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From Death-Camp to Existentialism - A Man's Search For Meaning By Viktor Frankl
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THIS BOOK DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE AN ACCOUNT OF facts and events but of personal experiences, experiences which millions of prisoners have suffered time and again. It is the inside story of a... More > concentration camp, told by one of its survivors. This tale is not concerned with the great horrors, which have already been described often enough (though less often believed), but with the multitude of small torments. In other words, it will try to answer this question: How was everyday life in a concentration camp reflected in the mind of the average prisoner? Most of the events described here did not take place in the large and famous camps, but in the small ones where most of the real extermination took place. This story is not about the suffering and death of great heroes and martyrs, Thus it is not so much concerned with the sufferings of the mighty, but with the sacrifices, the crucifixion and the deaths of the great army of unknown and unrecorded victims.< Less
Soil and Sense By Michael Graham
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Here is. the crux of the matter, as I see it. The food for men cannot be grown unless the land is also fed. I searched the public library for a short book that would give the key to this puzzle, but... More > I did not find what I wanted.. There were indeed some good books by good scientists and they are in my list of references at the end of this book, but they each dealt with only a part of the problem. For example, books that described the soil bacteria made no mention of landlords.. The popular books on agriculture included novels, biographies, and essays, but these all avoided technical details, and it is difficult to state or solve a practical problem without setting it against a background of details. Because I found no one book I had to wrestle out the problem for myself, from various books and with the help of such experience of the land as a man may gain in his leisure. This, then, is a short book on the central problem of agriculture, that is the quality of soil. Get Your Copy Today!< Less
Profitable Poultry Production By M. G. Kains
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This book, Profitable Poultry Production, is written to present the case fairly and squarely so the farmer may see the advantages that poultry offers as a means of making money. The book lays special... More > emphasis upon all the important practices and new wrinkles that have been found profitable by professional breeders and poultry-men. It shows how these can be easily applied by any one and what may be expected in the way of results. From cover to cover it is intended as an encouragement and a stimulus to everyone interested in poultry. Not only does it indicate which are the lines likely to be most profitable, but it points out those branches of the business not likely to be remunerative, except under special conditions. With the conviction, therefore, that application of the principles herein laid down will make farm poultry production far more profitable than it at present is, the author commends these pages to the thinking farmers, farmers' wives and farmers' children.< Less
Trees and Toadstools By M. C. Rayner
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...[T]here are few indeed except trained naturalists who realize that any but a quite casual and superficial relation exists between these woodland toadstools and the trees under which they appear,... More > or have carried their observations a stage further and noted the regular coincidence of certain kinds with particular tree species. The association between the toadstool-producing fungi of woodlands and our common trees is only one of many unlikely ways in which plants belonging to widely different groups are interrelated with one another and with the mechanism of life as a whole. Because this is so, and because there is a widespread and somewhat surprising lack of curiosity about the jigsaw puzzle formed by the different kinds of life that surround us in nature; about the interplay and interdependence of their various vital activities and the pattern formed when these are fitted together... it has seemed worth while to write this little book. (From the Introduction)< Less
Soil Fertility, Animal Health - With "The Loss of Soil Organic Matter and its Restoration" By William A. Albrecht
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Nature works and has been working for a billion and a half years—ever since there were living things on earth. This is important. We talk of controlling nature, but any wise farmer or stockman... More > knows that nature makes the rules for us to learn and follow, if we can. In short, the ecologist is in a position to furnish us, in many ways, models which we can follow in our own operations. Before the prairies were settled, plowed and fenced, wild herds moved back and forth across them, never staying in one place after the grass was cropped too short. These moving herds distributed minerals from their droppings and remains, for it is well-known that wild animals usually maintain a good mineral balance by visiting salt-licks and varying their pasture-grounds. Here in a nutshell is the model for proper use of grasslands. It takes a lot of common sense to get across the information we need. He has it and can put it out so we can all understand it. (From the Introduction)< Less
Our Founding Papers By Benjamin Franklin et al.
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The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government. Since... More > the Constitution came into force in 1789, it has been amended twenty-seven times. In general, the first ten amendments, known collectively as the Bill of Rights, offer specific protections of individual liberty and justice and place restrictions on the powers of government. The majority of the seventeen later amendments expand individual civil rights. Others address issues related to federal authority or modify government processes and procedures. Amendments to the United States Constitution, unlike ones made to many constitutions world-wide, are appended to the end of the document. The Constitution of the United States is the first constitution of its kind, and has influenced the constitutions of other nations.< Less
Introduction to Huna: The Workable Psycho-religious System of the Polynesians By Max Freedom Long
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DURING THE past century investigations have been made of native magic in Africa, India and other parts of the world. Spiritualistic phenomena have been certified as genuine and studied painstakingly... More > by over a hundred recognized scientists. Religions have been surveyed and the instant or nearly instant miraculous healing at Lourdes verified. But from all these studies and efforts there has come nothing faintly resembling a definite basic system, philosophy, theory, or psycho-religious science which would explain, even in the most general terms, the phenomena of the various fields. In fact, investigations in these fields began to arrive at a stalemate several years ago. New discoveries have been conspicuously lacking. A much fuller and more detailed account of the long investigation is planned when the last stage—the experimental stage—has added its quota. (From Part 1) Get Your Copy Today!< Less
The Huna Code In Religions By Max Freedom Long
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In the year 1953 the presence of coded Huna information in the Bible was discovered. Since that time the research work has progressed, with a number of additional pieces of coded information... More > uncovered. This book gives not only the later findings, but further expands the study to show similar coded information in the religions of the ancient Egyptians, Israelites, Buddhists and practitioners of Yoga. The complete investigation of the Bible and Gnostic literature has not yet been finished, and the reader who wishes to do so may carry on for himself without much difficulty, once this book has been read and the research method is understood. Yesterday the unveiling of the coded knowledge would have been countered by the Church with burnings and any torture needed for the suppression of heresy. Today, happily, even the humblest Galileo is able safely to take up his telescope and peer into the realms of the new and strange.... and still forbidden. (From the Forward.)< Less