continental Tour of 1823 offer a revealing insight into the sensibility of the arch critic of the Lake Poets. 244 pages,... More > with an introduction by Pamela Perkins.< Less
Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility By Richard Gravil
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This book examines the connection between William Wordsworth and the work of Helen Maria Williams and the effect this connection may have had on his reception by such hostile critics as Francis... More > Jeffrey. Why did Wordsworth write his first published poem to Helen Maria Williams? What role did she play in forming his views of poetry, and of the French Revolution? Why was Wordsworth able to recite in 1820 a poem by Miss Williams that he first read in 1790? Was his own poetical sensibility comparable with that of the older woman? Did the reception of Wordsworth’s Poems, in Two Volumes by Francis Jeffrey and others —as ‘puerile’, ‘namby-pamby’, ‘lisping’ and ‘affected’ — reflect a belief that manly sense and feminine sensibility, are not compatible? If so, why did Wordsworth run that risk? This little book attempts to suggest answers to some of those questions, and to provoke more systematic considerations of them all, and of Wordsworth's daring reconfiguration of 'manliness'.< Less
Grasmere 2012: Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference By Richard Gravil
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In this selection of twelve specially chosen Lectures and Papers from the 41st Wordsworth Summer Conference, Heather Glen writes on 'We are Seven' in the context of population studies in the 1790s,... More > Judith W. Page on Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth, Anthony Harding on the Reading Public, Pamela Woof and Suzanne Stewart on Dorothy Wordsworth's writing, Peter Swaab on Sara Coleridge's criticism of Wordsworth, Heidi Thomson on Wordworth and Auden, Judyta Frodyma on Bishop Lowth and 'Home at Grasmere', Stacey McDowell on Keats and Indolence, Catherine Redford on 'The Last Man' and Romantic Archaeology, Paul Whickman on Shelley's revisions, and Jason Goldsmith on 'picturesque travel, or viewing landscape by painting it. There are 13 monochrome illustrations (full colour in the PDF version from Humanities-Ebooks).< Less
The Convention of Cintra By William Wordsworth
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This 304 page bicentennial critical edition of William Wordsworth's impassioned pamphlet on The Convention of Cintra is based on W J B Owen's scholarly edition, and includes all of Professor Owen's... More > commentary and notes. Wordsworth's essay is not merely one of the classic works about the peninsular war but widely cited as one of the first theorisations of guerrilla warfare. It is also a remarkable revelation of Wordsworth's philosophy of human life, and reveals the reanimation of his youthful radicalism by his shock at the British establishment's betrayal of Spanish and Portuguese patriots. The text is prefaced by a critical colloquium with essays by Simon Bainbridge, David Bromwich, Richard Gravil, Timothy Michael and Patrick Vincent.< Less