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Scottish Journeys By Andrew Hennessey
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The Scottish Journey includes many of the 'must see' localities in Scotland, including the 'Great Glen' of Glencoe, Loch Ness and images from some of Scotland's most secluded beaches and harbours. It... More > also features unusual images of Edinburgh, and takes a short trip to the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel< Less
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There is an alien oasis at Gorebridge, 16 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotlands capital city. This is the incredible story in pictures of the alien research taking place at Gorebridge in a locality... More > that has caverns, starports, underground cities, multiplicity of beings, use of human infrastructure - galactic business as usual ... the incredible photographic evidence that aliens have no problem with humans and are getting on with the same business they have always undertaken over the last few thousands years .. all the original photographs can be inspected under scientific conditions.< Less
Gorebridge UFO Hotspot, Picture Evidence By Andrew Hennessey
Hardcover: $36.12
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Here is the area around Gorebridge, near Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland in pictures. Those pictures have lots of very strange looking alien and anomalous things in them that cannot be... More > adequately explained. Some of these curious things were put there by the establishment, but some were possibly put there on display by the ancient aliens themselves. It does rather seem that these beings have been going on with their business in this area for millennia - perhaps right back to those ancient times spoken of in the books of folklore collectors such as MM Banks, or the Rev Kirk. Perhaps the subterranean nature of non-human beings as reported over the millennia has some bearing on all of this. Ongoing filming around Gorebridge by many people has produced lots more footage and imagery since at least 1999 and the local witness reports keep piling up. The photographs were taken by myself in and around the Gorebridge and Carrington area and are typical of what's being filmed there regularly by witnesses.< Less
Ancient Roslin Glen By Andrew Hennessey
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Like so many ancient sites in Scotland, the Mother Church has moved in to consecrate the area, and hence Rosslyn Chapel, collegiate Church of St Matthew adjacent to the Sinclair family castle.... More > However in the glen below - along the bank of the North Esk river, and the red bend in the river caused by leeching iron pigments from the local shale rock from which 'Ros-lin' aka 'red-bend' takes its name - is the ancient Pictish 'spirit rock' with a very Sumerian Reptilian 'Draco' carved upon it. Here is the story of the ancient glen and the mystery surrounding it that was there long before the Wars of Scottish Independence in the Middle Ages. Some may head for the Chapel with the encyclopaedia of Gnosticism carved into its walls and pillars, but others may walk down into the glen itself and realise a far more ancient history.< Less
The Essential Edinburgh By Andrew Hennessey
Paperback: $21.71
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here in photos is the Essential Edinburgh, photographed in seasonal colours by Andrew Hennessey. The capital city of Scotland in all its mystery, history and glory. Wander through the New Town, check... More > out Greyfriars churchyard in the Old town - discover the Grassmarket. Here is Edinburgh as you would wish to see it ...< Less
Crail - the East Neuk of Fife By Andrew Hennessey
Calendar: $15.19
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The Scottish fishing port of Crail and its spectacular harbour is in the East of Fife - the 'East Neuk', battered by the North sea the little harbour and picturesque port is one of Scotland's jewels... More > located on the eastern seaboard of Scotland< Less
Scottish Steam Railway By Andrew Hennessey
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The tradition of the Scottish steam trains is kept alive in Scotland today by dedicated teams of individuals who labour to preserve the authenticity of the rolling stock and steam machinery. Here,... More > mixed in with a fair helping of old but powerful Diesel engines is a sample of the Scottish steam rail stock and infrastructure.< Less
Dunfermline - Spiritual Heart of Scotland By andrew hennessey
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Dunfermline Abbey thought to be 'the spiritual heart of Scotland' was once the centre of a great pilgrimage to the shrine of the virtuous and holy Queen Margaret, later canonised. The route would... More > take the pilgrim across the Forth estuary from South Queensferry near Edinburgh to North Queensferry and there would be many prayers for the miracles of healing at her shrine.< Less
ALTERNATE SCOTLAND By andrew hennessey
Calendar: $14.89
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Here is a collection of Scottish Paranormal images and localities by photographer Andrew Hennessey that should raise some interesting questions about the nature of reality. Aliens, demons, ghosts,... More > giants and monsters, UFO's faeries and abductions - this is the mystery and history of Scotland at its best.< Less
NASA's 'Dead Pixels' - public domain scientific images showing 'nothing' By Andrew Hennessey
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NASA have spent years and years of scientific time telling us that the images from their probes are actually space junk, chinese lanterns, child's helium toys and dead pixels in their imaging... More > systems. Spooks meantime have spent even more time telling us that we are imagining alien technology and are simply projecting our wishes and optimism upon what appear to be just a bunch of old image pixels. Here though is a short collection of 'dead pixels' supplied to the public domain by NASA and JPL and for them we give great thanks and credit. Unless the NASA nerds have been deploying photoshop creations we do appear to be faced with a whole star trek paradigm buzzing about in front of our - it has to be said - inadequate cameras. The next time some pseudo-scientist tries to tell you that you have psychological problems and are inventing things - here is the book to show them.< Less