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Paul Read: the gazpacho or teapot mOnk
Ways of Learning: A Handbook For Teachers And Students Of The Martial Arts By Paul Read
Paperback: $16.57
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Most books on Tai Chi and the Martial Arts focus on exercises. Ways of Learning takes a different approach by asking a simple question: How is any of this going to help me learn what I need to learn,... More > teach what I need to teach? The answers reveal themselves throughout the 18 chapters in this book. * How to Find your own Learning Path * How to rediscover the Warrior Spirit * The Art of Yielding, listening and Speaking * Technology and Taoism * Popular Teaching Illusions * Standard Clichés to Avoid * Going Beyond the limits of Copying * Training Checklists for Students and Teachers * Getting your Students to Teach Forget diagrams and photos of postures. You can get those in class. Here are the ways to bring a new and fresh approach to both learning and teaching.< Less
One Last Thing: The Untold History Of The Martial Arts Philosophy By Paul Read
Paperback: $17.07
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* WHAT IF NO BOUNDARIES EXISTED BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH? *What if Bruce Lee were to teach kung-fu to Carl Jung and Dr Who? What if Alan Watts was called to lecture the monks at the Shaolin Temple?... More > What if a certain small Bear could enlighten Krishnamurti as Rocky Balboa could enlighten Marshall Mcluhan? What if Lao Tzu debated productivity with David Allen and Seth Godin, then was called to fight against the copyrighting of Taoism in court? * FACT MERGES WITH FICTON AND DRAMA WITH COMEDY IN THIS NEW HISTORY OF POPULAR CULTURE AND THE MARTIAL ART PHILOSOPHY.< Less
The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing: Tai Chi and the Noble Art of Leaving Things Undone By Paul Read
Paperback: $18.16
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The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing is a book that introduces us to a new perspective on Tai Chi and 21st Century Living. Step by Slow Step, this manual shows: * How to reach out and grasp life with more... More > energy, with more passion and with more wisdom. * How to absorb the simple lessons of Taoism and Tai Chi into your daily activities with no sweat and no stress. * How to learn to get out of our own way, so that life can pursue its natural course * How to remain tranquil and calm under the stress of daily life and yet stay intensively connected to the world around. If you are a beginner to Tai Chi and Taoism, and new to these ancient disciplines or an Intermediate student looking for a new approach to your practise, The Manual of Bean curd Boxing will aid you in this ancient yet contemporary art of doing, without doing.< Less
Inside the Tortilla: A Journey in Search of Authenticity By Paul Read
Paperback: $21.22
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Life has a habit of throwing obstacles in your path for a good reason: They arise to challenge the undaunted, or deter the uncommitted. Either way, when you stumble into a town that the guide books... More > warn you away from, you must choose between quickly moving on, or staying to see what the obstacles conceal. When one man and his faithful hound turn their backs on the Mediterranean Sea and set out on a journey into the interior of Andalusia, they go in search of a town that still cooks it's food rather than shops for it. Tired of the disposable nature of modern living and its embrace of microwaved food, this search for authentic recipes unveils not just a series of gastronomic secrets, but the rich history, culture, politics and diet of a charismatic country as it struggles out of the shadow of its past and into the searing light of its future. A Journey deep Inside the Tortilla.< Less
This is Tai Chi By Paul Read
Paperback: $11.95
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Do you want to start a Tai Chi class - but have a few questions you would like answered first? How long does it take to learn? Is it a martial art or health art? Is it better for your knees or your... More > nerves? How is it useful in your daily life? Find out everything you need to know about the history, the different styles and what to look for in a class - 50 Questions and Answers is the essential book for anyone interested in learning the basics of this fascinating and health-giving art.< Less