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Sovereignty By Rob Power
eBook (ePub): $7.77
Your worst enemy could be as near as your closest friend... Quebec Premier Jean-Denis Desjardins becomes the leader of his province’s most extreme separatist organization. Quebec is facing a... More > new crisis with native leaders at Oka, as its premier threatens to secede from Canada. It is against this backdrop that a bomb explodes in the heart of Ottawa, a bomb aimed at Prime Minister Kieran King, that claims the lives of hundreds of the country’s most prominent journalists, gathered for a national convention. Newfoundland reporter Derrick Bishop survives the blast, only to come into possession of evidence linking the attack, and the unthinkable slaughter of hundreds of First Nations residents in Quebec, to Desjardins. Pursued by Desjardins’ agents, Derrick must fight to survive and get that evidence across the border to the United States, only to discover an even more diabolic plot along the way — a plot that could plunge Canada into the midst of a civil war.< Less
The Caster By Rob Power
eBook (ePub): $7.41
Secrets, Hatred, Absolute Power, Absolute Terror... It can happen here... The year is 2042. A thirteen year-old girl with as-of-yet undiscovered magical powers witnesses a brutal attack upon one of... More > Hibernia State University's most prominent psychic-magic scientists--her mother. In order to discover the truth about the near fatal assault, Meghan Fitzgerald must embrace her unwanted powers and discover the true identity of the caster responsible for her mother's fate--Myrlin. But the secret of Myrlin's identity could mean more than just saving her mother's dishonored name. It could be the key to saving Avalon City from an even more dangerous villain, and a plot more diabolical than anyone could have ever dreamed. All that Meghan Fitzgerald has to do to save the world she knows is the one thing she has sworn never to do--use her magical powers as a weapon.< Less
Levenhok: The Master's War By Rob Power
eBook (ePub): $10.00
The Master’s War follows the attempts of Levenhök … living under the guise of the mortal Vaughn Levenhök … to prevent a war between the mortal remnants of the Empire of... More > Elantra, and the Tsarianic Empire. Unfortunately, the Tsarianic overlord is bent on destroying the Elantrians in an attempt to gain new feeding grounds for his people… or destroy his entire race in the process. On the Elantrian side, Levenhök’s mortal son, Jacob, has risen to the ranks of Admiral General… the supreme commander of the Elantrian military… and is bent on restoring an ancient vessel with a powerful weapon to serve as the flagship of his fleet, and the salvation of his Empire.< Less
Levenhok: Hunters of the Unforgiven By Rob Power
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Hunters of the Unforgiven follows after the fall of the Tsarianic Empire, and sees the return of Pr’Mad… one of the Others. Pr’Mad has seized control of the Generator, and is bent... More > on using it to help him become the god-like ruler of the fifth-dimensional universe. Pr’Mad’s diabolic scheme is pitted against the backdrop of Admiral General Jacob Sevronson Levenhök’s attempts to regain control of the Empire of Elantra, which has split into a number of military controlled factions following the end of the war with the Tsarianic, and the collapse of the Barony… the democratic governing council. Meanwhile, Levenhök the immortal continues to struggle with his own sanity, his attempt to restore peace to the Empire, and his attempt to prevent Pr’Mad’s rise to power.< Less
An Ocean with Fish in It By Rob Power
eBook (ePub): $10.00
It was an island many had longed for. What price would some pay to have it? What price would be paid to keep it? What if Joey had not succeeded? If Newfoundland had not made its fateful decision in... More > 1949? Enter this strange world as seen through the eyes of a history teacher from a Newfoundland that traveled a path we would never have expected. See an island that watched Joseph R. Smallwood die, along with his dream of joining Canada. Discover a greed that killed Joey, kept an island on its knees, and blinded all to the loss of an ocean with fish in it.< Less