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Abaddon Rising By Rocky Shorz
eBook (PDF): $7.77
Dave is not just a psychic and medium that has helped in missing children's cases, he has become a prophet, sharing his dreams and the disasters of biblical proportions that followed. He found... More > secrets hidden in the bible, including the Key of David that answers the riddle of the beast... The Bible says to listen to the one with understanding, and he has been delivering his messages to Islam, heard around the world. The question is, are they listening?< Less
The Seeds of Peace By Rocky Shorz
eBook (PDF): $1.11
This is a children's picture book(without pictures yet), about two young girls, one a Muslim, the other Jewish, that came together over planting a seed of peace, that grew into a beautiful flower,... More > and the miracles that follow...< Less
Abaddon Rising - Storyline plot and video game outline By Rocky Shorz
eBook (PDF): $50,000.00
Rocky thinks back to the night he woke to the doorbell, Dave was standing outside, nervously looking back over his shoulder, he said if Rocky didn't hear back from him in 30 days, to find a special... More > agent that will know what to do with this story. He reached out handing him a diskette, this is meant to follow DiVinci's message. Rocky heard a car coming up the street as he looked down at the diskette wondering what type of secrets it held, when he looked back up, Dave was gone…< Less