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Paradox Economics By Tuure Parkkinen
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- Price is not a good measure of value, - investments can be profitable at a loss, - too much saving can make us poorer, - our economies’ current growth dependence is the biggest obstacle to... More > economic growth, - capital income taxes are not very effective at reducing the profits of investors, - taxing land value can lower rents, - income differences have little to do with productivity, - inflation has little to do with the quantity of money, and - there is no conflict between flexibility and security. This book bashes the myths of both the political left and the right - mercilessly exposing the assumptions, mental images, and moral biases behind economic theories and the claimed effects of different policies. Whether you are a policy maker or just want some fresh perspective and arguments for kitchen table discussions, this book won’t leave you cold.< Less
Fixing the Root Bug: The Simple Hack for a Growth-Independent, Fair and Sustainable Market Economy 2.0 By Tuure Parkkinen
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What if our economic system had a little "bug" making it unfair, unstable, and unsustainable? This cross-disciplinary work questions taken-for-granted assumptions and presents the Root Bug... More > hypothesis: If we got supply to actually meet demand in the labor market on the individual level and if we eliminated private monopolies (most notably that of land), we would have an economic system that is fair, self-stabilizing, sustainable and growth-independent, without limiting desired growth. But instead of solving this chronic market mismatch, we are stuck in the “job creation paradigm”: trying to create more work just to let everyone participate in it – possibly the most hilarious idea in the history of mankind. Take a leap down the rabbit hole into how the quirks of our language, moral biases, as well as the religious nature of politics and economics can make us miss fairly obvious solutions to big problems. E-book available at: More:< Less