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Smith Relaxation States Inventory 3 By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
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An experimental instrument for assessing self-reported states associated with relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. See also the more recent version (including brief form) in my blog: ... More >< Less
PUBLICATION LIST By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
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This is a list of all books, articles, and essays I have published.
eBook (PDF): $18.86
Here is a remarkably useful guide from the laboratory of one of the world's most famous anagramic archeologists, Prof. Jon Smith. Ever want to talk to a world-famous holy book about your deepest... More > secret? What would this book say? What would others think of your conversation? For the first time here are authentic Biblical words on your deepest secret. This is made possible by an historic fusion of the latest artificial intelligence software from Europe, advanced computer hardware from China, and pioneering psychic reading techniques from Chicago. Contains the best 10,000 Biblegrams (anagrams) computer-selected from millions. This handy prayerbook-size edition fits snugly in your pants or blouse. Take it everywhere for emergency reference! (Free preview!!!)< Less
RELAXATION, MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS Essential Self-Training Guide By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
eBook (PDF): $8.95
The thousands of approaches to relaxation available today sort in to six “universal family groups” – each with different effects. The most powerful way to learn relaxation,... More > meditation, or mindfulness is to create an individual mix these six universal family groups based on what’s best for you. In other words, relaxation is not like generic aspirin (in which all brands are the same), but more like a balanced diet . RELAXATION, MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS: ESSENTIAL SELF-TRAINING GUIDE is the first science-based system that provides a simple and practical map for exploring the “Universal Six” and developing your own approach based on works best for you. USE WITH FREE RELAXATION DOWNLOADS: AND Or purchase CDs on:< Less
GOD SPEAKS The Pastafarian Quatrains By Jon Smith
eBook (PDF): $14.98
Jon Smith, noted anagramic archeologist, presents a discovery of monumental religious significance -- the Pastafarian Quatrains. Each verse of this epic comes directly from the Deity, uncontaminated... More > by human hands and fingers . . . 128 anagram Spaghettigrams -- raw, direct, and unaltered -- from the FSM Himself. The timeless battle between simple truth and obfuscating illusion. Contemplate sacred Spaghettigrams that are vivid, profound, and often sexually explicit and vulgar. The astonishing truth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Pigasus, the two iconic figures of thoughtful skepticism. Quantum meaningfulness analysis: at least 70%. (Note: This is the second edition of the classic GOD SPEAKS! THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER IN HIS OWN WORDS< Less
Smith Relaxation Prediction Inventory EX (SRPI EX) By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Smith Relaxation Prediction Inventory EX (SRPI EX) is an experimental questionnaire consisting of a range of questions that might initially predict success with and preference for subsequently... More > presented relaxation exercises. Four groups of questions are included: Relaxation goals and reasons for wanting to learn relaxation. Personal attributes, strengths, and weaknesses Relaxation history Specific technique preferences This is an experimental inventory in the initial stages of development. No scales, norms, or psychometric statistics are available.FOR PERMISSION TO USE: If no reply in 10 days, please email again.It is a violation of copyright laws to alter or modify this inventory without written permission from the author.< Less
GOD SPEAKS! The Flying Spaghetti Monster in his Own Words By Jon Smith
eBook (PDF): $11.84
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Wisdom direct from the FSM's noodly lips. Insight on sex, service, and cleanliness; the 7 deadly sins and other world religions. Prophecies on the end of the world & 10,000 uncensored verses.... More > With humor, GOD SPEAKS! challenges us to go beyond superficial religiosity and look for deeper meaning. GOD SPEAKS! is Prof. Jon Smith's first effort of anagram scholarship into the meaning of the "FSM." Although this book is of historical interest, its updated version, GOD SPEAKS: THE PASTAFARIAN QUATRAINS, offers a deeper and clearer insight into the true anagram message of the FSM. It is much more strange and sexually explicit.< Less
The BIBLE'S True Words on your DEEPEST SECRET By Jon Smith
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Here's a luxurious large print edition suitable for public display in places of worship. SPECIAL RED LETTER EDITIONTo spread these Words of Joy to all congregations, rich and poor, we are making the... More > entire $102 RED LETTER EDITION available free as a download.< Less
Smith Relaxation Evaluation Scale (SRES) By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
eBook (PDF): $1.25
For professional use. This is a simple, three-item scale in which relaxation practitioners can rate the overall effectiveness of their relaxation technique.FOR PERMISSION TO USE:... More > stressinstitute@aol.comIt is a violation of copyright laws to alter or modify this inventory without written permission from the author. If no reply in 10 days, please email again.< Less
Smith Relaxation Attitudes Inventory-Revised (SRAI-R) By Jonathan C. Smith, PhD
eBook (PDF): $1.25
For professionals. This inventory taps negative attitudes about relaxation training hythesized to interfere with trying or continuing with a relaxation practice.FOR PERMISSION TO USE:... More > If no reply in 10 days, please email again.It is a violation of copyright laws to alter or modify this inventory without written permission from the author.< Less