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Demesne Challenge By S.F. and D.A. Swem
Paperback: $20.39
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It has only been a few, short seasons, but for Jira Santree, it seems like a lifetime since she left the quiet life on the farm. Now she is the Matriarch of the Dragon Back Clan for a lair that has... More > been empty of dragons for a long time. Jira learns that her new title involves tremendous responsibilities when a visiting dragon clan finds her ways not to their liking, and the rival clan disrupts the peace of the valley. Montiack, the matriarch of the Red Mountain Clan, claims that as a mere human, Jira has no right to the title or to the lair. Montiack invokes the Matriarch Challenge, a deadly duel on dragon back, in order to take away Jira's claim to the lair. The first obstacle for Jira is to find a dragon from her own clan as her dragon mount. How will she survive if she cannot rely on anything but her dragon magic? The connection to the valley and to the crystal, and any help from her friends Aithera and Devon is forbidden by the First Matriarch, and any interference will be met by instant death.< Less
Demesne New Beginnings By S.F. and D.A. Swem
Paperback: $17.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
Aithera and Jira decide to stay in the Dragon Back Valley. This decision causes confusion and uncertainty in others. Solen departs when he believes he is doing more harm than good, and Aithera... More > accepts what she believes is a future of pain that duty and honor bring with that decision. By staying in the valley, Aithera is hidden and safe, but when she leaves to visit her friends in a small settlement near Haulden, a new menace shows himself -- someone from her past that promises to harm her friends to get to her. Jira learns from visiting her family that there is a secret about her mother's origins -- a secret confirmed by an unexpected source -- that reveals she is more than just a mere farm girl. This news sends her on a journey of discovery that brings on more surprises. While Jira is on her quest, Aithera decides that she must become the hunter instead of the hunted.< Less
Demesne Aithera By S.F. and D.A. Swem
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Aithera Kilbray - Assassinated at birth, with the essence of two others, she lives. Orphaned at 5, she grows up with the pet name her brother always called her, Tera, until at age 20 she id told her... More > real name. Now on her own and followed by those that hunt the female child of Kilbray, she meets others that teach heehaw to harness more of her abilities. Those lessons are put to the test before she can disappear once more, only to take the path that destiny has chosen for her, when she meets an old man along the road. With Chaka the hawk and Tinabara her horse she sets out on her own, to gain knowledge of her origins, grow and reveal magical abilities and avoid those who seek the female child of Kilbray.< Less
Demesne Valley of Mystery By S.F. and D.A. Swem
Paperback: $22.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Valley of Mystery is the Second of four titles of the Demesne series. Aithera passes an old man along the road as she is traveling again. She feels drawn to help him survive a sudden snowstorm and a... More > mystery begins to unfold, about his past and where he is from. Another victim of the sudden snowstorm assists her. Is this a chance meeting or are some other forces involved? In helping the old man it is discovered that he has an amulet, and it is broken, it’s magic scattered, much like the old man’s mind. Aithera and Jira set out to find the pieces and with each piece found, Devon gets better and stronger. Shawna, once an ally of the family line, now seeks to make sure there will be no more from that line, and is the minion of one of those forces involved with the valley. The last of her dragon kind, she seeks to end the last of the Pellinore line and insure that the heart, soul, and sprit of the valley end.< Less