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The Tennis Genius By RICHARD HASSE
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This book is a re-write of Steal This Tennis Book. This book will help you become a great player as soon as possible. Half of the book is devoted to your visual skills. Half is devoted to becoming... More > a great singles player. This book is not intended to be a complete tennis manual. It is assumed that you can stroke the ball and that you know the rules. I want you to learn to play your smartest possible tennis. Let's Face it, great tennis is a mystery to most life long players. There is no better feeling than playing your best tennis against a good opponent.< Less
Thirty Things Every Great Tennis Player Knows By RICHARD HASSE
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This book is a primer for the improving player who wishes to learn great tennis. It is not a beginners manual. I want to help you get from “Dink and Duck” to “Grip and Rip”.... More > Many advanced players may find something here to help their game as well. If you learn these 30 things, and learn them well, then the only thing standing between you and great tennis is a large amount of practice and dedication. Great tennis is intelligent, controlled, fun, explosive, and relaxed tennis. I have coached, instructed, played, and practiced with thousands of players. Every player who learned great tennis mastered these 30 things. My smaller book, STEAL THIS TENNIS BOOK is included as three chapters of this book.< Less