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ONWARD! with Spirit By Sandy Lundahl
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ONWARD! with Spirit presents a view that is distinctly different from other perspectives contained in many fine books about the second half of life. In this book, supported by thorough research, the... More > author says that with each day, life event, opportunity, and obstacle we encounter we are growing, not declining. With each passing year, we are maturing, evolving, and moving toward healing and wholeness. There is no such thing as a decline in the second half of life. The stories you will read in this book offer you a new image of maturity, centered around wisdom, self-knowledge, transcendence, freedom, and continuing to be of service. These are the virtues of an archetypal figure long overlooked in modern society, the ELDER, equal in importance to that of the Hero.< Less
Flourish! 4 Steps to Release Your Inner Sage By Sandy Lundahl
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Are you over age 50? Perhaps 60? Even 70? Stepping into the full, rich wholeness of life calls for a new way of learning—from the “inside-out”. Learn the four steps that makes new... More > growth possible. As you flourish, so will those around you. RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY WORKSHOP (online or in-person) when you purchase Flourish! Contact the author directly to schedule the workshop.< Less
Anne Marie By Anne Marie Gabrielle
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Rarely will you read such a fine integration of the medical, personal, and spiritual journey of a serious chronic illness. What an engaging set of stories! Part 1 is the story of how Anne Marie... More > healed from serious multiple chemical sensitivities and found a new path of healing. Part 2 details the ups and downs of her journey with cancer. Throughout this book, you will find incredibly insightful and useful tidbits of theology & philosophy as well as how to integrate western medicine with complementary holistic therapies; and throughout this book, you will see how one mighty woman learned to dance between life’s polarities. Sometimes with ease and sometimes with difficulty, as Anne Marie notes, “We are each being called into our destiny, into why we are here. Our task is to learn how to live, truly live.”< Less
Anthroposophia A different kind of love story One woman's psilocybin experience By Sandy Lundahl
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Sandy Lundahl lies on a couch, her eyes covered with a dark cloth mask and listening to classical music. An hour earlier, she had swallowed two blue capsules containing close to 30 milligrams of... More > psilocybin, the primary active chemical in Psilocybe cubensis and other "magic" mushrooms. Two experienced guides are with her: Mary Cosimano, a clinical social worker, and William "Bill" Richards, a scholar of comparative religion and a research and clinical psychologist. He's sitting cross-legged on the carpet in front of the couch, ready to help Lundahl--to help her remain focused on the scenes unfolding behind the mask. Lundahl's first psychedelic experience is taking place in the heart of the Behavioral Biology Research Center building at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus in Southeast Baltimore. She's taking part in the first study of its kind since the early '70s--a rigorous, scientific attempt to determine if drugs like psilocybin can facilitate life-changing, transformative mystical experiences.< Less