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The Way O' The Fae By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
You’ve spent your whole life in staid Breyburgh, a city of goat herders that takes its name from the tenacious animal’s vocalization. Growing up in this backwater, you always hoped you... More > were meant for something more; you’ve dreamt of a life of adventure! Alas, escape has been just a dream, until now! The village’s cats have gone missing. First one or two, but now all the cats…and no one knows why. As luck would have it, there’s also a stranger involved, a magic user whose feline familiar is missing. He’s offered a reward to anyone who finds her. This is the chance you’ve been waiting your whole life for! if you can find this mage’s cat you just might become heroes! This 30 page supplement includes an adventure into the Lands of Faerie and quick start rules for crating zero level player characters from the village of Breyburgh. It is compatible with OSRIC & retro-clones, and recommended for 4-6 player characters of levels 0-1.< Less
The Anti-Paladin By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
If you’ve ever wanted to let loose evil incarnate on your Old School fantasy role playing campaign, this book is for you! This 36 page book contains a BRAND NEW NPC/PC CLASS for use with... More > OSRIC, 1E and compatible Old School retro-clones: the treacherous and dark hearted ANTI-PALADIN! This supplement provides detailed rules for creating dark knights, with everything the GM needs to incorporate the class and its fearsome companions into their campaign. You get a fully detailed OSR character class; descriptions of the class’ armour, weapons and equipment; details on followers and companions; class specific magic items: and FOUR FULLY DETAILED examples of anti-paladins to get you and your players right into the action! You will meet four dark knights of different levels, each complete and ready to play with a back story, present whereabouts, gear and magic items, detailed follower information, mercenary troop descriptions, and maps and descriptions of their fortifications.< Less
Cavalier Attitude, Volume I, Issue 1 By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Cavalier Attitude. This zine focuses on the Old School Revival in fantasy role-playing. OSRIC is my retro-clone of choice, but I will cover other games systems as... More > well, as interest and time permit. I will be publishing the zine quarterly. This first issue is an good introduction to what the zine will offer, and covers my published works from 2017. The zine features articles of interest to Old School players and those who play newer editions; Old School art by myself and others; updates on my modules and supplements; a social media round-up; and each issue features a party of six pre-generated characters for use as NPCs or PCs in your game. Future issues will include fantasy fiction; background information on my campaign world; one-shot modules; GM’s tips and rules discussions; miniature painting galleries and guides; interviews with authors and other makers in the RPG community; and more!< Less
Zero Level Player Rules By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
This 20 page rules supplement and adventure module contains a new system for creating ZERO LEVEL PLAYER CHARACTERS for use in your Old School campaign! I created these rules as both a way of... More > introducing new players to RPGs and a way for seasoned players to form a new adventuring party forged from a close knit group. I provide a detailed, step by step character creation technique, with new features such as player origins, created with the intention of helping players invest in their avatars and creating character connections. I also include an exciting adventure, “The Lair of the Toad”, to help the newly created PCs bond as a group. Intended for 4-6 characters of 0 level, the module find your players, who are childhood friends, meeting a traveler, in the person of would-be eleven sage Alura Morrowgan, who seeks their assistance in recovering her heirloom signet ring, which was lost in the market square. This fun introductory adventure is easily playable in a 2-3 hour session.< Less
Clash at Fort Valour By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
The village of Dùn Loachas (Fort Valour in the Common tongue) is a walled village under the control and protection of the Lord of the city-state of Dùn Bhriste. Dùn Loachas is... More > located on the borderlands between nations and the shining city of Dùn Bhriste is far away. For all practical purposes, the folk here are on their own. The village has seen its fair share of attacks and has a well trained militia. The folk are proud of their role as vanguards of justice on their nation’s frontier. Late one night you come upon the village while seeking shelter. The guards are polite, it seems a safe place, and its border location might provide lucrative “opportunities” for adventurers. However, during that first night’s stay the city comes under attack and you’re pressed into service, fighting to defend the village. In fact you’re fighting to save your life, as the assault forces intend to leave no survivors. Outmanned and desperate, the villagers of Dùn Loachas are counting on you - will you save the day?< Less
