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Novels from H.J. Ted Gresham
PAWN By Ted Gresham
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Richard Cleveland wasn't a happy man. His marriage is falling apart and there's nothing he can do to stop it. On a late fall evening he takes a drive, just to clear his head and think a while. ... More > When hearrived home his wife was frantic. His short drive should have taken less than an hour but he arrived home after more than three hours. He could not account for that time. And that was just the beginning... Richard Cleveland takes a journey down the rabbit hole, a twisting, turning, convoluted trip into a world where nothing is what it seems and nobody can be trusted. He's forced to face a reality that changes everything. He's thrust into a world that exists only in the shadows, a world of secrets, intrigue, and conspiracy. And he discovers that not even love is what it seems. In the end Richard realizes he's merely a pawn, an insignificant blip in a secret war that has no boundaries…< Less
The New Republic of Texas By H.J. Ted Gresham
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Hank Pennington was happy being a rancher, watching over a few thousand acres of prime Central Texas land. He did his bit for God and country, paid his taxes, and left Texas politics well enough... More > alone. But one day an odd, secretive man named Paul Anderson showed up and turned Hank’s life upside down. Soon he would find himself not merely thrust into the heart of Texas gubernatorial politics but entangled in a life and death struggle with forces only talked about on late night radio shows. When Paul Anderson first shook hands with Hank, he was a man with a mission. He’d single-handedly chosen Hank Pennington to be the man to wrestle Texas away from a United States of America he could no longer support or defend, an America controlled and manipulated by a cabal of wealthy men who lived in the shadows, pulling strings and controlling every aspect of government. There was only one chance, one option, and one man who could pull it off: Hank Pennington. Get ready for a rumble… Texas style!< Less