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The Beauty By Alex Cook
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A book of poems, stories, and drawings by artist and musician Alex Cook, The Beauty follows an arc from darkness to light. The artist chronicles his own transformative spiritual journey out of... More > depression into confidence and safety. Giving Up Right Today I am low, exhausted like a soldier whose fever has just broken. I am as weak as a butterfly People always say don’t give up But today, yes, giving up is just right. The world passes by slowly like a noon moon, As if I were riding on a carousel, Not even on the old carved horse, just sitting on the wooden floor. I gave up, on penalty of death. So I died happily and was picked up By a lovely blue swell from the very beach I played at as a boy It picked me up and held me, bobbing. Now, today, I am as weak as a butterfly But, my God, I can feel the color on my wings.< Less
Songs Of Alex Cook By Alex Cook
Paperback: $25.00
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"The Songs of Alex Cook" contains the lyrics from all of Alex's published songs - from Tree of Life, Kindness is a Mountain, and Defend the People. Also contains the 7 songs penned by Alex... More > from The Blessing Tree. 49 songs in all, each one a prayer, a poetic insight, and a reflection on an aspect of the spiritual adventure. Also contains images from the album artwork. Read along while you listen, or just drink in the beauty and depth of the words themselves. Makes a great gift!< Less