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Flip a Bible: Riches or Spirituals? By Spiritual RePhil
eBook (PDF): $5.49
Psst, do you want a secret treasure that very few Christians know about? Well, here is a key to opening the chest. You are a marvel of delicate intricacies; that is why even a superficial physical... More > injury can affect your mood and thoughts. Likewise, your finances are interwoven with your walk with God in ways beyond imagination. Not surprisingly, your stealthy enemy has been using distorted truths about wealth to infiltrate the church’s territory, and some of these lies aren’t what you might expect. But you can have an advantage. By reading this informal writing on money and Christian living, you’ll have potent countermeasures for Satan’s wiles. However, this essay will prove much more meaningful if you read Power Tools for Christian Sanctification beforehand – which will even allow you to access this work for FREE!< Less
Power Tools for Christian Sanctification By Spiritual RePhil
eBook (PDF): $7.54
You are unique; your needs have no exact replica in another person. So when you face inescapable spiritual war against a ruthless enemy seeking to destroy you with addictions, you need potent... More > weapons tailored just for you. However, you probably won’t find such arms from most expert sources. For although Christian leaders output so much content, the church is plagued with compromise, sin addictions, and even mental illnesses. The last can hit home if you spend years implementing the teachings of many church leaders. Unfortunately, at this stage, the best option would likely be to spend over $1000 getting treatment. But you can avoid the hassles of wasted time and costly ailments. Spend under 40 minutes, and this presentation will give you tactics for Christian sanctification that you can adapt to meet the ever-changing circumstances in your life and the shifting tactics of the enemy. BONUS! Purchase this guide and get free access to Flip a Bible: Riches or Spirituals?< Less