Eternal Knight By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Long ago the brave knight Inara Marteen, Paladin of the Light, sacrificed herself to save this world. Inara fell leading a charge against an invading horde of demons. She single-handedly defeated the... More > demon lord known as Soul Eater, driving it and its minions back through their demon gate. In the fires of Hell, banished for 100 years, Soul Eater sat and stewed on its defeat at the hands of the warrior maiden. A century has passed since that battle and now, free from its banishment, Soul Eater has returned to this plane to exact vengeance upon Inara and this realm! Finding her tomb, the demon and its minions set about to defile it and destroy her rest, and her legacy. Upon waking from her eternal rest, Inara’s spirit is angry and seeking vengeance of its own! Sensing a party of goodly adventurers near her barrow mound, her spirit has reached out to you. Can you save this realm from demons and help a noble knight to rest in peace? Will you answer the Eternal Knight’s call?< Less
Delver's Delights By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
This 22 page supplement contains a series of fantasy misadventures compatible with Basic, 1E and 2E game systems. These "Old School" vignettes may stand alone or be played in a series, as... More > they grow progressively more difficult. They are intended for a party of 4 to 6 players. In THE OAKEN SHIELD the party must rescue the inhabitants of an elvish tree home (Levels 1 - 3) In THE LOST TOMB OF SHEL'KAZAR the party uncovers the secrets of a long dead priest’s tomb (Levels 4 - 6). In THE LEAKY BARREL INN the party stops for the night at an inn, only to discover that all is not what it seems! (Levels 7 - 9). In THE GILDED ANCHOR the party has been captured, imprisoned, and they’re being taken gods knows where! They must fight to gain their freedom, with only their wit and cunning to save them! (Levels 8 – 10). Now tighten that sword belt, heft that shield and get out there and earn a name for yourself and your adventuring company! It’s time to partake in some Delver’s Delights!< Less
Scoundrel's Run By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
The peaceful Alderburgh Valley has been shaken by a series of unnatural earthquakes and the predation of brigands who sail on the pirate ship “Scoundrel’s Run”. Can you stop their... More > reign of terror? Elsewhere, an ancient tower has popped into existence, rumored to be the home of an evil wizard who consorted with denizens of the Planes of Hell. What treasures and dangers lay inside its gates? Still elsewhere, an ancient evil stirs and has been brought to life again. Will you enter its lair and confront this evil before it is too late? Lastly, rumours abound an ancient artifact, thought lost to the ages, has returned and may be here in the Valley! Will you be the lucky ones to find it? Trouble is afoot and it’s time someone did something about it! The High Justiciar of Alderburgh has put out the call for adventurers. Will you answer his call? This 44 page adventure is compatible with 1E and OSRIC™, and suitable for 4-6 characters of levels 1-3.< Less
The Corrupt Temple By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $10.00
The Jarlburgh Valley was a peaceful place. Human and demihumans worked together to build a strong, vibrant community. The local noble, Lord Kanin, is a wise and benevolent ruler, and... More > Jarlburgh’s future seemed bright! That was before the raids started. For six months, Jarlburgh has been under siege! Caravans are routinely attacked, their merchandise stolen, and the people kidnapped or murdered. The authorities have been unable to stop the attacks. Traders refuse to come to the valley for fear of losing their merchandise and their lives. Stores of food and raw materials are scarce and craftspeople have no work to perform. With winter approaching, reserves are frighteningly low and the populace is becoming desperate! Lord Kanin has put out a call for all able bodied adventurers to come to Jarlburgh and end the evil menacing his lands. Will you answer the call? This 44 page role-playing fantasy adventure is compatible with 1E and OSRIC™, and suitable for 4-6 characters of levels 3-5.< Less
The Harquebusier By Louis Kahn, Greg Covey
eBook (PDF): $10.00
If you’ve ever longed for the smell of sulphur and the powerful recoil of early firearms in your Old School game, then this book is for you! This 24 page booklet contains a new character class... More > for Old School gaming, the battle-ready Harquebusier; a master of early medieval firearms and a grenadier extraordinaire! This well researched and detailed system of rules for the use of early firearms and grenades in a fantasy campaign includes everything a GM needs to incorporate this supplement into their campaign. You receive a detailed character class, weapons and requisite gear, valuable and magical firearms, and an introductory adventure so the GM and players can get right into the action! In “The Trials of the Shootist” the players have completed harquebusier training and are ready to graduate...but the wagon bringing the firearms shipment was waylaid! Now it’s up to the PCs to get the weapons back! So adjust your gun belt, clean that barrel, and keep your powder dry: it’s time for adventure!< Less