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My Calendar By Robert C. Worstell
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A 2020 calendar featuring the calves (and their momma's) from Worstell Farms. Please enjoy. (Makes great gifts, by the way (hint, hint.)
Learning from the Pulp Masters By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
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If you could sit at the feet of the Pulp Masters to learn - would you? This is a compilation of notes I had left over from research into how those prolific authors of old made a good living from... More > writing - well before the Internet and word-processors. I got into studying the pulp-magazine era authors with Lester Dent while I was studying the conventional wisdom of "plotting”. Then I found more and more authors who had thrived during those early years and became Brand Name authors that we all grew up with - or at least can discover now. This last find, of H. Bedford-Jone's “This Fiction Business” is so conclusive that very little else is needed. There, he tells the variety of issues that authors of his day encountered. This book is a companion piece to that book and so doesn't need to repeat any of his jocular description of how he made a very good living writing and selling stories during that age. Read pulp master's excerpts in this book for yourself. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Strangest Secret Collection By Dr. Robert C. Worstell et al.
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With complete certainty, I can tell you now – from my more than half-century of existence: Any and all successes, as well as all my disappointments are directly traced to the principles in... More > this book. For any set-back or failure, I either didn't know these principles, didn't understand their power, or simply ignored them. For every success, I have tracked back to taking these exact steps laid out in this book - to achieve, acquire, or attain whatever it was I wanted to be or have. And that experience is why I'm bringing out this short book you can have to carry with you and review regularly. Inside Earl Nightingale's original “Strangest Secret” recording, he mentions several books that support these ideas. If you put them together, the length is around 700 pages of text. What you are reading here is around a hundred. And this is designed to be slim and still contain the power of the best references that can educate and reinforce the key success principles Nightingale recorded in 1956.< Less
The Collected Neville Library By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
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“Imagining Creates Reality” Those words sum up the application of Neville's work to our world. This work compiles the ten books written and published by Neville during his lifetime into... More > a single ready reference for your use. All texts are arranged in order of first published. The 1948 Class Lectures are then added as an additional learning device so you can internalize his teachings more readily. The work here was to duplicate his prose as accurately as possible so you can read it in its original format. As you study these, look within and find the comparatives in your own life. And as the Master said, “He that believeth in me... greater works than these shall he do.” Scroll Up and Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Complete Plotto: A Tested and Proven Method of Plot Suggestion and Content Structure for Writers of Creative Fiction By William Wallace Cook
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How to Write A Novel Every Week The trick is in coming up with enough plots. A wildly prolific, early 20th century pulp writer, William Wallace Cook was a writing machine. At times he did indeed... More > regularly turn out a full novel every week, for weeks at a time. While he set the bar for pulp fiction, he was also passionate about the process of writing itself. Keeping notes on index cards, he was able to distill the process of plotting down to a simple, but thorough manual, Plotto. Why should you have a copy around your writing office? As Cook tells it: "Plotto is the greatest single aid in plotting ever offered writers. Make up your mind now to give Plotto and this manual the time it deserves. The best-known writers in the world own and use Plotto." Alfred Hitchcock was an early student, so was Earl Stanley Gardner. Robert Silverberg also gave a great review of the book. This edition includes the seven lessons in Plotto Instruction Manual Also available in Trade paperback.< Less
This Fiction Business By H. Bedford-Jones
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Learn from one of the early Masters from the pulp magazine Golden Years. H. Bedford Jones routinely wrote over a million words per year and made the equivalent of possibly a 7-figure income in... More > today's money. All by writing and submitting stories to publishers. Yet he also wrote the handbook for high-speed, high-quality writing production that anyone can follow. His "This Fiction Business" has been combined with two of his finest novels so you can hear from the "King of Pulps" not only how he did it, but read the results for yourself. Per Bedford-Jones: "This book is not to be regarded as tyro. Under his own and assumed an authority on story-writing; by no means should it be read by anyone who aspires to literature, for, like Socrates, it will assuredly corrupt them and lead them into the worship of strange gods. It is destined only for those who desire to make a living by writing stories, in the hope that it may be of some benefit to them." Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Hooman Saga: Book 2 - Part One By C. C. Brower
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The meteor talked to Tig as he watched it land. Meteors came now and then. But never one that screamed like it was afraid of landing. All he wanted to do was to make sure his pack was safe against... More > the fire from the sky. But the meteor had called him, somehow. He was there when the meteor turned out to be an escape pod. And opened... His surprise was that the meteor had brought a human female back. She said her name was Sue. And she could talk to wolves like him. That had never happened before. Even when the Hoomans were here. Sue was unlike anything he had ever encountered. He knew she was the solution to their problems - and more. Sue had her own issues, her own reason for returning to Earth. Those would have to wait. First Tig had to get her to safety. Even though she was not as fast or skilled at what she needed in order to survive on her own. There were miles of rough terrain ahead, days of travel, and the ferals had set a trap for them.... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
J. R. Kruze Short Story Collection 01 By J. R. Kruze
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The first collecton of short stories by J. R. Kruze. Known for a unique take on common situations, and a dry wit, Kruze is also able to look at usual circumstances and see unusual aspects to write... More > about. These stories will let you start wondering about the world around you. Contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, romance and science fiction are a few of this mixed genre collection. Enjoy seeing your world through J. R. Kruze's eyes... This anthology contains: Death by Advertising The Lazurai The Autists Story Hunted Her Eyes Max Says No A Nervous Butt A Goddess Visits A Goddess Returns Get Your Copy Now< Less
The Hooman Saga: Book One By C. C. Brower et al.
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $9.98 | You Save: 50%
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Before the cities left, and plunged our world into a global dark age, there were stories that told that history. Collected here are the works of three authors who have been telling scraps and pieces... More > of what happened. All through the eyes of the people (and animals) who lived it. Some are fantastic, others could be tall tales, perhaps some are downright lies. But that is all why they had to be published as fiction. Because few people would believe it, even as a TV documentary. All highly speculative. And that's why it's called Science Fiction. But its a very human telling. You may even find yourself in here... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
A World Gone Reverse By S. H. Marpel & J. R. Kruze
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When the hamburgers all disappeared, along with the buns I was warming, I thought I was seeing things. But when my spatula went through the cast-iron grill top - I had to let it go out of reflex. No... More > way was I going after it - I'd been burned too many times. It wasn't like I had a choice after that. Because the grill itself dropped out through the bottom of the rolling coach we were cooking out of that summer. I looked up at Ham, my order-taker, partner, and lover - only to see her fall through the floor as well. A look of shock and trying to say something, but frozen in time. Then the coach disappeared, and I fell with it - but only as far as the pavement it used to be parked on. I could see the asphalt beneath my feet at least. Until it turned to some sort of foamy waves lapping on a beach I'd never seen before. Green hard-packed sand. Green water. And a long white line that went down this beach like it was some sort of dual-lane highway... Get Your Copy Now.< Less