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Why There Are Ghosts By Rev. Elizabeth Paddon
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Ghosts of lost souls haunt around 25% of all buildings, homes, and places. All homes have entities unseen by the physical eyes. Most are of those that have gone on through the doorway of light, the... More > gateway to heaven. Although there are still many who have not gone through and whose old truths and beliefs haunt the spaces, things and people, they were once connected to. In these modern days many people interested the Paranormal Investigation fields. Most are not ready for such an adventure and may be harmed. There are psychics who tell of the ghost’s life and death yet leave the ghost still lost. Some people think having a ghost is great for business. However, I wonder how they will feel when they become a ghost kept from help. No wonder some ghosts stop being nice to get help by being noticed for not nice deeds. Read this book & learn how not to become a ghost yourself.< Less
11:11 THE AWAKENING CONCEPT By Rev. Elizabeth Paddon-Wilson PhD.
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Thousands of people everywhere have become aware of the quickening of the energy and vibrations within the earth's atmosphere. Many are feeling the effects of having left the Pisces ways behind, and... More > the need to go forward using the ways of the new Aquarian Age. We need to search through the many layers we have laid upon ourselves and release them, then seek through the many layers of our inner selves and release all the emotional junk we have been carrying around for ages. We need to receive revelations of the cellular level clearings, required to find the Light within us, no matter how dim it may be as it can still ignite the way - once we have found it. 11:11 The Awakening Concept enlightens and shows ways to address the needed changes of our life and thinking to accommodate a better way of being while here on planet earth.< Less
SPOOKY LIFE By Rev Elizabeth Paddon
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312 pages. A life of love and spooky happenings. From cradle to the grave a curve ball of experiences. If you could have known what life would be like, would you have wanted to live it? Raised by a... More > Closet Psychic mother who was born with the veil & a Grand Master of Occult with royal connections to Poland. Her maternal grandmother was a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter making Elizabeth’s spiritual connections strong from birth. SPOOKY LIFE shares all the ups and downs of life being born a medium & working as one most of her life. Still working in Spiritual Consultancy today and expects to till the end of her life.< Less
THE SOUL SAVER By Elizabeth Paddon
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What is a ghost? What is a spirit? Are they benevolent? Ghosts are ethereal energies of people no longer living in the physical vehicles of human beings. Spirits are the energy fields of light that... More > we can see when we learn to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced lives we all have created for ourselves. There is a spirit of light within the very being of each and every one of us. There are those that have the gift of second sight and others who have developed the ability to see the light beings we all are within the walls of our physical vehicles. When the body is no longer required or desired we let it go and life continues for us in the spirit energy known as the Soul.< Less
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COMPLETE SPIRITUAL SECRETS came about as many people around the world requested help to awaken their own spiritual abilities. My Spirit Guides directed me to create this book. Spiritual Secrets is... More > written so that no matter where in the world you are, you can receive guidance to help yourself grow spiritually and therefore gain mastership over your life, happiness and success. A Psychic is one who can help you connect with the various secrets of your physical life. Spirituality contains many gifts of God within it. We all have the ability to tap into any part of being psychic. So if you are ready to be your own psychic, then read and experience SPIRITUA SECRETS for yourself and find the answers to all that you need, are already inside yourself. SPIRITUAL SECRETS will help you connect so you can utilize this gift for yourself.< Less