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Postal History of the 26th Yankee Division in WW1 By Shawn Pease
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This book is the full color rendition of a postal history exhibit of envelopes, covers, and postcards from members of the 26th Yankee Division during their service in the Great War. This book covers... More > the division from their initial encampments in the New England region through their service in France and back to the United States after the Armistice. Each envelope is described as to it's postal history attributes and includes a description of the location or historic importance of the cover. It's a great book for military historians interested in real artifacts from WW1 and the rich history of the New Englanders who served in the Great War. Tables at the end of the book provide reference to the individual units of the 26th and their participation in some of the major engagements in the war. Also included is a reference table of the postmarks and dates covered in the book.< Less
A Postal History of the Pease Family in America By Shawn Pease
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This book is a publication of a philatelic exhibit of postal history items from the Pease Family. It contains full color images of the museum quality exhibit pages of my collection of Pease family... More > letters and history items. It includes items from family members in Connecticut in the 1830s, Martha's Vineyard in the 1860's, the Civil War, the Punative Expedition, WWI, WWI, the Cold War, and beyond. There are letters in the collection from Peases who moved with the railroad expansion and those who moved to California during the Gold Rush. An interesting collection of reference material for anyone interested in Pease geneology.< Less
Dear Family: Letters from the Mexican Border Campain and the Great War in France By Shawn Pease
Paperback: $29.99
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Volume 1! This book follows the service of Wesley Pease Jr. through his service on the Mexican Border in 1916 as part of the 5th Massachusetts National Guard. As a young soldier he would write home... More > virtually every day during his service, including on the train rides from the coast of New England to the desert of Texas and New Mexico. The book also expands on the context of the letters with original research and background history on the Punative Expedition and President Wilson's Federalization of National Guard Troops to the Mexican Border to defend against incursions by Pancho Villa and his followers. The book is richly illustrated with color images of the postcards and postal history items sent during the conflict. Volume II: The Great War is currently being written. It is not available at this time!! Check Back Soon!< Less